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Clinical characteristics and prognosis of osteosarcoma in young children: a retrospective series of 15 cases

Author(s): Guillon Maud | Mary Pierre | Brugière Laurence | Marec-Bérard Perrine | Pacquement Hélène | Schmitt Claudine | Guinebretière Jean-Marc | Tabone Marie-Dominique
Isolation of mineralizing Nestin+ Nkx6.1+ vascular muscular cells from the adult human spinal cord

Author(s): Mamaeva Daria | Ripoll Chantal | Bony Claire | Teigell Marisa | Perrin Florence | Rothhut Bernard | Bieche Ivan | Lidereau Rosette | Privat Alain | Rigau Valérie | Guillon Hélène | Vachiery-Lahaye Florence | Noel Daniele | Bauchet Luc | Hugnot Jean-Philippe
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