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A rare desmoid tumor of the shoulder – excision, implantation of brachytherapy applicators and wound closure by pedicle musculus latissimus dorsi flap

Author(s): Stollwerck, Peter L. | Namdar, Thomas | Bartscher, Tanja | Lange, Thomas | Stang, Felix H. | Kujath, Peter | Bohlen, Guenther | Kovács, György | Mailänder, Peter
A mitotic recombination map proximal to the APC locus on chromosome 5q and assessment of influences on colorectal cancer risk

Author(s): Howarth Kimberley | Ranta Susanna | Winter Eitan | Teixeira Ana | Schaschl Helmut | Harvey John | Rowan Andrew | Jones Angela | Spain Sarah | Clark Susan | Guenther Thomas | Stewart Aengus | Silver Andrew | Tomlinson Ian
Surfactant replacement and open lung concept – Comparison of two treatment strategies in an experimental model of neonatal ARDS

Author(s): Hilgendorff Anne | Aslan Ece | Schaible Thomas | Gortner Ludwig | Baehner Thorsten | Ebsen Michael | Kreuder Jochen | Ruppert Clemens | Guenther Andreas | Reiss Irwin
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