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Inhibitory activity of Lactobacillus plantarum LMG P-26358 against Listeria innocua when used as an adjunct starter in the manufacture of cheese

Author(s): Mills Susan | Serrano L Mariela | Griffin Carmel | O'Connor Paula | Schaad Gwenda | Bruining Chris | Hill Colin | Ross R Paul | Meijer Wilco
Degree of mitral regurgitation and left ventricular scarring are more powerful predictors of long-term outcomes than volumes and sphericity: a multi-modality imaging study in patients with severe ischemic cardiomyopathy

Author(s): Kwon Deborah | Popovic Zoran | Menon Venugopal | Halley Carmel | Brennan Danielle | Starling Randall | Flamm Scott | Schoenhagen Paul | Lytle Bruce | Griffin Brian | Desai Milind

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