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Australian tertiary care outcomes of entecavir monotherapy in treatment naive patients with chronic hepatitis B

Author(s): Farzan Fahrtash-Bahin | Viraj C Kariyawasam | Timothy Gray | Karen Byth | Jacob George | Mark W Douglas
A Unifying Hypothesis for Familial and Sporadic Alzheimer's Disease

Author(s): Carole J. Proctor | Douglas A. Gray
Regulation of PCNA polyubiquitination in human cells

Author(s): Brun Jan | Chiu Roland | Wouters Bradly | Gray Douglas
GSK3 and p53 - is there a link in Alzheimer's disease?

Author(s): Proctor Carole | Gray Douglas
Explaining oscillations and variability in the p53-Mdm2 system

Author(s): Proctor Carole | Gray Douglas
Research through practice: positioning the practitioner as researcher

Author(s): Douglas, Anne | Scope, Karen | Gray, Carol
hMMS2 serves a redundant role in human PCNA polyubiquitination

Author(s): Brun Jan | Chiu Roland | Lockhart Katherine | Xiao Wei | Wouters Bradly | Gray Douglas
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