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Manual Acupuncture and Laser Acupuncture for Autonomic Regulations in Rats: Observation on Heart Rate Variability and Gastric Motility

Author(s): Zhao-Kun Yang | Mei-Ling Wu | Juan-Juan Xin | Wei He | Yang-Shuai Su | Hong Shi | Xiao-Yu Wang | Ling Hu | Xiang-Hong Jing | Gerhard Litscher
Effectiveness of Interstitial Laser Acupuncture Depends upon Dosage: Experimental Results from Electrocardiographic and Electrocorticographic Recordings

Author(s): Wei He | Gerhard Litscher | Xiang-Hong Jing | Hong Shi | Xiao-Yu Wang | Ingrid Gaischek | Yang-Shuai Su | Daniela Litscher | Zhao-Kun Yang | Juan-Juan Xin | Ling Hu
Continuous Auricular Electroacupuncture Can Significantly Improve Heart Rate Variability and Clinical Scores in Patients with Depression: First Results from a Transcontinental Study

Author(s): Xian Shi | Gerhard Litscher | Huan Wang | Lu Wang | Zengkai Zhao | Daniela Litscher | Jingqiao Tao | Ingrid Gaischek | Zemin Sheng
Improvement of the Dynamic Responses of Heart Rate Variability Patterns after Needle and Laser Acupuncture Treatment in Patients with Burnout Syndrome: A Transcontinental Comparative Study

Author(s): Gerhard Litscher | Cun-Zhi Liu | Lu Wang | Lin-Peng Wang | Qian-Qian Li | Guang-Xia Shi | Ingrid Gaischek | Daniela Litscher | Xiao-Min Wang
Intravenous Laser Blood Irradiation Increases Efficacy of Etanercept in Selected Subtypes of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis: An Innovative Clinical Research Approach

Author(s): Dragos Andrei Chiran | Gerhard Litscher | Michael Weber | Laura Marinela Ailioaie | Constantin Ailioaie | Daniela Litscher
Auricular Acupuncture with Laser

Author(s): Regina Round | Gerhard Litscher | Frank Bahr
Ear Acupressure, Heart Rate, and Heart Rate Variability in Patients with Insomnia

Author(s): Lu Wang | Weiping Cheng | Zhongren Sun | Yangyang Xu | Guangyu Cheng | Ingrid Gaischek | Haixue Kuang | Gerhard Litscher
The Influence of Different Acupuncture Manipulations on the Skin Temperature of an Acupoint

Author(s): Tao Huang | Xin Huang | Weibo Zhang | Shuyong Jia | Xinnong Cheng | Gerhard Litscher
A Transcontinental Pilot Study for Acupuncture Lifting-Thrusting and Twisting-Rotating Manipulations

Author(s): Tao Huang | Weibo Zhang | Shuyong Jia | Yuying Tian | Guangjun Wang | Lijian Yang | Ingrid Gaischek | Lu Wang | Gerhard Litscher
Observation of Microvascular Perfusion in the Hegu (LI4) Acupoint Area after Deqi Acupuncture at Quchi (LI11) Acupoint Using Speckle Laser Blood Flow Scanning Technology

Author(s): Tao Huang | Li-Jian Yang | Wei-Bo Zhang | Shu-Yong Jia | Yu-Ying Tian | Guan-Jun Wang | Xiang Mu | Lu Wang | Gerhard Litscher
Evaluate Laser Needle Effect on Blood Perfusion Signals of Contralateral Hegu Acupoint with Wavelet Analysis

Author(s): Guangjun Wang | Yuying Tian | Shuyong Jia | Gerhard Litscher | Weibo Zhang
High-Tech Acupuncture and Integrative Laser Medicine

Author(s): Gerhard Litscher | Xin-Yan Gao | Lu Wang | Bing Zhu
Thermographical Measuring of the Skin Temperature Using Laser Needle Acupuncture in Preterm Neonates

Author(s): Wolfgang Raith | Gerhard Litscher | Iris Sapetschnig | Sebastian Bauchinger | Evelyne Ziehenberger | Wilhelm Müller | Berndt Urlesberger
Effects of Moxa (Artemisia Vulgaris) Smoke Inhalation on Heart Rate and Its Variability

Author(s): Baixiao Zhao | Gerhard Litscher | Jun Li | Lu Wang | Yingxue Cui | Chaxi Huang | Ping Liu
Clinical Teleacupuncture between China and Austria Using Heart Rate Variability in Patients with Depression

Author(s): Lu Wang | Guangyu Cheng | Zemin Sheng | Qianqian Niu | Weiping Cheng | Xiao Feng | Jan Valentini | Ingrid Gaischek | Xinyan Gao | Haixue Kuang | Gerhard Litscher
Biomedical Teleacupuncture between China and Austria Using Heart Rate Variability—Part 2: Patients with Depression

Author(s): Gerhard Litscher | Guangyu Cheng | Lu Wang | Weiping Cheng | Hang Su | Qianqian Niu | Tianyu Zou | Yongyue Wang | Xiao Feng | Ingrid Gaischek | Zemin Sheng | Haixue Kuang
Laser-Induced Evoked Potentials in the Brain after Nonperceptible Optical Stimulation at the Neiguan Acupoint: A Preliminary Report

Author(s): Gerhard Litscher | Guenther Bauernfeind | Gernot Mueller-Putz | Christa Neuper
Sino-European Transcontinental Basic and Clinical High-Tech Acupuncture Studies—Part 2: Acute Stimulation Effects on Heart Rate and Its Variability in Patients with Insomnia

Author(s): Gerhard Litscher | Guangyu Cheng | Weiping Cheng | Lu Wang | Qianqian Niu | Xiao Feng | Ingrid Gaischek | Haixue Kuang
Brain-Modulated Effects of Auricular Acupressure on the Regulation of Autonomic Function in Healthy Volunteers

Author(s): Xin-Yan Gao | Lu Wang | Ingrid Gaischek | Yvonne Michenthaler | Bing Zhu | Gerhard Litscher
Biomedical Teleacupuncture between China and Austria Using Heart Rate Variability, Part 1: Poststroke Patients

Author(s): Lu Wang | Jan Valentini | Kazuo Sugimoto | Weiping Cheng | Guangyu Cheng | Haoming Geng | Ingrid Gaischek | Haixue Kuang | Gerhard Litscher
Heart rate and heart rate variability responses to Tai Chi and jogging in Beijing and Graz

Author(s): Gerhard Litscher | Weibo Zhang | Tao Huang | Lu Wang
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