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Sex differences in human adipose tissues – the biology of pear shape

Author(s): Karastergiou Kalypso | Smith Steven R | Greenberg Andrew S | Fried Susan K
Late gadolinium enhancement cardiovascular magnetic resonance in genotyped hypertrophic cardiomyopathy with normal phenotype

Author(s): Strijack Bradford | Ariyarajah Vignendra | Soni Reeni | Jassal Davinder | Greenberg Cheryl | McGregor Robert | Morris Andrew
Pten Dose Dictates Cancer Progression in the Prostate

Author(s): Trotman Lloyd C | Niki Masaru | Dotan Zohar A | Koutcher Jason A | Di Cristofano Antonio | Xiao Andrew | Khoo Alan S | Roy-Burman Pradip | Greenberg Norman M | Dyke Terry Van | Cordon-Cardo Carlos | Pandolfi Pier Paolo
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