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Exercícios de resistência progressiva (ERP): uma prática homogênea em função do número de séries

Author(s): Alessandro Garcia Barreta | Rui Anderson Monteiro Costa | Herbert Ugrinowitsch | Ubiratan Alves Silva | Eduardo Montero Gunther
Theoretical Hill-Type Muscle and Stability: Numerical Model and Application

Author(s): S. Schmitt | M. Günther | T. Rupp | A. Bayer | D. Häufle
Lassa virus serology in rodents: spatial survey in Guinea, west Africa

Author(s): Fichet-Calvet, E. | Koulemou, K. | Sylla, O. | Soropogui, B. | Kourouma, F. | Doré, A. | Becker-Ziaja, B. | Koivogui, L. | Günther, S.
The Spherically Symmetric a2–dynamo and Some of its Spectral Peculiarities

Author(s): U. Günther | O. N. Kirillov | B. F. Samsonov | F. Stefani
Quantifying polynya ice production in the Laptev Sea with the COSMO model

Author(s): Martin Bauer | David Schröder | Günther Heinemann | Sascha Willmes | Lars Ebner
Human Neutrophil Peptides 1-3 – Early Markers in Development of Colorectal Adenomas and Carcinomas

Author(s): Henning Mothes | Christian Melle | Günther Ernst | Roland Kaufmann | Ferdinand von Eggeling | Utz Settmacher
NAT nucleation and denitrification in the Arctic stratosphere

Author(s): J.-U. Grooß | I. Engel | S. Borrmann | W. Frey | G. Günther | C. R. Hoyle | R. Kivi | B. P. Luo | S. Molleker | T. Peter | M. C. Pitts | H. Schlager | G. Stiller | H. Vömel | K. A. Walker | R. Müller
Legitimidade política em novas democracias

Author(s): Richard Gunther | José Ramón Monteiro
Case depth in SAE 1020 steel using barkhausen noise

Author(s): Alessandra Drehmer | Gunther J. L. Gerhardt | Frank P. Missell

Espaços de vida. Aspectos da relação homem-ambiente

Author(s): Isolda de Araújo Günther
La quemadura eléctrica por alto voltaje es un factor predictor de mortalidad en pacientes "grandes quemados" High voltage electrical burns as a risk factor for mortality among burn patients

Allometric scaling of biological rhythms in mammals

Author(s): Bruno Günther | Enrique Morgado
Two alternative models concerning the perialveolar microcirculation in mammalian lungs

Time in physics and biology

Wavelet and Fourier analysis of ventricular and main arteries pulsations in anesthetized dogs

Homeostasis and Heterostasis: from Invariant to Dimensionless Numbers

Spectral Investigation of Crystalline (CuHPO4, Cu2P4O12, and Cu2P8O22) and Glassy Copper Phosphates

Author(s): Christiane Günther | Dörte Stachel | Lydia D. Bogomolova
Highly conductive interwoven carbon nanotube and silver nanowire transparent electrodes

Author(s): Andrew J Stapleton, Rakesh A Afre, Amanda V Ellis, Joe G Shapter, Gunther G Andersson, Jamie S Quinton and David A Lewis
Community perception on climate change and climate-related disaster preparedness in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal

Author(s): Udo Nehren | Jishnu Subedi | Ina Yanakieva | Simone Sandholz | Jibraj Pokharel, | Ajay Chandra Lal | Inu Pradhan-Salike | Muh Aris Marfai | Danang Sri Hadmoko | Günther Straub
Spiritual Dryness as a Measure of a Specific Spiritual Crisis in Catholic Priests: Associations with Symptoms of Burnout and Distress

Author(s): Arndt Büssing | Andreas Günther | Klaus Baumann | Eckhard Frick | Christoph Jacobs
Early Cellular Responses of Purine Nucleoside-mediated Protection of Hypoxia-induced Injuries of Neuronal PC12 Cells

Author(s): Bettina Tomaselli | Valerie Podhraski | Günther Böck | Gabriele Baier-Bitterlich
Mortalität in der Vor-Neuroleptika-Ära

