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Direct comparison of the FibroScan XL and M probes for assessment of liver fibrosis in obese and nonobese patients

Author(s): Durango E | Dietrich C | Seitz HK | Kunz CU | Pomier-Layrargues GT | Duarte-Rojo A | Beaton M | Elkhashab M | Myers RP | Mueller S

Author(s): Sandeep A | Mamatha GT | Bhimaray Krishnagoudar | Mahadevamma L | Ravi Katti Venkappa | Shaik Shafia Begum | Girish HR

Author(s): GT 3

Author(s): GT 4

Author(s): GT 5
Arl3 regulates a transport system for farnesylated cargo

Author(s): Ismail S | Chen YC | Rusinnova AR | Chandra AC | Bierbaum MB | Gremer LG | Triola GT | Waldmann HW | Batiaens PB | Winttinghofer AW
SYSCILIA, “A systems biology approach to dissect cilia function and its disruption in human genetic disease”

Author(s): Roepman R | Ueffing M | Kremer H | Huynen MA | Gibson TJ | Katsanis N | Walz GT | Wolfrum U | Franco B | Giles RH | Beales PL | Johnson CA | Blacque OE | Pontoglio M | Képès F | Apic G | Russell RB | Omran H
Driving forces for changes in geographical distribution of Ixodes ricinus ticks in Europe

Author(s): Medlock Jolyon M | Hansford Kayleigh M | Bormane Antra | Derdakova Marketa | Estrada-Peña Agustín | George Jean-Claude | Golovljova Irina | Jaenson Thomas GT | Jensen Jens-Kjeld | Jensen Per M | Kazimirova Maria | Oteo José A | Papa Anna | Pfister Kurt | Plantard Olivier | Randolph Sarah E | Rizzoli Annapaola | Santos-Silva Maria Margarida | Sprong Hein | Vial Laurence | Hendrickx Guy | Zeller Herve | Van Bortel Wim
Changes in the geographical distribution and abundance of the tick Ixodes ricinus during the past 30 years in Sweden

Author(s): Jaenson Thomas GT | Jaenson David GE | Eisen Lars | Petersson Erik | Lindgren Elisabet
Why is tick-borne encephalitis increasing? A review of the key factors causing the increasing incidence of human TBE in Swedena

Author(s): Jaenson Thomas GT | Hjertqvist Marika | Bergström Tomas | Lundkvist Åke
Deploying next-generation sequencing in a hospital setting

Author(s): Jorgensen Lars GT | Siminovitch Katherine

Author(s): S. Sumathi*, G.T. Iswariya, B. Sivaprabha, B. Dharani, P. Radha, and P.R. Padma
Effects of Clostridium butyricum on Growth Performance, Nitrogen Metabolism, Intestinal Morphology and Cecal Microflora in Broiler Chickens

Author(s): G.T. Cao | Y.P. Xiao | C.M. Yang | A.G. Chen | T.T. Liu | L. Zhou | L. Zhang | P.R. Ferket
Performance Improvement of QPSK Signal Predetection EGC Diversity Receiver

Author(s): B. Nikolic | B. Dimitrijevic | N. Milosevic | G.T. Djordjevic
The influence of peak shock stress on the high pressure phase transformation in zirconium

Author(s): Cerreta E.K. | Escobedo J.P. | Rigg P.A. | Addessio F.L. | Lookman T. | Bronkhorst C.A. | Trujillo C.P. | Brown D.W. | Dickerson P.O. | Dickerson R.M. | Gray G.T.
The effect of shockwave profile shape on dynamic brittle failure

Author(s): Brown E.N. | Escobedo J.P. | Trujillo C.P. | Gray G.T.
Influence of sweeping detonation-wave loading on shock hardening and damage evolution during spallation loading in tantalum

Author(s): Gray G.T. | Hull L.M. | Livescu V. | Faulkner J.R. | Briggs M.E. | Cerreta E.K.
Characterization of shocked beryllium

Author(s): Cady C.M. | Adams C.D. | Hull L.M. | Gray G.T. | Prime M.B. | Addessio F.L. | Wynn T.A. | Papin P.A. | Brown E.N.
Assessing Management Regimes in Transboundary River Basins: Do They Support Adaptive Management?

Author(s): Erik Mostert | G.T. (Tom) Raadgever | Jos G. Timmerman | Nicole Kranz | Eduard Interwies
Assessing Photoinduced Toxicity of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in an Urbanized Estuary

Author(s): M. Vo | D.E. Porter | G.T. Chandler | H. Kelsey | S.P. Walker | B. E. Jones
Surrogaatmiddelen en –medicijnen

Author(s): G.T. Haneveld
Surrogaatmiddelen en –medicijnen

Author(s): G.T. Haneveld
Surrogaatmiddelen en –medicijnen

Author(s): G.T. Haneveld
Dating peat profiles using tephra: stratigraphy, geochemistry and chronology

Author(s): G.T. Swindles | F. De Vleeschouwer | G. Plunkett
Coring and sub-sampling of peatlands for palaeoenvironmental research

