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The Effect of Noise on Human Performance: A Clinical Trial

Author(s): P Nassiri | M Monazam | B Fouladi Dehaghi | L Ibrahimi Ghavam Abadi | SA Zakerian | K Azam
Illiopsoas Abscess in Neonates: A Case Report with Literature Review

Author(s): N Khalesi | M Ghavam | N Seifi Moghaddam | S.M Fereshtehnejad
Shear bond strength of amalgam to dentin using different dentin adhesive systems

Author(s): Farimah Sardari | Marjaneh Ghavam Nasiri | Nasrin Amini | Berahman Sabzevari
Iranian EFL Learners’ Achievement Goals in Relation with Their Metacognitive Reading Strategy Use

Author(s): Mahtab Mohammadi Ghavam | Mina Rastegar | Mohammad Hasan Razmi
Comparison of Hormone Receptor Status in Primary and Recurrent Breast Cancer

Author(s): Hamid Saeedi Saedi | Mohammad-Reza Ghavam Nasiri | Soodabeh ShahidSales | Ali Taghizadeh | Nama Mohammadian
Nonablative Fractional Laser Resurfacing

Author(s): Hamideh Moravvej | Behrooz Barikbin | Seyed Alireza Ghavam | Soheil Karimi
Evaluation of selective screening for diagnosis of gestational diabetes mellitus

Author(s): Garshasbi A | FaghihZadeh S | Falah N | Khosniat M | Torkestani F | Ghavam M | Abasian M
Prevalence and Risk Factors for Gestational Diabetes Mellitus in Tehran

Author(s): Ahia Garshasbi | Soghrat Faghihzadeh | Mohammad Mehdi Naghizadeh | Mandana Ghavam
Effect of light emission on polymerization of luting resins

Author(s): Ghavam M. | Ataei M. | Baik F.
Color Stability of IDM Composite Resin

Author(s): Ghavam M | Poorhaghighi M | Mohammadi M
Measurement of linear polymerization shrinkage in light cure Ideal Makoo composite resin

Author(s): Ghavam M. | Jafarzadeh T. | Alizadeh Oskouei P.
Effects of occlusal adjustment on clinical success of non carious cervical restoration’s

Author(s): Ghavam Nasiri M. | Goharian R. | Madani A. | Salari. T.
Polymerization of dual cure resin cements applied for luting tooth colored fiber posts

Author(s): Ghavam M. | Kermanshah H. | Ataei M. | Shadman N.
Evaluation of disinfecting effect of 5% sodium hypochlorite solution diluted to 2:100 along with the use of disposable covers on HBV contaminated dental office surfaces and equipments

Author(s): Arami S. | Tavassoti Kheiri M. | Hasani Tabayabaie M. | Yasini E. | Pahlavan A. | Ghavam M. | Mirzaie M. | Kermanshah H. | Forootan Sh. | Ahrabi S. | Tabatabaian M. | Mahrokh L.
Effect of flowable composite on microleakage of condensable composite restorations

Author(s): Pahlavan A. | Ghavam M. | Arami S. | Yasini E. | Kermanshah H. | Hasani Tabatabaie M. | Mirzaie M. | Bayrami M.
Effect of various surface treatments of tooth – colored posts on bonding strength of resin cement

Author(s): Mirzaei M. | Yassini E. | Ghavam M. | Pahlavan A. | Hasani Tabatabaie M. | Arami S. | Kermanshah H. | Esmaieli B.
Comparison of microleakage in high copper spherical amalgam restorations using three different dentin bondin systems

Author(s): Yasini E. | Mirzaei M. | Pahlavan A. | Ghavam M. | Hasani Tabatabaie M. | Arami S. | Kermanshah H. | Tabatabaie Sh.
Evaluation of bond strength of D.T.Light- post to root canal using dual-cure and self-cure resin cements after irrigation with various solutions

Author(s): Atai M. | Ghavam M. | Yasini E. | Mirzaei M. | Pahlavan A. | Hasani Tabatabaie M. | Arami S. | Kermanshah H. | Kameli S.
Effect of food simulating liquids on surface hardness of two dental resin composites

Author(s): Ghavam M. | Arami S. | Hasani Tabatabaie M. | Mirzaei M. | Kermanshah H. | Pahlavan A. | Yasini E. | Dehghan M.
Production of an experimental bonding agent containing doxycyicline as matrix metalloproteinase inhibitor, and its release rate

Author(s): Ghavam M | Arami S | Reshad M | Imani M | Ataei M | Mirzaei M | Yasini E | Hasani Tabatabaei M | Pahlavan A
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