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The luminosity-redshift relation in brane-worlds: I. Analytical results

Author(s): Keresztes Zoltán | Gergely László Á | Nagy Botond | Szabó Gyula M
Occurrence of Rare Tree and Shrub Species in Hungary

Author(s): BARTHA, Dénes | KIRÁLY, Gergely | VIDÉKI, Róbert | NAGY, Anikó
Microstepping Driver for Step Motors

Author(s): NAGY Zoltan Tamas | GERGELY Eugen Ioan
Effect of Antimicrobial Peptide-Amide: Indolicidin on Biological Membranes

Author(s): Attila Gergely Végh | Krisztina Nagy | Zoltán Bálint | Ádám Kerényi | Gábor Rákhely | György Váró | Zsolt Szegletes
A Simplified Procedure for Safety Requirements Derivation

Author(s): Eugen Ioan Gergely | Zoltan Tamas Nagy | Dragos Cristian Spoiala | Alina Pavel
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