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Redefining Needs for Better Follow-Up in Urinary Tuberculosis

Author(s): Apul Goel | Anuj Goel | Diwakar Dalela
Prostate cancer vaccine: A new paradigm for prostate cancer treatment

Author(s): Dwivedi Amod | Sengottayan Vengetesh | Goel Apul
Role of 5-alpha reductase inhibitors in the prevention of prostate cancer

Author(s): Singh Bhupendra | Sankhwar S | Goel Apul
Androgen receptor: A novel molecular tool for control of bladder cancer

Author(s): Sengottayan Vengetesh | Goel Apul | Sankhwar S
Filarial Labial Chylorrhoea: An Uncommon Problem in an Endemic Region

Author(s): Abhishek Jain | Nisar Ahmad | Apul Goel
A minimally invasive non-thermal ablative modality for prostate: Histotripsy

Author(s): Dwivedi Amod | Sengottayan Vengetsh | Goel Apul
Traumatic testicular dislocation: A reminder for the unwary

Author(s): Vasudeva Pawan | Dalela Divakar | Singh Dharamveer | Goel Apul
Bladder wall thickness for the assessment of voiding dysfunction

Author(s): Jain Abhishek | Sankhwar S | Goel Apul
′Egg shell′ in bladder: A calculus around neglected Foley balloon catheter

Author(s): Singh Dharamveer | Vasudeva Pawan | Goel Apul
Antifracture agents for prostate cancer patients on androgen deprivation therapy

Author(s): Singh Bhupendra | Goel Apul | Gupta Ankush
Renal cell carcinoma: Preoperative prognostic nomogram

Author(s): Jain Abhishek | Goel Apul
Naftopidil as medical expulsive therapy for distal ureteral stone

Author(s): Jain Abhishek | Pahwa H | Goel Apul
Fibered confocal microscopy: A novel adjunct to improvise cystoscopy

Author(s): Gupta Ankush | Goel Apul | Singh Bhupendra
Antiplatelet drugs and the perioperative period: What every urologist needs to know

Author(s): Vasudeva Pawan | Goel Apul | Sengottayan Vengetesh | Sankhwar Satyanarayan | Dalela Divakar
Andropause in Indian Men: a Preliminary Cross-Sectional Study

Author(s): Apul Goel | Rahul Janak Sinha | Divakar Dalela | Satyanarain Sankhwar | Vishwajeet Singh
Single step access into the pelvicalyceal system using the webb target dilator for PCNL and comparison with sequential dilatation technique

Author(s): Goel Apul | Aron Monish | Goel Rajiv | Gupta N | Hemal A | Dogra P | Seth Amlesh
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