Author(s): Trapp, Wolfgang | Laux, Gerd | Täschner, Karl-Ludwig | Günther, Wilfried
EULAR-Richtlinien für die Behandlung von Kniegelenksarthrose: Bericht der Arbeitsgruppe des Standing Committees for International Clinical Studies Including Therapeutic Trials (ESCISIT)

Author(s): Leeb BF | Arden N | Bannwarth B | Bijlsma JWJ | Cluzeau F | Cooper C | Dieppe PA | Doherty M | Dougados M | Günther K-P | Hauselmann HJ | Herrero-Beaumont G | Kaklamanis PM | Lequesne M | Lohmander S | Mazieres B | Mola E-M | Pav K | Pendleton A
Karotisdissektion unter langjähriger D-Penizillamin-Therapie bei Morbus Wilson

Author(s): Günther P | Hermann W | Kühn HJ | Schneider JP | Wagner A
How many species of mite-harvestmen (Opiliones, Cyphophthalmi) are there in Austria?

Author(s): Raspotnig, Günther | Gruber, Jürgen | Komposch, Christian | Schuster, Reinhart | Föttinger, Petra | Schwab, Julia | Karaman, Ivo
Fast Rescheduling of Multiple Workflows to Constrained Heterogeneous Resources Using Multi-Criteria Memetic Computing

Author(s): Wilfried Jakob | Sylvia Strack | Alexander Quinte | Günther Bengel | Karl-Uwe Stucky | Wolfgang Süß
Using Physically-Modeled Synthetic Data to Assess Hyperspectral Unmixing Approaches

Author(s): Matthew Stites | Jacob Gunther | Todd Moon | Gustavious Williams
Optical properties of fully conjugated cyclo[n]thiophenes – An experimental and theoretical approach

Author(s): Elena Mena-Osteritz | Fan Zhang | Günther Götz | Peter Reineker | Peter Bäuerle
Magnetic coupling mechanisms in particle/thin film composite systems

Author(s): Giovanni A. Badini Confalonieri | Philipp Szary | Durgamadhab Mishra | Maria J. Benitez | Mathias Feyen | An Hui Lu | Leonardo Agudo | Gunther Eggeler | Oleg Petracic | Hartmut Zabel
A Systematic Literature Review of the Personnel Assignment Problem

Author(s): Arash Niknafs | Jorg Denzinger | Gunther Ruhe
Ocean Colour remote sensing in the Southern Laptev Sea: evaluation and applications

Author(s): B. Heim | E. Abramova | R. Doerffer | F. Günther | J. Hölemann | A. Kraberg | H. Lantuit | A. Loginova | F. Martynov | P. P. Overduin | C. Wegner
Short and long-term thermo-erosion of ice-rich permafrost coasts in the Laptev Sea region

Author(s): F. Günther | P. P. Overduin | A. V. Sandakov | G. Grosse | M. N. Grigoriev
Three-dimensional monitoring of soil water content in a maize field using Electrical Resistivity Tomography

Author(s): L. Beff | T. Günther | B. Vandoorne | V. Couvreur | M. Javaux
Precision of navigated and conventional open-wedge high tibial osteotomy in a cadaver study

Author(s): Lützner J | Groß AF | Günther KP | Kirschner S
Clinical benefit and cost effectiveness of total knee arthroplasty in the older patient

Author(s): Krummenauer F | Wolf C | Günther K-P | Kirschner S
Functional outcome after open and arthroscopic Bankart repair for traumatic shoulder instability

Author(s): Lützner J | Krummenauer F | Lübke J | Kirschner S | Günther K-P | Bottesi M
Reliability of limb alignment measurement for high tibial osteotomy with a navigation system

Author(s): Lützner J | Groß AF | Günther KP | Kirschner S
The GMX-Plugin for the CELLmicrocosmos MembraneEditor

Author(s): Rubert Sebastian | Gamroth Christian | Heissmann André J | Lukat Gunther | Rotzoll Ralf | Schäfer Alexander | Krüger Jens | Sommer Björn
Shoes that restrict metatarsophalangeal dorsiflexion cause proximal joint compensations

