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Some results on g-frame operator in Hilbert space

Author(s): G. Upender Reddy | N. Gopal Reddy
Effect of Ca on the Properties of Gd-Doped Ceria for IT-SOFC

Author(s): S. Ramesh | G. Upender | K. C. James Raju | G. Padmaja | S. Mohan Reddy | C. V. Reddy
Nef-M1, a CXCR4 Peptide Antagonist, Enhances Apoptosis and Inhibits Primary Tumor Growth and Metastasis in Breast Cancer

Author(s): Harvey Bumpers | Ming-Bo Huang | Venkat Katkoori | Upender Manne | Vincent Bond
Optical Coherence Tomography: Clinical Applications in Medical Practice

Author(s): Abdullah Al-Mujaini | Upender K. Wali | Sitara Azeem
Silver nanoclusters decked diamond thin film as a substrate for surface-enhanced Raman scattering

Author(s): Harish Ojha | Upender Gangadharani | Satyavathi Ravulapalli | Mohan Kumar Kuntumalla | Vadali Venkata Satya Siva Srikanth | Narayana Rao Desai | Chandrahas Bansal
Evaluation of lymph node numbers for adequate staging of Stage II and III colon cancer

Author(s): Shanmugam Chandrakumar | Hines Robert | Jhala Nirag | Katkoori Venkat | Zhang Bin | Posey James | Bumpers Harvey | Grizzle William | Eltoum Isam | Siegal Gene | Manne Upender
FMEA: Methodology, Design and Implementation in a Foundry

Infrared Spectroscopic Characterization of Tellurite Glasses Containing Heavy Metal Oxides

Author(s): G. Upender | C. P. Vardhani | V. Kamalaker | V. Chandra Mouli
Sebaceous gland carcinoma of the eyelid

Author(s): Wali Upender | Al-Mujaini Abdullah
Canaliculitis: Are we missing the diagnosis?

Author(s): Al-Mujaini Abdullah | Wali Upender | Al-Senawi Rana
HIV Nef-M1 Effects on Colorectal Cancer Growth in Tumor-induced Spleens and Hepatic Metastasis

Author(s): Willie Harrington III | Vincent Bond | Ming Bo Huang | Michael Powell | James Lillard | Upender Manne | Harvey Bumpers
Bevacizumab therapy for macular edema in central retinal vein occlusion: Long-term results

Author(s): Manayath George | Narendran V | Al-Kharousi Nadia | Wali Upender
Subjective and quantitative measurement of wavefront aberrations in nuclear cataracts - a retrospective case controlled study

Author(s): Wali Upender | Bialasiewicz Alexander | Al-Kharousi Nadia | Rizvi Syed | Baloushi Habiba
Comparison of Predicted Probabilities of Proportional Hazards Regression and Linear Discriminant Analysis Methods Using a Colorectal Cancer Molecular Biomarker Database

Author(s): Sreelatha Meleth | Chakrapani Chatla | Venkat R. Katkoori | Billie Anderson | James M. Hardin | Nirag C. Jhala | Al Bartolucci | William E. Grizzle | Upender Manne
The Need for Review and Understanding of SELDI/MALDI Mass

Author(s): William E. Grizzle | O. John Semmes | William Bigbee | Liu Zhu | Gunjan Malik | Denise K Oelschlager | Barkha Manne | Upender Manne
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