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Effects of vitamin D and the antimicrobial peptide in asthma

Author(s): Ehab A.M. Albanna | Khalid M. Salah | Hanan S. Ahmed
Neonatal screening for absolute lymphopenia

Author(s): Shereen S. El-Sayed | Hanaa M. El-Sayed Afif | Ahmed Sh. Yahia
Performance Evaluation of a Space Time Trellis Coded MIMO-OFDM Wireless Communication System

Author(s): A F M Zainul Abadin, μMd. Anwar Hossain, μMuntasir Ahmed, φ Purno Mohon Ghosh
Does the category of multisets require a larger universe than that of the category of sets?

Author(s): Dasharath Singh | Ahmed Ibrahim Isah | Alhaji Jibril Alkali
Image fusion approach with noise reduction using Genetic algorithm

Author(s): Gehad Mohamed Taher | Mohamed Elsayed Wahed | Ghada El Taweal | Ahmed Fouad
WCST Performance in Schizophrenia and Severe Depression with Psychotic Features

Author(s): Ahmed Rady | Adel Elsheshai | Heba Abou el Wafa | Osama Elkholy
An Efficient and Mild Method for the Synthesis and Hydrazinolysis of N-Glyoxylamino Acid Esters

Author(s): Ayman El-Faham | Zainab Al Marhoon | Ahmed Abdel-Megeed | Mohamed Siddiqui
Poly (ADP-Ribose) Polymerase Mediates Diabetes-Induced Retinal Neuropathy

Author(s): Ghulam Mohammad | Mohammad Mairaj Siddiquei | Ahmed M. Abu El-Asrar
Thermodynamic and Theoretical Study of the Preparation of New Buckyballs from Corannulene, Coronene, and Circulene

Author(s): Hasan R. Obayes | Ghadah H. Alwan | Ahmed A. Al-Amiery | Abdul Amir H. Kadhum | Abu Bakar Mohamad
An Overview of Analytical Determination of Diltiazem, Cimetidine, Ranitidine, and Famotidine by UV Spectrophotometry and HPLC Technique

Author(s): Nighat Shafi | Farhan Ahmed Siddiqui | Huma Naseem | Nawab Sher | Arif Zubair | Azhar Hussain | Ali Akbar Sial | Mirza Tasawer Baig
Dual Wavelength RP-HPLC Method for Simultaneous Determination of Two Antispasmodic Drugs: An Application in Pharmaceutical and Human Serum

Author(s): Najmul Hasan | Mathurot Chaiharn | Sauleha Khan | Hira Khalid | Nawab Sher | Farhan Ahmed Siddiqui | Muhammad Zain Siddiqui
Application of the Critical Heat Flux Look-Up Table to Large Diameter Tubes

Author(s): M. El Nakla | M. Habib | W. Ahmed | A. Al-Sarkhi | R. Ben Mansour | M. Y. Al-Awwad
The Impact of Sleeve Gastrectomy on Hyperlipidemia: A Systematic Review

Author(s): Khalid Al Khalifa | Ahmed Al Ansari | Abdul Rahim Alsayed | Claudio Violato
Bilateral Ectopic Hypoplastic Uteri Attached to Bilateral Pelvic Sidewalls in a 21-Year-Old Patient with Primary Amenorrhea: The First Published Report

Author(s): Ahmed Nazer | Ahmed Abu-Zaid | Osama AlOmar | Hany Salem | Ayman Azzam | Ismail A. Al-Badawi
Education Of Differently Abled Children: Governmental Interventions And Attainments

Author(s): Mushtaq Ahmed I. Patel | Mohasina Anjum A. Ansari
Riesz Transform on the Dual of the Laguerre Hypergroup

Author(s): Mohamed Nejib Lazhari | Taieb Ahmed
The Variation of the Manifold under the Time

Author(s): M. EL-Ghoul | H. Ahmed
Three Dimensional Structure Prediction of Fatty Acid Binding Site on Human Transmembrane Receptor CD36

Author(s): Zineb Tarhda | Oussama Semlali | Anas Kettani | Ahmed Moussa | Nada A. Abumrad | Azeddine Ibrahimi
Pseudobulbar affect: prevalence and management

Author(s): Ahmed A | Simmons Z
Designing of a Tool for String Matching using Regular Expressions

Author(s): Panthadeep Bhattacharjee | Hussain Ahmed Choudhury | Nasima Aktar Laskar

Author(s): Anees Pangal | Javed A. Shaikh | Gazge Muiz | Vijay Mane | Khursheed Ahmed
Erythrocyte Osmotic Fragility and Haematologic Parameters of Three Breeds of 9-Week-Old Broiler Chickens

Author(s): B. Habibu | L.S. Yaqub | I.A. Ahmed | M.U. Kawu | H.U. Buhari | M. Tauheed | H.I. Isa
Fertilization Capacity of Rooster Spermatozoa in Response to the Modification in the Semen Composition

