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Frequency Changes in Thin Rectangular Plates due to Geometrical Discontinuities. Part II: Frequency Shift Interpretation

Author(s): Marius Tufoi | Cornel Hatiegan | Gilbert-Rainer Gillich | Ovidiu Vasile
Frequency Changes in Thin Rectangular Plates due to Geometrical Discontinuities. Part I: Finite Element Analysis

Author(s): Tufoi Marius | Hatiegan Cornel | Gilbert-Rainer Gillich | Carla Protocsil | Ionică Negru
The Influence of the Number of Finite Elements upon the Accuracy of the Results Obtained Using Discrete Models

Author(s): Vasile Iancu | Carla Protocsil | Nicoleta Gillich | Cornel Hatiegan | Gilbert-Rainer Gillich
On the Robustness of the Minkowski Distance for Histogram Dissimilarity Evaluation with Focus on Damage Location in Beam-Like Structural Elements

Author(s): Petru-Florin Minda | Nicoleta Gillich | Carla Protocsil | Peter Lorenz | Gilbert-Rainer Gillich | Florian Muntean
Reliability Study Regarding the Use of Histogram Similarity Methods for Damage Detection

Author(s): Nicoleta Gillich | Andrea Amalia Minda | Zeno-Iosif Praisach | Carla Protocsil | Peter Lorenz | Gilbert-Rainer Gillich
Considerations on the Approach of Rolling Contact Fatigue Assuming Multiaxial States of Stress

Author(s): Tiberiu Mănescu Jr. | Gilbert-Rainer Gillich | Ion Dumitru | Lorand Kun
Researches on Wear Evolution of Xylan 1052 Two-Layer Coating under Hard Working Loads or Different Rotational Speeds

Author(s): Ion-Cornel Mituletu | Ion Vela | Gilbert-Rainer Gillich | Marius Tufoi
Equation of Motion and Determining the Vibration Mode Shapes of a Rectangular Thin Plate Simply Supported on Contour Using MATLAB

Author(s): Cornel Hatiegan | Gilbert-Rainer Gillich | Eugen Raduca | Marian-Dumitru Nedeloni | Lenuta Cindea
Modal Analysis of Thin Plates with Damage Simply Supported on all Edges

Author(s): Cornel Hatiegan | Gilbert-Rainer Gillich | Nicoleta Gillich | Marius Tufoi | Mihaela Raduca
Natural Frequencies Distribution on the Damaged Beams

Author(s): Zeno-Iosif Praisach | Gilbert-Rainer Gillich | Peter Lorenz
Considerations Regarding the use of Beam Models for Accurate Calculus of Natural Frequencies

Author(s): Carla Protocsil | Ionică Negru | Zeno-Iosif Praisach | Gilbert-Rainer Gillich
On the Mesh Influence upon the Frequency Results Obtained by FEM Simulations

Author(s): Ionică Negru | Carla Protocsil, | Zeno-Iosif Praisach | Gilbert-Rainer Gillich
The Influence of the Weight Loss upon Natural Frequency Changes in Case of Severe Defects

Author(s): Petru Florin Minda | Claudiu Mirel Iavornic | Gilbert-Rainer Gillich
Contact Pressure Analysis on Radial Ball Bearings

Author(s): Tiberiu Mănescu jr. | Gilbert-Rainer Gillich
Dynamic Behavior of a Friction Pendulum with Elastomeric Layer

Author(s): Gilbert-Rainer Gillich | Claudiu Mirel Iavornic
Stress and Deformation Analysis in Base Isolation Elements Using the Finite Element Method

Author(s): Claudiu Iavornic | Gilbert-Rainer Gillich | Vasile Iancu | Zeno-Iosif Praisach | Ovidiu Vasile
Analytical and Finite Element Study for Friction Pendulum with Parameterized Sliding Surfaces

Author(s): Andrea Amalia Minda | Gilbert-Rainer Gillich | Claudiu Mirel Iavornic | Petru Florin Minda
eLearning platforms

Author(s): Sandra Hirschler | Gabriela Felicia Georgevici | Gilbert-Rainer Gillich
An Analysis about the State of Stress in a Railway Axle

Author(s): Eugen Ghita | Gilbert-Rainer Gillich
Intelligent Agent for Damages Detection

Author(s): Darian Onchis-Moaca | Gilbert-Rainer Gillich | Zeno-Iosif Praisach | Esperanza Maria Suarez-Sanchez
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