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Impact of dual temperature profile in dilute acid hydrolysis of spruce for ethanol production

Author(s): Bösch Peter | Wallberg Ola | Joelsson Elisabeth | Galbe Mats | Zacchi Guido
Ethanol production from mixtures of wheat straw and wheat meal

Author(s): Erdei Borbála | Barta Zsolt | Sipos Bálint | Réczey Kati | Galbe Mats | Zacchi Guido
An approach to the utilisation of CO2 as impregnating agent in steam pretreatment of sugar cane bagasse and leaves for ethanol production

Author(s): Ferreira-Leitão Viridiana | Perrone Clarissa | Rodrigues Joice | Franke Ana | Macrelli Stefano | Zacchi Guido
Enzymatic hydrolysis of steam-pretreated lignocellulosic materials with Trichoderma atroviride enzymes produced in-house

Author(s): Kovacs Krisztina | Macrelli Stefano | Szakacs George | Zacchi Guido
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