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Imaging studies of crystalline arthritides

Author(s): F. Paparo | E. Fabbro | G. Ferrero | R. Piccazzo | M. Revelli | D. Camellino | G. Garlaschi | M.A. Cimmino
Multimodal imaging in the differential diagnosis of soft tissue calcinosis

Author(s): F. Paparo | P. Ameri | A. Denegri | M. Revelli | A. Muda | G. Garlaschi | M.A. Cimmino
Multimodality imaging of chronic tophaceous gout

Author(s): F. Paparo | L.M. Sconfienza | A. Muda | A. Denegri | R. Piccazzo | E. Aleo | M.A. Cimmino

Author(s): M. u00C1lvarez | J. P. Sareyan | L. Parrao | J. H. Peu00F1a | L. Fox-Machado | E. Poretti | S. Martin-Ruiz | P. Amado | R. Garrido | C. Aerts | Z. Csurby | M. Paparo
On the nature of the open clusters in the direction of ngc 6882/5

Author(s): J. H. Peu00F1a | R. Peniche | R. Garrido | M. Paparo | A. Garcu00EDa-Cole
Acoustic emission (AE) as a diagnostic tool in geophysics

Author(s): G. Paparo | G. P. Gregori | U. Coppa | R. De Ritis | A. Taloni
"Storms of crustal stress" and AE earthquake precursors

Author(s): G. P. Gregori | M. Poscolieri | G. Paparo | S. De Simone | C. Rafanelli | G. Ventrice
Ultrasound monitoring of applied forcing, material ageing, and catastrophic yield of crustal structures

Author(s): G. P. Gregori | M. Lupieri | G. Paparo | M. Poscolieri | G. Ventrice | A. Zanini
On the nature of the open clusters in the direction of ngc 6882/5

Author(s): A. García Cole | J. H. Peña | M. Paparo | R. Garrido | R. Peniche
Crustal deformation and AE monitoring: annual variation and stress-soliton propagation

Author(s): M. Poscolieri | G. P. Gregori | G. Paparo | A. Zanini
Acoustic emission and released seismic energy

Author(s): G. P. Gregori | G. Paparo | M. Poscolieri | A. Zanini
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