Author(s): Essam A. El-Gendy | Marwa M. Ahmed | Shoukry M. El-Tantawy | Shawki A. Ibrahim

Author(s): Abdul Rauf | Ateeba Shazi | Kaleem Ahmed Jaleeli
Electrochemical Study on Newly Synthesized Chlorocurcumin as an Inhibitor for Mild Steel Corrosion in Hydrochloric Acid

Author(s): Ahmed A. Al-Amiery | Abdul Amir H. Kadhum | Abu Bakar Mohamad | Ahmed Y. Musa | Cheong Jiun Li
Wheat Response to Fertilizer Application Techniques and Nitrogen Levels: II. Crop Growth and Yield Attributes

Author(s): Ghazanfar Ullah | Ejaz Ahmed Khan | Inayat Ullah Awan | Muhammed Ayyaz Khan | Abdul Aziz Khakwani | Muhammed Safdar Baloch | Qudrat Ullah Khan | Muhammad Saleem Jilani | Kashif Wasim | Ghulam Jilani | Muhammad Mohib Ullah
The early functional outcome of Mau osteotomy for the correction of moderate-severe hallux valgus

Author(s): Tanujan Thangarajah | Usman Ahmed | Shahbaz Malik | Abhay Tillu
Improving the Performance of Crawler Using Body Text Normalization

Author(s): Farha Qureshi | Amer Ahmed Khan
Bioinformatics assessment of Functional Genes/Proteins Involved in Obesity-Induced Type 2 Diabetes

Author(s): Abdella EM | Ahmed RR | Ashour MB | Ahmed OM | AbouZid SF | Mahmoud AM
Effect of Acacia Seyal (Del) Seeds Powder on Growth and Yield of Sorghum Bicolor (L) in Striga Hermonthica (Del.) Infested Area

Author(s): Mohamed Tom Ahmed Eltayb | Talaat Dafalla Abdel Magid | Abdalla Gaafar Mohamed | Adil Mohamed Ali Dirar
Parabolic Equations in Musielak-Orlicz-Sobolev Spaces

Author(s): M.L. Ahmed Oubeid | A. Benkirane | M. Sidi El Vally
Leiomyoma of the seminal vesicle: a rare case

Author(s): Aftab S Shaikh | Girish D. Bakhshi | Arshad S. Khan | Nilofar M. Jamadar | Aravind Kotresh Nirmala | Arif Ahmed Raza
Predictive models for reablement social care packages in Essex England

Author(s): Berthold Lausen | Stephen Simpkin | Ahmed Elhakeem | Richard Hayhoe | Vladimir Metodiev | Gavin Sandercock | Silvina Santana | Darren Thiel | Chariklia Tziraki | Duncan Wood
Theoretical and Practical Investigation of Blood Flow through Stenosed Coronary Lad Artery

Author(s): Zahraa A. Mohammed | Furman K. Ahmed | Sadiq J. Abbass
Effect of Laser Cutting Methods on Hole Deviation and Surface Integrity

Author(s): Hamid Salih Mahdi | Mustafa Ahmed Rijab
Effect of Stiffeners on Shear Lag in Steel Box Girders

Author(s): Ghaidak Ahmed Fadhil | Mohannad H. M. Al-Sherrawi
Control of Omni-Directional Mobile Robot Motion

Author(s): Iman Ahmed | A. Salam Al-Ammri
Kinetic Study of Esterification Reaction

Author(s): Haider A. Al-Jendeel | Maha H. Al-Hassani | Nada S. Ahmed Zeki
Propagation Mechanisms for Surface Initiated Crackingin Composite Pavements

Author(s): Duraid Ali Al Khafagy | Zainab Ahmed Alkaissi
Large Angle Bending Behavior of Curved Members UsingThe Method of Characteristics

Author(s): Essam Z. Fadhel | Ahmed A. Al-Rajihy | Haitham H. Al-Da'ami
Low Cost Heart Rate Monitor Using Led-Led Sensor

Author(s): Ahmed Mahrous Ragib
The Investigation of Monitoring Systems for SMAW Processes

Author(s): Ahmed Samir Hamza | Osamah F. Abdulateef | Nabeel K. Abid Al-Sahib
Simulation of Free Convection from an Inclined HeatedThin Plate in a Square Enclosure

Author(s): Nora M. Sahib | Ahmed N. Mehdy | Qahtan Abdul Zahra
Guiding Mobile Robot by Applying Fuzzy Approach on Sonar Sensors

Author(s): Ahmed Rahman Jasim | Nabeel K. Abid Al- Sahib
Windows-Based Special Applications Router

Author(s): Sufyan T. Faraj | Ahmed S. Hadi | Omar A. Athab
Extraction of Chlorophyll from Alfalfa Plant

