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The Effect of Fetal Liver-Derived Cell Suspension Allotransplantation on Patients with Diabetes: First Year of Follow-up

Author(s): Maryam Ghodsi | Ramin Heshmat | Mahsa Amoli | Abbas-Ali Keshtkar | Babak Arjmand | Hamidreza Aghayan | Parviz Hosseini | Ali Mohammad Sharifi | Bagher Larijani
Stem Cell Therapy in Treatment of Different Diseases

Author(s): Bagher Larijani | Ensieh Nasli Esfahani | Peyvand Amini | Behrouz Nikbin | Kamran Alimoghaddam | Somayeh Amiri | Reza Malekzadeh | Nika Mojahed Yazdi | Maryam Ghodsi | Yahya Dowlati | Mohammad Ali Sahraian | Ardeshir Ghavamzadeh
Lumbar Vertebral Hemangioma with Extradural Extension, Causing Neurogenic Claudication: A Case Report

Author(s): Morteza Faghih Jouibari | Alireza Khoshnevisan | Seyed Mohammad Ghodsi | Farideh Nejat | Soheil Naderi | Sina Abdollahzadeh
Pituitary Function Impairment after Moderate Traumatic Brain Injury

Author(s): Mohammad Reza Hadji Abadi | Mohammad Ghodsi | Masoud Merazin | Hadi Roozbeh
Accurate and fast estimation of taxonomic profiles from metagenomic shotgun sequences

Author(s): Liu Bo | Gibbons Theodore | Ghodsi Mohammad | Treangen Todd | Pop Mihai
A Parallel implementation of Gram-Schmidt Algorithm for Dense Linear System of Equations

Author(s): S. Roholah Ghodsi | Bahman Mehri | Mohammad Taeibi-Rahni
Evaluation of Freezing Tolerance of Hexaploid Triticale Genotypes under Controlled Conditions

Author(s): Ahmad, NEZAMI | Mohammad Reza SOLEIMANI | Masoud ZIAEE | Masoud GHODSI | Mohammad BANNAYAN AVAL
On Realistic Line Simplification under Area Measure

Author(s): Shervin Daneshpajouh | Alireza Zareiy | Mohammad Ghodsi
The efficacy of surgical decompression before 24 hours versus 24 to 72 hours in patients with spinal cord injury from T1 to L1 – with specific consideration on ethics: a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Rahimi-Movaghar Vafa | Saadat Soheil | Vaccaro Alexander | Ghodsi Seyed Mohammad | Samadian Mohammad | Sheykhmozaffari Arya | Safdari Seyed | Keshmirian Bahram

Author(s): Mahmood Ghoranneviss | Ghodsi Mohammadi Ziarani | Alireza Abbasi | Mohammad Reza Hantehzadeh | Zahra Farahani
Are the distributions of variations of circle of Willis different in different populations? – Results of an anatomical study and review of literature

Author(s): Eftekhar Behzad | Dadmehr Majid | Ansari Saeed | Ghodsi Mohammad | Nazparvar Bashir | Ketabchi Ebrahim
A novel method for fast enrichment and monitoring of hexavalent and trivalent chromium at the ppt level with modified silica MCM-41 and its determination by inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry

Author(s): Ganjali Mohammad Reza | Babaei Leila Hajiagha | Badiei Alireza | Saberian Kamal | Behbahani Seiedmahmoudreza | Ziarani Ghodsi Mohammadi | Salavati- Niasari Masoud
Transorbital cerebellar airgun pellet injury

Author(s): Eftekhar Behzad | Ghodsi Mohammad | Ketabchi Ebrahim | Esmaeeli Babak
Prophylactic antibiotic for prevention of posttraumatic meningitis after traumatic pneumocephalus: design and rationale of a placebo-controlled randomized multicenter trial [ISRCTN71132784]

Author(s): Eftekhar Behzad | Ghodsi Mohammad | Hadadi Azar | Taghipoor Mousa | Sigarchi Samira | Rahimi-Movaghar Vafa | Kazemzadeh Ehsan | Esmaeeli Babak | Nejat Farideh | Yalda Alireza | Ketabchi Ebrahim
Lumbar epidural hematoma due to lumbar acupunctures

Author(s): Eftekhar Behzad | Ketabchi Ebrahim | Ghodsi Mohammad | Esmaeeli Babak
Comparison of artificial neural network and logistic regression models for prediction of mortality in head trauma based on initial clinical data

Author(s): Eftekhar Behzad | Mohammad Kazem | Ardebili Hassan | Ghodsi Mohammad | Ketabchi Ebrahim
Vestibular schwannoma with contralateral facial pain – case report

Author(s): Eftekhar Behzad | Gheini Mohammadreza | Ghodsi Mohammad | Ketabchi Ebrahim
Bilateral asynchronous acute epidural hematoma : a case report

Author(s): Eftekhar Behzad | Ketabchi Ebrahim | Ghodsi Mohammad | Esmaeeli Babak
Spinal subdural hematoma revealing hemophilia A in a child: A case report

Author(s): Eftekhar Behzad | Ghodsi Mohammad | Ketabchi Ebrahim | Bakhtiari Abbas | Mostajabi Pardis
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