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Computability Via The Lambda Calculus with Patterns

Author(s): Bodin Skulkiat | Pimpen Vejjajiva | Mark Hall
He Manu Hou: The Transition of Māori Students into Māori Studies

Author(s): Meegan Hall | Arama Rata | Peter Adds
Point Topography and Within-Session Learning Are Important Predictors of Pet Dogs’ (Canis lupus familiaris) Performance on Human Guided Tasks

Author(s): Udell, Monique A.R. | Hall, Nathaniel J. | Morrison, James | Dorey, Nicole R. | Wynne, Clive D.L.
Investigating hypoxia in aquatic environments: diverse approaches to addressing a complex phenomenon

Author(s): J. Friedrich | F. Janssen | D. Aleynik | H. W. Bange | N. Boltacheva | M. N. Çağatay | A. W. Dale | G. Etiope | Z. Erdem | M. Geraga | A. Gilli | M. T. Gomoiu | P. O. J. Hall | D. Hansson | Y. He | M. Holtappels | M. K. Kirf | M. Kononets | S. Konovalov | A. Lichtschlag | D. M. Livingstone | G. Marinaro | S. Mazlumyan | S. Naeher | R. P. North | G. Papatheodorou | O. Pfannkuche | R. Prien | G. Rehder | C. J. Schubert | T. Soltwedel | S. Sommer | H. Stahl | E. V. Stanev | A. Teaca | A. Tengberg | C. Waldmann | B. Wehrli | F. Wenzhöfer
Results from the International Halocarbons in Air Comparison Experiment (IHALACE)

Author(s): B. D. Hall | A. Engel | J. Mühle | J. W. Elkins | F. Artuso | E. Atlas | M. Aydin | D. Blake | E.-G. Brunke | S. Chiavarini | P. J. Fraser | J. Happell | P. B. Krummel | I. Levin | M. Loewenstein | M. Maione | S. A. Montzka | S. O'Doherty | S. Reimann | G. Rhoderick | E. S. Saltzman | H. E. Scheel | L. P. Steele | M. K. Vollmer | R. F. Weiss | D. Worthy | Y. Yokouchi
Mountain-Shaped Coupler for Ultra Wideband Applications

Author(s): D.N.A. Zaidel | S.K.A. Rahim | N. Seman | T.A. Rahman | R. Dewan | S.F. Ausordin | P.S. Hall
Natural Exposure of Horses to Mosquito-Borne Flaviviruses in South-East Queensland, Australia

Author(s): Natalie A. Prow | Cindy S. E. Tan | Wenqi Wang | Jody Hobson-Peters | Lisa Kidd | Anita Barton | John Wright | Roy A. Hall | Helle Bielefeldt-Ohmann
Analysis of Biotinylated Generation 4 Poly(amidoamine) (PAMAM) Dendrimer Distribution in the Rat Brain and Toxicity in a Cellular Model of the Blood-Brain Barrier

Author(s): Ruth Hemmer | Andrew Hall | Robert Spaulding | Brett Rossow | Michael Hester | Megan Caroway | Anthony Haskamp | Steven Wall | Heather A. Bullen | Celeste Morris | Kristi L. Haik
Vulnerability of London’s Economy to Climate Change: Sensitivity to Production Loss

Author(s): Douglas Crawford-Brown | Mark Syddall | Dabo Guan | Jim Hall | Jun Li | Katie Jenkins | Rachel Beaven
Estimates of Forest Growing Stock Volume for Sweden, Central Siberia, and Québec Using Envisat Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar Backscatter Data

Author(s): Maurizio Santoro | Oliver Cartus | Johan E.S. Fransson | Anatoly Shvidenko | Ian McCallum | Ronald J. Hall | André Beaudoin | Christian Beer | Christiane Schmullius
A Systematic Review of the Environmental Impacts of GM Crop Cultivation as Reported from 2006 to 2011

Author(s): Oliver Knox | Clare Hall | Alistair McVittie | Robin Walker | Bruce Knight
Are commonly used psychoactive medications associated with lower urinary tract symptoms?

Author(s): SA Hall | NN Maserejian | CL Link | WD Steers | JB McKinlay
Hipodermoclisis en pacientes con cáncer terminal Hypodermoclysis in patients presenting with terminal cancer

Author(s): Abel Hernández Perera | Charles Hall Smith | Aliana Hernández Perera
Volcanic eruptions with little warning: the case of Volcán Reventador's Surprise November 3, 2002 Eruption, Ecuador

Author(s): Minard Hall | Patricio Ramón | Patricia Mothes | Jean Luc LePennec | Alexander García | Pablo Samaniego | Hugo Yepes
Lysis of a Single Cyanobacterium for Whole Genome Amplification

Author(s): Eric W. Hall | Samuel Kim | Visham Appadoo | Richard N. Zare
Atom Chips

Author(s): Vale C. J. | Hall B. V. | Lau D. C. | Jones M. E.A. | Retter J. A. | Hinds E. A.
Towards the Development of an Intimate Partner Violence Screening Tool for Gay and Bisexual Men