Author(s): Ali Khalid Khudair Al-Jomaily | Ahmed Jawad | Isam Kamal
Breast Tumor Diagnosis Using Diode Laser in NearInfrared Region

Author(s): Ahmed Ali Mohammed | Munqith S. Dawood* and Ahmed Ali Mohammed
Controlling and Monitoring of Electric Feeders Using GSM Network Technology

Author(s): AHMED Afaz Uddin | KHALED Mohammed Shahriar | ALI Mohammed | RAHMAN Mohammad Mahbubur

Author(s): Azizul Hassan | Ahmed Forhad
Imaging pancreatobiliary ductal system with optical coherence tomography: A review

Author(s): Mohammad S Mahmud | Gray R May | Mohammad M Kamal | Ahmed S Khwaja | Carry Sun | Alex Vitkin | Victor XD Yang
The Formation of a Power Multi-Pulse Extreme Ultraviolet Radiation in the Pulse Plasma Diode of Low Pressure

Author(s): Ievgeniia V. Borgun | Mykola O. Azarenkov | Ahmed Hassanein | Oleksandr F. Tseluyko | Vasyl I. Maslov | Dmitro L. Ryabchikovk
Histological Evaluation of Retina after Photo Disruption for Vitreous Humor by Q-Switched Neodymium-Doped Yttrium Aluminium Garnet (Nd:YAG) Laser

Author(s): Sally Kameel Ghaly | Dina Foad Ghoneim | Salwa Ahmed Abdelkawi | Ahmed Medhat Abdel-Salam
Photothrombosis of Corneal Neovascularization by Photodynamic Therapy Utilizing Verteporfin and Diode Laser

Author(s): Aziza Ahmed Hassan | Dina Foad Ghoneim | Amr EL-Dib | Salwa Ahmed Abdelkawi | Ahmed Medhat Abdel-salam
Grafting Of Citrus Reticulate Microscions Derived From Nucellar Embryos In Vitro On Volkamariana Rootstock Growing In Greenhouse

Author(s): Ebtsam M. Hamza | Ahmed A. Nower | Ramadan Aboseree Sayed | Mahdy A. Agwa
A Structured-based Model for the Decreased Activity of Ala222Val and Glu429Ala Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase (MTHFR) Mutants

Author(s): Khuram Shahzad | Abdul Hai | Asifa Ahmed | Nadeem Kizilbash | Jamal Alruwaili
Static and Dynamic Analysis of Composite Laminated Plate

Author(s): Mr. Junaid Kameran Ahmed | Dr. V.C.AGARWAL | Dr. P.PAL | Dr. VIKAS SRIVASTAV
Daily Intensive Care Unit Rounds: A Multidisciplinary perspective

Author(s): Jyothsna GIRI | Adil AHMED | Yue DONG | Mark T KEEGAN | Vitaly HERASEVICH | Brian PICKERING | Ognen GAJIC
Impacts of Dams on The Chemical and Isotopic Properties of Damietta Branch of Nile River

Author(s): Ahmed M Elkhatat | Mosata A Sadek | Wafaa M Salem | Mohamed F ElShahat
Corncobs as a Potential Source of Functional Chemicals

Author(s): Ahmed Ashour | Mohamed Amer | Amani Marzouk | Kuniyoshi Shimizu | Ryuichiro Kondo | Saleh El-Sharkawy
On Bergman spaces in Clifford analysis

Author(s): A. El-Sayed Ahmed | Saleh Omran
Genetics And Tooth Anomalies - An Update

Author(s): Aswathy Raj R | Deepa.M.S | Ahmed Hasan Farooqi T | Aswathy Brahmanandan

Author(s): Sreeja P Kumar | Prashanth Shenai K | Laxmikanth Chatra | Deepa.K.C | Anis Ahmed
Cancer Awareness among Non-medical University Students in Sudan

Author(s): Shereen Ahmed A Qalawa | Magda Aly Mohamed | Rashida Abdelfatah M Eltayb
Learner’s Attitude towards Printed Word in Distance Education

Author(s): Muhammad Rashid, Muhammad Asghar Khokhar and Altaf Ahmed Tahir
Tuberculous spondylitis presenting as severe chest pain

Author(s): Martha A. Kaeser | Norman W. Kettner | Usama Albastaki | Hossam Ahmed Kotb | Ibrahim M.A. Eldesouky | Claude Pierre-Jerome
Mucormycosis of the hard palate masquerading as carcinoma

Author(s): Bhari Sharanesha Manjunatha | Nagarajappa Das | Rakesh V. Sutariya | Tanveer Ahmed
Primary solitary fibrous tumor of the retroperitoneum

Author(s): Hind Charhi | Zakiya Bernoussi | Azzouz Haddan | Siham Mesmoudi | Abderrahim Elktaibi | Fatima Mansouri | Rachid Elktaibi | Khalid Lahlou | Ahmed Jahid | Najat Mahassini
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