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Comparing the Gene Expression Profile of Stromal Cells from Human Cord Blood and Bone Marrow: Lack of the Typical “Bone” Signature in Cord Blood Cells

Author(s): Julia Bosch | Amelie Pia Houben | Tatiana Hennicke | René Deenen | Karl Köhrer | Stefanie Liedtke | Gesine Kögler
The Assessment of Parameters Affecting the Quality of Cord Blood by the Appliance of the Annexin V Staining Method and Correlation with CFU Assays

Author(s): Teja Falk Radke | David Barbosa | Richard Charles Duggleby | Riccardo Saccardi | Sergio Querol | Gesine Kögler
T cell expansion from umbilical cord blood without thymic stroma cells after stimulation with SCF, IL-7, AND IL-2

Author(s): Johannes Fischer | Fatemeh Sabagh | Gesine Kogler | Anna R. Migliaccio | Peter Wernet
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