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Dementia prevalence estimates in sub-Saharan Africa: comparison of two diagnostic criteria

Author(s): Stella-Maria Paddick | Anna R. Longdon | Aloyce Kisoli | Catherine Dotchin | William K. Gray | Felicity Dewhurst | Paul Chaote | Raj Kalaria | Ahmed M. Jusabani | Richard Walker
Cooperative interaction of CTGF and TGF-β in animal models of fibrotic disease

Author(s): Wang Qingjian | Usinger William | Nichols Blake | Gray Julia | Xu Leon | Seeley Todd W | Brenner Mitch | Guo Guangjie | Zhang Weihua | Oliver Noelynn | Lin Al | Yeowell David
TNBCtype: A Subtyping Tool for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

Author(s): Xi Chen | Jiang Li | William H. Gray | Brian D. Lehmann | Joshua A. Bauer | Yu Shyr | Jennifer A. Pietenpol
Developing an Ecosystem Services Online Decision Support Tool to Assess the Impacts of Climate Change and Urban Growth in the Santa Cruz Watershed; Where We Live, Work, and Play

Author(s): Laura Norman | Nita Tallent-Halsell | William Labiosa | Matt Weber | Amy McCoy | Katie Hirschboeck | James Callegary | Charles van Riper III | Floyd Gray
A systems analysis of the chemosensitivity of breast cancer cells to the polyamine analogue PG-11047

Author(s): Kuo Wen-Lin | Das Debopriya | Ziyad Safiyyah | Bhattacharya Sanchita | Gibb William | Heiser Laura | Sadanandam Anguraj | Fontenay Gerald | Hu Zhi | Wang Nicholas | Bayani Nora | Feiler Heidi | Neve Richard | Wyrobek Andrew | Spellman Paul | Marton Laurence | Gray Joe
In-vivo imaging of retinal nerve fiber layer vasculature: imaging - histology comparison

Author(s): Scoles Drew | Gray Daniel | Hunter Jennifer | Wolfe Robert | Gee Bernard | Geng Ying | Masella Benjamin | Libby Richard | Russell Stephen | Williams David | Merigan William
Ancient, independent evolution and distinct molecular features of the novel human T-lymphotropic virus type 4

Author(s): Switzer William | Salemi Marco | Qari Shoukat | Jia Hongwei | Gray Rebecca | Katzourakis Aris | Marriott Susan | Pryor Kendle | Wolfe Nathan | Burke Donald | Folks Thomas | Heneine Walid
INvestigational Vertebroplasty Efficacy and Safety Trial (INVEST): a randomized controlled trial of percutaneous vertebroplasty

Author(s): Gray Leigh | Jarvik Jeffrey | Heagerty Patrick | Hollingworth William | Stout Lydia | Comstock Bryan | Turner Judith | Kallmes David
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