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Long-term outcome of low-activity radioiodine administration preceded by adjuvant recombinant human TSH pretreatment in elderly subjects with multinodular goiter

Author(s): Giusti Massimo | Caputo Mauro | Calamia Iolanda | Bagnara Mariaclaudia | Ceresola Enrica | Schiavo Mara | Mussap Michele | Ferone Diego | Minuto Francesco | Bagnasco Marcello
Metabolic and cardiovascular risk in patients with a history of differentiated thyroid carcinoma: A case-controlled cohort study

Author(s): Giusti Massimo | Mortara Lorenzo | Degrandi Roberta | Cecoli Francesca | Mussap Michele | Rodriguez Guido | Ferone Diego | Minuto Francesco
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