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Using LASSO to estimate marker effects for Genomic Selection

Author(s): Mario Graziano Usai | Mike E. Goddard | Ben J. Hayes
Accuracy of genomic breeding values in multi-breed dairy cattle populations

Author(s): Hayes Ben | Bowman Phillip | Chamberlain Amanda | Verbyla Klara | Goddard Mike
Testing the neutral theory of molecular evolution using genomic data: a comparison of the human and bovine transcriptome

Author(s): MacEachern Sean | McEwan John | Mather Andrew | McCulloch Alan | Sunnucks Paul | Goddard Mike
A practical approach for minimising inbreeding and maximising genetic gain in dairy cattle

Author(s): Haile-Mariam Mekonnen | Bowman Phil | Goddard Mike
Molecular evolution of the Bovini tribe (Bovidae, Bovinae): Is there evidence of rapid evolution or reduced selective constraint in Domestic cattle?

Author(s): MacEachern Sean | McEwan John | McCulloch Alan | Mather Andrew | Savin Keith | Goddard Mike

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