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Statistical analysis of wind profile in the surface layer at the Alcântara launching center

Author(s): Carlos Alberto Ferreira Gisler | Gilberto Fisch | Cleber de Sousa Correa
A multilayer model to simulate rocket exhaust clouds

Author(s): Davidson Martins Moreira | Leonardo Barboza Trindade | Gilberto Fisch | Marcelo Romero de Moraes | Rodrigo Martins Dorado | Roberto Lage Guedes
Atmospheric flow measurements using the PIV and HWA techniques

Author(s): Luciana Bassi Marinho Pires | Suelen T. Roballo | Gilberto Fisch | Ana Cristina Avelar | Roberto da Mota Girardi | Ralf Gielow
Studies using wind tunnel to simulate the Atmospheric Boundary Layer at the Alcântara Space Center

Author(s): Luciana P. Bassi Marinho | Ana Cristina Avelar | Gilberto Fisch | Suelen T. Roballo | Leandro Franco Souza | Ralf Gielow | Roberto da Mota Girardi
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