Author(s): F. De Vleeschouwer | F.M. Chambers | G.T. Swindles
Malaria. Biología molecular

Author(s): Alejandra Tobón | Carlos Correa-Martínez | Catherin Marín | Claribel Murillo | GT Cortés | Erika Dorado
Severity of COPD at initial spirometry-confirmed diagnosis: data from medical charts and administrative claims

Author(s): Mapel DW | Dalal AA | Blanchette CM | Petersen H | Ferguson GT
A glass-ceramic material for fixation of radioactive waste

Author(s): Bozadzhiev L.S. | Georgiev G.T. | Bozadzhiev R.L.
Relationship between leukotriene-modifying agent prescriptions dispensed and rate of suicide deaths by county in the US

Author(s): Schumock GT | Gibbons RD | Lee TA | Joo MJ | Valuck RJ | Stayner LT
Proteomic Evaluation of Avian Peripheral Blood Monocytes for Functional Proteins

Author(s): L.L. Hale-McWilliams | A.M. Cooksey | J.P. Thaxton | L.M. Pinchuk | G.T. Pharr
Factors Affecting Some Traits of Economic Importance in Rabbit in a Tropical Environment of Northern Nigeria

Author(s): I.A. Adeyinka | C.L. Akanwa | G.T. Iyeghe-Erakpotobor | F.D. Adeyinka | M. Orunmuyi
Gossypol Accumulation and Morphogenesis in Cotton (G. hirsutum L.) Callus Culture

Author(s): R. Baksha | G.T. Mavlanov | G.B. Nasirova | S.A. Djataev
Ephrin Receptor Expression in the Embryonic Bursa of Fabricius

Author(s): G.T. Pharr | A.M. Cooksey | B.M. McGruder | B. Felfoldi | E.D. Peebles | M.T. Kidd | J.P. Thaxton
Preliminary Protein Profile Analysis of the Late Embryonic B-Cell Stages in the Chicken Bursa of Fabricius

Author(s): B. Felfoldi | G.T. Pharr | L.M. Pinchuk | A.M. Cooksey | J.P. Thaxton
The Recognition of a vlhA Protein from the F-Strain of Mycoplasma gallisepticum with Monoclonal Antibody 6F10

Author(s): G.T. Pharr | S.L. Branton | A.M. Cooksey | L.A. Hanson | S.C. Burgess | C.C. Bottoms | F.M. McCarthy | S.D. Collier
Initial Mapping of the Chicken Blood Plasma Proteome

Author(s): A. Corzo | M.T. Kidd | G.T. Pharr | S.C. Burgess
Expression and Subcellular Location of a Leucine Aminopeptidase of Mycoplasma Gallinarum

Author(s): X. Wan | S.L. Branton | M.B. Hughlett | L.A. Hanson1 | G.T. Pharr
Anticonvulsant and Sedative Activity of Leaves of Senna spectabilis in Mice

Author(s): E.N. Bum | G.N. Nkantchoua | N. Njikam | G.S. Taiwe | G.T. Ngoupaye | M.M. Pelanken | Nanga | F. Maidawa | A. Rakotonirina | S.V. Rakotonirina
The Decoction of Leaves of Phyllanthus discoideus Possesses Anticonvulsant and Sedative Properties in Mice

Author(s): E. Ngo Bum | M.M. Pelanken | N. Njikam | E. Talla | G.S. Taiwe | G.C.N. Nkantchoua | G.T. Ngoupaye
Necrotising soft tissue infection following mastectomy

Author(s): Subramanian A | Thomas G | Lawn A | Jackson P | Layer GT
Remitting - Relapsing Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis (SSPE) : Case Description And Mini Review

Author(s): Kamath V | Taly A B | Sinha S | Arunodaya G R | Subhash GT | Ravi V | Nair S | Rao S L
Tensile strength and relaxation of tomato skin by a loop technique

Author(s): Rajabipour A. | Zariefard M.R. | Dodd G.T. | Norris E.R.
Transmission of hepatitis B virus infection is predominantly perinatal in the Indian subcontinent

Author(s): Hissar S | Manoj K | Syed N K | Sanjay S | Kumar GT | Ranjeet C | Didar S | Puja S | Shiv K S.
Trauma: the role of the innate immune system

Author(s): Hietbrink F | Koenderman L | Rijkers GT | Leenen LPH
Can organic and transgenic soy be used as a substitute for animal protein by rats?

Author(s): Soares L.L. | Lucas A.M.M. | Boaventura G.T.
Botulinum toxin treatment of urethral and bladder dysfunction.

Author(s): Yokoyama T | Kumon H | Smith CP | Somogyi GT | Chancellor MB
Can calories from ethanol contribute to body weight preservation by malnourished rats?

Author(s): Aguiar A.S. | Da-Silva V.A. | Boaventura G.T.
Estudos morfológicos e funcionais da microcirculação da pele no diabetes mellitus

Author(s): Halfoun Vera L.R.C. | Fernandes Therezinha J. | Pires Maria L.E. | Braun Eduardo | Cardozo Magnus G.T. | Bahbout Guilherme C.
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