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Iris Recognition Technique, The Finger Print of the Eye: Anatomical, Opthomological and Forensic Perspective

Author(s): Dr Ashfaq ul Hassan | Prof Ghulam Hassan | Dr Shabin ul Hassan | Dr Zahida Rasool
Serum magnesium levels in patients with pre-eclampsia and eclampsia with different regimens of magnesium sulphate

Author(s): Arpita Singh | Ajay Kumar Verma | Ghulam Hassan | Ved Prakash | P.Sharma | S.Kulshrestha

Author(s): Zahida Rasool | Ashfaq Ul Hassan | Ghulam Hassan | Tanveer Masood

Author(s): Ashfaq Ul Hassan | Ghulam Hassan
Vestibular schwannoma: anatomical, medical and surgical perspective

Author(s): Ashfaq Ul Hassan | Ghulam Hassan | Zahida Rasool

Author(s): Ghulam Ghafoor | Ghulam Hassan | Iftikhar Ahmad | Sher Nawab Khan | Said Suliman
Swyer- James -MacLeod syndrome presenting as hemoptysis in an adult

Author(s): Santosh Kumar | S Saheer | Nautiyal RG | Ghulam Hassan | Rashmi Upadhyay
Primary pulmonary non hodgkin’s T cell lymphoma

Author(s): Santosh Kumar | S Saheer | Nautiyal RG | Ghulam Hassan | Rashmi Upadhyay
Optimization of Solenoid Valve for Variable Rate Application System

Author(s): Saleh M. Al-Saqer | Ghulam M. Hassan
Pecan Weevil Recognition Using Support Vector Machine Method

Author(s): Ghulam M. Hassan | Saleh M. Al-Saqer
Pyopneumothorax Secondary to Aspergillus Infection: A Case Report

Author(s): Surya Kant | S Saheer | Abhijjeet Singh | Ghulam Hassan
Long run Relationship among East Asian equity markets and KSE

Author(s): Rana Yasir Hussain | Haroon Hussain | Ghulam Ali Bhatti | Arshad Hassan
Inhibition/Enhancement Network Based ASR using Multiple DPF Extractors

Author(s): Foyzul Hassan | Mohammed Rokibul Alam Kotwal | Mohammad Mahedi Hasan | Ghulam Muhammad | Mohammad Nurul Huda
Students’ Evaluation of Frame Factors and Teaching Process: Implications for Educational Leadership

Author(s): Shaukat Ali Raza | Nadeem Bhatti | Ghulam Murtaza Maitlo | Syed Abir Hassan Rizvi | Faiz M. Shaikh

Author(s): MUHAMMAD HASNAYN AHMAD | Ghulam Mustafa | JIBRAN MOHSIN | Asim Mumtaz Khan | HASSAN JAVED | Shahid Mahmood
A Green Analytical Procedure for Sensitive and Selective Determination of Arsenic in Scalp Hair Samples of Arsenic Exposed Adults of Both Genders

Author(s): Jameel A. Baig | Tasneem G. Kazi | Abdul Q. Shah | Hassan I. Afridi | Ghulam A. Kandhro | Sumaira Khan
Determination of Total Mercury in Muscle Tissues of Marine Fish Species by Ultrasonic Assisted Extraction Followed by Cold Vapor Atomic Absorption Spectrometry

Author(s): Abdul Q. Shah | Tasneem G. Kazi | Jameel A. Baig | Hassan I. Afridi | Ghulam A. Kandhro | Sumera Khan | Nida F. Kolachi | Sham K. Wadhwa
Evaluation of the Iodine Concentration in Serum and Urine of Hypothyroid Males Using an Inexpensive and Rapid Method

Author(s): Ghulam Abbas Kandhro | Tasneem Gul Kazi | Sirajuddin | Naveed Kazi | Hassan Imran Afridi | Mohammad Balal Arain3 | Jameel Ahmed Baig | Abdul Qadir Shah | Nasreen Syed4
Cardiovascular Consequences of Fiberoptic Bronchoscopy

Author(s): Ghulam Hassan, Waseem Qureshi, G.Q. Khan, Rouf Asmi
Agromelioration of Saline Sodic Soils

Author(s): M. Anwar Zaka | Fakhar Mujeeb | Ghulam Sarwar | N.M. Hassan | G. Hassan
Meristem Culture of Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) for Production of Virus-Free Plantlets

Author(s): Muhammad Shah Zaman | Azra Quraishi | Ghulam Hassan | Raziuddin | Sardar Ali | Abdul Khabir | Naheed Gul
Assessing Zinc Status of Sugarcane in Taluka Nawabshah Through Soil and Plant Analysis

Author(s): Ali Hassan Mari | Riaz Noor Panhwar | Ghulam Moheyuddin Kaloi | Muhammad Chohan | Ashfaqe Ahmed Yousuf Zai | Muhammad Aslam Brohi | Muhammad Abbas Bhutto
Combining Ability Analysis for Maturity and Other Traits in Rapeseed (Brassica napus L.)

Author(s): Abdul Wahab Nassimi | Raziuddin | Sardar Ali | Ghulam Hassan | Naushad Ali
Biocompost Application for the Improvement of Soil Characteristics and Dry Matter Yield of Lolium perenne (Grass)

Author(s): Ghulam Sarwar | Nazir Hussain | Fakhar Mujeeb | H. Schmeisky | Ghulam Hassan
Combining Ability Analysis of Yield and Yield Components in Sunflower

Author(s): Masood Jan | Ghulam Hassan | Iftikhar Hussain | Razi-u-Din
Gene Action in the Expression of Achene Yield and Oil Content in Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)

Author(s): Masood Jan | Farhatullah | Muhammad Tariq Jan | Ghulam Hassan | Raziudin
Magnitude of Heterosis for Achene Yield and Oil Content in Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)

Author(s): Masood Jan | Farhatullah | Ijaz Begum | Ghulam Hassan | Iftikhar Khalil
Estimates of Heterosis and Heterobeltiosis for Morphological Traits in Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Author(s): Masood Jan | Ghulam Hassan | Iftikhar Khalil | Raziuddin
Combining Ability Analysis in Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)

Author(s): Masood Jan, Farhatullah | Raziudin | Ghulam Hassan
Comparative Efficiency of Foliar and Soil Application of K on Salt Tolerance in Rice

Author(s): C.Din | S.M.Mehdi | M.Sarfraz | Ghulam Hassan | M.Sadiq
Hoffmann's syndrome: a case report

Author(s): Qureshi, Waseem | Hassan, Ghulam | Khan, Ghulam Qadir | Kadri, Syed Manzoor | Kak, Manish | Ahmad, Manzoor | Tak, Shahid | Kundal, Darshan Lal | Hussain, Showkat | Rather, Abdul Rashid | Ibrahim, Mohammad | Sikander, Sabia
A Survey of Smooth Coated Otters (Lutrogale perspicillata sindica) in the Sindh Province of Pakistan

Author(s): Waseem Ahmad Khan | Mohammad Qasim | Ejaz Ahmad | Ghulam Akbar | Ali Hassan Habib | Hassan Ali | Faisal Mueen | Abdul Aleem Chaudhry | Shahid Iqbal | Hussain Bux Bhaagat | Mohammad Akhtar | Mohammad Shafiq Ahmad

Author(s): Tariq Mahmood Babar | Ghulam Qadeer | Obaid-ur-Rahman Abid | Nasim Hassan Rama | Ales Ruzicka
3-(4-Methoxybenzoyl)propionic acid

Author(s): Sajid Ali | Nasim Hassan Rama | Ghulam Qadeer | Ales Ruzicka

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