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Density-equalizing mapping and scientometric benchmarking of European allergy research

Author(s): Scutaru Cristian | Quarcoo David | Sakr Mohannad | Shami Awfa | Al-Mutawakel Khaled | Vitzthum Karin | Fischer Tanja | Zuberbier Torsten | Groneberg-Kloft Beatrix
New quality and quantity indices in science (NewQIS): the study protocol of an international project

Author(s): Groneberg-Kloft Beatrix | Fischer Tanja | Quarcoo David | Scutaru Cristian
Tobacco Control: Visualisation of Research Activity Using Density-Equalizing Mapping and Scientometric Benchmarking Procedures

Author(s): Bianca Kusma | Cristian Scutaru | David Quarcoo | Tobias Welte | Tanja C. Fischer | Beatrix Groneberg-Kloft
Analysis of research output parameters: Density equalizing mapping and citation trend analysis

Author(s): Groneberg-Kloft Beatrix | Scutaru Cristian | Fischer Axel | Welte Tobias | Kreiter Carolin | Quarcoo David
Interfield dysbalances in research input and output benchmarking: Visualisation by density equalizing procedures

Author(s): Groneberg-Kloft Beatrix | Kreiter Carolin | Welte Tobias | Fischer Axel | Quarcoo David | Scutaru Cristian
Institutional operating figures in basic and applied sciences: Scientometric analysis of quantitative output benchmarking

Author(s): Groneberg-Kloft Beatrix | Scutaru Cristian | Kreiter Carolin | Kölzow Silvana | Fischer Axel | Quarcoo David
Models of asthma: density-equalizing mapping and output benchmarking

Author(s): Börger Julia-Annik | Neye Niko | Scutaru Cristian | Kreiter Carolin | Puk Clemens | Fischer Tanja | Groneberg-Kloft Beatrix
Analysis and evaluation of environmental tobacco smoke exposure as a risk factor for chronic cough

Author(s): Groneberg-Kloft Beatrix | Feleszko Wojciech | Dinh Quoc | van Mark Anke | Brinkmann Elke | Pleimes Dirk | Fischer Axel
Analysing the causes of chronic cough: relation to diesel exhaust, ozone, nitrogen oxides, sulphur oxides and other environmental factors

Author(s): Groneberg-Kloft Beatrix | Kraus Thomas | Mark Anke van | Wagner Ulrich | Fischer Axel
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