Author(s): Rob Stephenson | Casey D Hall | Whitney Williams | Kimi Sato | Catherine Finneran
The Clifford/James Debate

Author(s): Richard Hall
Emergency need for telecommunications support

Author(s): Marianne Donven | Mariko Hall
Gastrostomy Tube Use after Transoral Robotic Surgery for Oropharyngeal Cancer

Author(s): Samer Al-khudari | Scott Bendix | Jamie Lindholm | Erin Simmerman | Francis Hall | Tamer Ghanem
Microstrip Tunable Bandpass Filter with the Colinear Resonators

Author(s): Z. P. Wang | P. S. Hall | J. Kelly | P. Gardner
SCONUL Research Extra

Author(s): John Hall
Applications of a Turf Surrogate Surface Sampling Technique in Measuring Mercury Dry Deposition in Florida, USA

Author(s): Hall N. L. | Dvonch J. T. | Barres J. A. | Marsik F. M. | Keeler G. J.
Assessing the Sources of Atmospheric Mercury Wet Deposited in Florida, USA

Author(s): Dvonch J. T. | Morishita M. | Hall N. L. | Barres J. A. | Keeler G. J.
Telepractice in the Assessment and Treatment of Individuals with Aphasia: A Systematic Review

Author(s): Nerissa Hall | Michelle Boisvert | Richard Steele
Gesondheidsvoorligting - Twee Kulture

Author(s): Elsje J Hall
Reference Gene Selection for Quantitative PCR Studies in Sheep Neutrophils

Author(s): William R. Vorachek | Hugejiletu | Gerd Bobe | Jean A. Hall
Technology for health: A qualitative study on barriers to using the iPad for diet change

Author(s): Cameron Lister | Joshua H. West | Rickelle Richards | Benjamin Crookston | Parley Cougar Hall | Alisha H. Redelfs
The Synthesis and Molecular Structure of 1-(3,4-Dihydroxyphenethyl)-3-hydroxy-2-methylpyridin-4(1H)-one Hydrochloride Methanol Solvate

Author(s): Steven R. Hall | Raymond Roy | Dylan T. McLaughlin | Kate J. Sullivan | L. Ross C. Barclay | Christopher M. Vogels | Andreas Decken | Stephen A. Westcott
Characterizations of prime and weakly prime subhypermodules

Author(s): A. Siraworakun | S. Pianskool | M. Hall
Rainfall and flow of the Riozinho do Rôla Basin on Western Amazon

Author(s): Maria de Nazaré Costa de Macêdo | Herly Carlos Teixeira Dias | France Maria Gontijo Coelho | Edson Alves Araújo | Maria Lúcia Hall de Souza | Elias Silva
Eastern migrations vs western welfare states - (un)biased fears

Author(s): Josifidis Kosta | Hall John | Berenger Valérie | Supić Novica
Basel II: panacea or a missed opportunity?

Author(s): Maximilian J.B. Hall
Specific Gravity of Hybrid Poplars in the North-Central Region, USA: Within-Tree Variability and Site × Genotype Effects

Author(s): William L. Headlee | Ronald S. Zalesny Jr. | Richard B. Hall | Edmund O. Bauer | Bradford Bender | Bruce A. Birr | Raymond O. Miller | Jesse A. Randall | Adam H. Wiese
Perceptions of Time, Cost and Quality Management on Building Projects

Author(s): P.A Bowen | K.S Cattel | K.A Hall | P.J Edwards | R.G Pearl
The Multi-faceted Implementation of Telepractice to Service Individuals with Autism

Author(s): Michelle Boisvert | Nerissa Hall | Mary Andrianopoulos | Jeanne Chaclas
Tele-AAC Resolution

Author(s): Kate Anderson | Michelle K. Boisvert | Janis Doneski-Nicol | Michelle L. Gutmann | Nerissa C. Hall | Cynthia Morelock | Richard Steele | Ellen R. Cohn
Efficiency of Edible Agriculture in Canada and the U.S. Over the Past Three and Four Decades

Author(s): Abbe Hamilton | Stephen B. Balogh | Adrienna Maxwell | Charles A. S. Hall
Measurement of low-ppm mixing ratios of water vapor in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere using chemical ionization mass spectrometry

Author(s): T. D. Thornberry | A. W. Rollins | R. S. Gao | L. A. Watts | S. J. Ciciora | R. J. McLaughlin | C. Voigt | B. Hall | D. W. Fahey
tert-Butyl 4-(3,4-dichloroanilino)piperidine-1-carboxylate

Author(s): Mehr-un-Nisa | Munawar Ali Munawar | Gabriel B. Hall | Sue A. Roberts | Victor J. Hruby
Prenatal origins of human intrapulmonary arteries formation and smooth muscle maturation

Author(s): Schachtner Susan | Hall SM | Hislop AA | Pierce CM | Haworth SG
CG31320 (Heatr2) - ciliopathy candidate gene, functional analysis in fly and mouse models

Author(s): Mali G | Mill P | zur Lage PI | Hall EA | Jarman AP | Jackson IJ
Screening for genes involved in cilia formation

