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Angular Distribution of Damping Coefficient of Ablated Particle in Pure He, Ne, and Ar Gases

Author(s): Yinglong Wang | Xiaolin Zhai | Xuecheng Ding | Ziqiang Hu | Lizhi Chu | Zechao Deng | Weihua Liang | Yajun Zhao | Guangsheng Fu
Using IDL to Visual Analyse the Point Clouds of the Surface of Crayfish

Author(s): Yinwu LI | Guangsheng ZHAO | Cheng YANG | Xiuwen SUN | Kui HUANG
The Review of the Bionic Self-cleaning Technology and Its Prospect

Author(s): Guangsheng ZHAO | Cheng YANG | Yinwu LI | Kun LI | Hui LI | Zhidong YANG
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