Author(s): Thewlis Dominic | Paul Gunther | Bishop Chris
The influence of corpulence on the mechanical properties of the human heel fat pad in elderly

Author(s): Lindner Frank | Schlee Günther | Milani Thomas L
The development of a kinematic model to quantify in-shoe foot motion

Author(s): Bishop Chris | Paul Gunther | Thewlis Dominic
Correlations of gene expression with ratings of inattention and hyperactivity/impulsivity in tourette syndrome: a pilot study

Author(s): Tian Yingfang | Stamova Boryana | Ander Bradley P | Jickling Glen C | Gunther Joan R | Corbett Blythe A | Bos-Veneman Netty GP | Hoekstra Pieter J | Schweitzer Julie B | Sharp Frank R
Reconstruction of displaced acromio-clavicular joint dislocations using a triple suture-cerclage: description of a safe and efficient surgical technique

Author(s): Sandmann Gunther H | Martetschläger Frank | Mey Lisa | Kraus Tobias M | Buchholz Arne | Ahrens Philipp | Stöckle Ulrich | Freude Thomas | Siebenlist Sebastian
Adverse events in total knee arthroplasty: Results of a physician independent survey in 260 patients

Author(s): Kirschner Stephan | Lützner Jörg | Günther Klaus-Peter | Eberlein-Gonska Maria | Krummenauer Frank
Evaluation of two interspecific recombinant viruses generated from two neurotropic bovine alphaherpesviruses: genomic characterization and virulence properties in the natural host

Author(s): Del Medico Maria | Ladelfa Maria | Kotsias Fiorella | Thiry Julien | Meurens François | Keil Günther | Romera Sonia | Thiry Etienne | Muylkens Benoît
Pesquisar exige interrogar-se: A narrativa como estratégia de pesquisa e de formação do(a) pesquisador(a)

Author(s): Elisandro Schultz Wittizorecki | Fabiano Bossle | Lisandra Oliveira e Silva | Lusana Raquel de Oliveira | Maria Cecília Camargo Günther | Marzo Vargas dos Santos | Mônica Urroz Sanchotene | Rosane Kreusburg Molina | Vera Regina Oliveira Diehl | Vicente Molina Neto
Inmovilización de una peroxidasa de chayote [Sechium edule (jacq.) SW] y su potencial aplicación en la remoción de sustancias fenólicas en aguas contaminadas

Author(s): María Lioba Osnelda Villegas Rosas | Gunther Geissler | Anabella Handal Silva | Enrique González Vergara
Scamozzi kommentiert Serlio

Author(s): Günther, Hubertus
Malignant Melanoma of the Urethra: A Rare Histologic Subdivision of Vulvar Cancer with a Poor Prognosis

Author(s): Veronika Günther | I. Alkatout | C. Lez | S. Altarac | R. Fures | H. Cupic | Z. Persec | Z. Hrgovic | C. Mundhenke
Reconciliation of essential process parameters for an enhanced predictability of Arctic stratospheric ozone loss and its climate interactions