Author(s): Hall EA | Mill P | Mort R | Keighren M | Budd P | Jarman A | Jackson I
The relationship between Hippocampal asymmetry and working memory processing in combat-related PTSD – a monozygotic twin study

Author(s): Hall Timothy | Galletly Cherrie | Clark C | Veltmeyer Melinda | Metzger Linda J | Gilbertson Mark W | Orr Scott P | Pitman Roger K | McFarlane Alexander
Sexually dimorphic effect of aging on skeletal muscle protein synthesis

Author(s): Smith Gordon I | Reeds Dominic N | Hall Angela M | Chambers Kari T | Finck Brian N | Mittendorfer Bettina
Understanding the basis of a novel fruit type in Brassicaceae: conservation and deviation in expression patterns of six genes

Author(s): Avino Mariano | Kramer Elena M | Donohue Kathleen | Hammel Alexander J | Hall Jocelyn C
Reducing ligation bias of small RNAs in libraries for next generation sequencing

Author(s): Sorefan Karim | Pais Helio | Hall Adam E | Kozomara Ana | Griffiths-Jones Sam | Moulton Vincent | Dalmay Tamas
Solution structure of the Drosha double-stranded RNA-binding domain

Author(s): Mueller Geoffrey A | Miller Matthew T | DeRose Eugene F | Ghosh Mahua | London Robert E | Hall Traci
What works to meet the sexual and reproductive health needs of women living with HIV/AIDS

Author(s): Gay Jill | Hardee Karen | Croce-Galis Melanie | Hall Carolina
Assessment of the genetic relationship between Dictyocaulus species from Bos taurus and Cervus elaphus using complete mitochondrial genomic datasets

Author(s): Gasser Robin B | Jabbar Abdul | Mohandas Namitha | Höglund Johan | Hall Ross S | Littlewood D Timothy J | Jex Aaron R
Validation of a computer case definition for sudden cardiac death in opioid users

Author(s): Kawai Vivian K | Murray Katherine T | Stein C | Cooper William O | Graham David J | Hall Kathi | Ray Wayne A
Discovering hidden relationships between renal diseases and regulated genes through 3D network visualizations

Author(s): Bhavnani Suresh K | Ganesan Arunkumaar | Hall Theodore | Maslowski Eric | Eichinger Felix | Martini Sebastian | Saxman Paul | Bellala Gowtham | Kretzler Matthias
Investigation of rare variation in one thousand cancer genes and its association with risk of breast and prostate cancer

Author(s): Klevebring Daniel | Lindberg Johan | Sundling Simon | Neiman Mårten | Sandberg Julia | Wiklund Fredrik | Hall Per | Grönberg Henrik | Czene Kamila
Biomarkers and gene copy number variation for terpenoid traits associated with insect resistance in Sitka spruce: An integrated genomic, proteomic, and biochemical analysis of (+)-3-carene biosynthesis

Author(s): Bohlmann Joerg | Hall Dawn | Robert Jeanne | Keeling Christopher | Domanski Dominik | Quesada Alfonso | Jancsik Sharon | Kuzyk Michael | Hamberger Britta | Borchers Christoph
The only constant is change

Author(s): Mariko Hall
Constraints on emissions of carbon monoxide, methane, and a suite of hydrocarbons in the Colorado Front Range using observations of 14CO2

Author(s): B. W. LaFranchi | G. Pétron | J. B. Miller | S. J. Lehman | A. E. Andrews | E. J. Dlugokencky | B. R. Miller | S. A. Montzka | B. Hall | W. Neff | C. Sweeney | J. C. Turnbull | D. E. Wolfe | P. P. Tans | K. R. Gurney | T. P. Guilderson
Effect of aerosols and NO2 concentration on ultraviolet actinic flux near Mexico City during MILAGRO: measurements and model calculations

Author(s): G. G. Palancar | B. L. Lefer | S. R. Hall | W. J. Shaw | C. A. Corr | S. C. Herndon | J. R. Slusser | S. Madronich
Plasmin Activation of Glial Cells through Protease-Activated Receptor 1

Author(s): André R. Greenidge | Kiana R. Hall | Ian R. Hambleton | Richelle Thomas | Dougald M. Monroe | R. Clive Landis
From a lab in Luxembourg to satellites in South Sudan

Author(s): Marianne Donven | Mariko Hall
The Dynamics of a Ringing Church Bell

Author(s): J. Woodhouse | J. C. Rene | C. S. Hall | L. T. W. Smith | F. H. King | J. W. McClenahan
Open Source Library Software Development in a Small Rural Library System

Author(s): Kyle Hall | Cindy Murdock Ames | John Brice
Characteristics of atmospheric Total Gaseous Mercury (TGM) observed in urban Nanjing, China

Author(s): J. Zhu | T. Wang | R. Talbot | H. Mao | C. B. Hall | X. Yang | C. Fu | B. Zhuang | S. Li | Y. Han | X. Huang
Estudios Culturales: dos paradigmas

Author(s): HALL STUART
The role of productive water use in women’s livelihoods: Evidence from rural Senegal

Author(s): Emily van Houweling | Ralph P. Hall | Aissatou Sakho Diop | Jennifer Davis | Mark Seiss
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