Author(s): M. von Hobe | S. Bekki | S. Borrmann | F. Cairo | F. D'Amato | G. Di Donfrancesco | A. Dörnbrack | A. Ebersoldt | M. Ebert | C. Emde | I. Engel | M. Ern | W. Frey | S. Griessbach | J.-U. Grooß | T. Gulde | G. Günther | E. Hösen | L. Hoffmann | V. Homonnai | C. R. Hoyle | I. S. A. Isaksen | D. R. Jackson | I. M. Jánosi | K. Kandler | C. Kalicinsky | A. Keil | S. M. Khaykin | F. Khosrawi | R. Kivi | J. Kuttippurath | J. C. Laube | F. Lefèvre | R. Lehmann | S. Ludmann | B. P. Luo | M. Marchand | J. Meyer | V. Mitev | S. Molleker | R. Müller | H. Oelhaf | F. Olschewski | Y. Orsolini | T. Peter | K. Pfeilsticker | C. Piesch | M. C. Pitts | L. R. Poole | F. D. Pope | F. Ravegnani | M. Rex | M. Riese | T. Röckmann | B. Rognerud | A. Roiger | C. Rolf | M. L. Santee | M. Scheibe | C. Schiller | H. Schlager | M. Siciliani de Cumis | N. Sitnikov | O. A. Søvde | R. Spang | N. Spelten | F. Stordal | O. Sumińska-Ebersoldt | S. Viciani | C. M. Volk | M. vom Scheidt | A. Ulanovski | P. von der Gathen | K. Walker | T. Wegner | R. Weigel | S. Weinbuch | G. Wetzel | F. G. Wienhold | J. Wintel | I. Wohltmann | W. Woiwode | I. A. K. Young | V. Yushkov | B. Zobrist | F. Stroh
Perspectives for photofission studies with highly brilliant, monochromatic γ–ray beams

Author(s): Thirolf P.G. | Csige L. | Habs D. | Günther M. | Jentschel M. | Krasznahorkay A. | Filipescu D. | Glodariu T. | Stroe L. | Tesileanu O. | Karwowski H. | Rich G.
Numerical modelling of climate change impacts on freshwater lenses on the North Sea Island of Borkum using hydrological and geophysical methods

Author(s): H. Sulzbacher | H. Wiederhold | B. Siemon | M. Grinat | J. Igel | T. Burschil | T. Günther | K. Hinsby
A stratospheric intrusion at the subtropical jet over the Mediterranean Sea: air-borne remote sensing observations and model results

Author(s): K. Weigel | L. Hoffmann | G. Günther | F. Khosrawi | F. Olschewski | P. Preusse | R. Spang | F. Stroh | M. Riese
Three-dimensional monitoring of soil water content in a maize field using electrical resistivity tomography

Author(s): L. Beff | T. Günther | B. Vandoorne | V. Couvreur | M. Javaux
Intercorrelations between serum-, salivary- and hair-cortisol and child-reported estimates of stress in elementary school girls

Author(s): Barbara Vanaelst | Inge Huybrechts | Karin Bammann | Nathalie Michels | Tineke de Vriendt | Krishna Vyncke | Isabelle Sioen | Licia Iacoviello | Kathrin Gunther | Denes Molnar | Lauren Lissner | Noellie Rivet | Jean-Sebastien Raul | Stefaan de Henauw
Secure and Customizable Data Management for Automotive Systems: A Feasibility Study

Author(s): Thomas Thüm | Sandro Schulze | Mario Pukall | Gunter Saake | Sebastian Günther
Simulation and System Design of a 3D Metrology Optical System Based on a Bidirectional OLED Microdisplay

Author(s): Constanze Großmann | Ute Gawronski | Martin Breibarth | Gunther Notni | Andreas Tünnermann
Decidual Macrophages Are Significantly Increased in Spontaneous Miscarriages and Over-Express FasL: A Potential Role for Macrophages in Trophoblast Apoptosis

Author(s): Sabine Gunther | Thomas Vrekoussis | Sabine Heublein | Birgit Bayer | David Anz | Julia Knabl | Iordanis Navrozoglou | Darius Dian | Klaus Friese | Antonis Makrigiannakis | Udo Jeschke
The Armutlu Network: an investigation into the seismotectonic setting of Armutlu–Yalova–Gemlik and the surrounding regions

Author(s): Berna Tunc | Deniz Caka | Tahir Serkan Irmak | Heiko Woith | Suleyman Tunc | Serif Baris | Mithat Firat Ozer | Birger Gottfried Lühr | Erwin Günther | Helmut Grosser | Jochen Zschau
Clinical Relevance of CDH1 and CDH13 DNA-Methylation in Serum of Cervical Cancer Patients

Author(s): Abida Abudukadeer | Rania Bakry | Georg Goebel | Irene Mutz-Dehbalaie | Andreas Widschwendter | Günther K. Bonn | Heidi Fiegl
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