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Tuberous sclerosis, deep vein thrombosis and lack of C and S proteins: A case report

Author(s): Beladi-Mousavi Seyed Seifollah | Zeraati Abbasali | Sharifipour Farzaneh | Naghibi Masih | Kalani Farnaz | Moussavinik Sara | Beladi-Mousavi Marzieh
The Evaluation of Dialysis Adequacy by KT/V in Hemodialysis Patients

Author(s): Seyed Seifollah Beladi Mousavi | Khojaste Hosaini Nejad | Abbas Ali Zeraati
The Effect of Turmeric , Cardamom and Ginger on in vitro Albumin Glycation

Author(s): N. Sheikh | M. Safari | Kh. Mani Kashani | M. Araghchian | F. Zeraati | M. Malakoti
Disease-Free Survival of Postoperative Gastric Cancer Patients:

Author(s): H Kashani | M Mahmoodi | H Zeraati | A Rahimi | A Jalali
The Role of Piriform Cortex Adenosine A1 Receptors in Hippocampal Kindled Seizures in Rats

Author(s): S Namvar | S.J Mirnajafizadeh | Y Fathollahi | M.E Rezvani | P Shahabi | N Hosseinmardi | P Ghorbani | M Zeraati
Comparison of the Prevalence of Microbial Contamination in Packed and Unpacked Redmeat and Chicken Meat at Retail Outlets and Department Stores in Southern Tehran

Author(s): MM Soltan Dallal | S Vahedi | H Zeraati | R Bakhtiari | F Izadpoor | M Khalifeh Gholi | Z Rohani Rankohi | H Norooz Babaei | TM Kaffashi | P Fazeli | A Kamkar
The Survey of Depression Frequency in Hypertensive Patients

Author(s): M. Araghchian | M.A. Seif Rabie | F. Zeraati
The Evaluation of Dialysis Adequacy by KT/V in Hemodialysis Patients

Author(s): Seyed Seifollah Beladi Mousavi | Khojaste Hosaini Nejad | Abbas Ali Zeraati
The Comparative Effect of Herbal Extract of Vitagnus and Mefenamic Acid on Primary Dysmenorrhea

Author(s): Fatemeh Shobeiri | Fatemeh Zeraati | Zahra Mansouri | Maliheh Araghchian | Mansour Nazari
The Familial Aggregation of Cigarette Smoking in Kish, Iran

Author(s): A Mansouri | I Alvandi | K Mohammad | H Zeraati | A Fotouhi
Effect of Vitamin C Administration on Leukocyte Vitamin C Level and Severity of Bronchial Asthma

Author(s): Ebrahim Nadi | Farnaz Tavakoli | Fatemeh Zeraati | Mohamad Taghi Goodarzi | Seyed Hamid Hashemi
HSV-2 Seroepidemiology and Risk Factors among Iranian Women: A Time to New Thinking

Author(s): S Asgari | L Chamani-Tabriz | S Asadi | F Fatemi | H Zeraati | MM Akhondi | A Shahnazi
Sperm Ubiquitination Correlation with Human Semen Quality

Author(s): M Hodjat | A Talebian | MA Akhondi | H Zeraati | A Shabani | MR Sadeghi
A Sensitive and Specific PCR Based Method for Identification of Cryptosporidium Sp. Using New Primers from 18S Ribosomal RNA

Author(s): A Bairami Kuzehkanan | M Rezaeian | H Zeraati | M Mohebali | Z Babaei | L Kashi | M Heydarnezhadi | S Rezaie
Family history of the cancer on the survival of the patients with gastrointestinal cancer in northern Iran, using frailty models

Author(s): Ghadimi Mahmoodreza | Mahmoodi Mahmood | Mohammad Kazem | Zeraati Hojjat | Rasouli Mahboobeh | Sheikhfathollahi Mahmood
Blood antioxidant enzyme levels in patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Author(s): M. Jalali | F. Shahram | N. Ariaeian | H. Zeraati | MR. Sadeghi | A. Akhlagy | N. Zyaii | F. Fatehi | M. Chamary
A molecular survey of Chlamydia trachomatis infection in married women: a cross sectional study on 991 women

Author(s): Chamani-Tabriz L | Tehrani MJ | Zeraati H | Asgari S | Tarahomi M | Moini M | Ghasemi J
Evaluating the Effects of Cooking on the Decrease Microbial Contamination of kebabs and Hamburgers Supplied for Selling in Southern Areas of Tehran

Author(s): Soltan Dallal MM | Vahedi S | Zeraati H | Salsali M | Norooz Babaei H | Kaffashi T | Arasteh M
Assessment of Tehran University of Medical Sciences Website Based on Webometrics Criteria at 2008

Author(s): SJ Ghazi mirsaeed | H Zeraati | F Azadeh | SB Miralai
Traumatic Left Anterior Descending Coronary Artery-Right Ventricle Fistula: A Case Report

Author(s): Mohammad Ali Sheikhi | Mehdi Asgari | Mehdi Dehghani Firouzabadi | Mohammad Reza Zeraati | Alireza Rezaee
"Some Aspects of Head Lice Infestation in Iranshahr Area (Southeast of Iran)"

Author(s): J Alempour Salemi1 | N Shayeghi | H Zeraati | K Akbarzadeh | H Basseri | B Ebrahimi | J Rafinejad
Plasma Antioxidant Vitamins Levels and Lipid Peroxidation in Breast Cancer Patients

Author(s): T Aghvami | M Djalali | A Keshavarz | MR Sadeghi | H Zeraati | H Sadrzadeh Yeganeh | M Negahdar
Effect of Vitamins A, E, C and Omega-3 Fatty Acids on Lipid Peroxidation in Streptozotocin Induced Diabetic Rats

Author(s): SH Fakher | M Djalali | SMB Tabei | H Zeraati | E Javadi | MR Sadeghi | E Mostafavi | F Fatehi
Colonization and Biology of Phlebotomus pa­patasi, the Main Vector of Cutaneous Leishmani­asis due to Leshmania major

Author(s): Yaghoobi-Ershadi MR | Shirani-Bidabadi L | Hanafi-Bojd AA | Akhavan AA | Zeraati H
Time of Occurrence and Age Distribution of Digestive Tract Cancers in Northern Iran

Author(s): M Mohebbi | K Nourijelyani | M Mahmoudi | K Mohammad | H Zeraati | A Fotouhi | B Moghadaszadeh
Short Term Reactogenicity of a Triple Diphtheria-Tetanus-Whole Cell Pertussis Vaccine in Iranian Infants

Author(s): S Zarei | M Jeddi-Tehrani | H Zeraati | AR Milanifar | A Ramazankhani | AM Alizadeh | F Shokri
Simultaneous Detection of Caga and Cage of Helicobacter pylori Strains Recovered from Iranian Patients with Different Gastroduodenal Diseases

Author(s): M Douraghi | M Mohammadi | MH Shirazi | A Oghalaie | S Saberi Kashani | MA Mohagheghi | M Eshagh Hosseini | H Zeraati | M Esmaili | M Bababeik | N Mohajerani
Health State Valuation in Iran: An Exercise on Cardiovascular Diseases Using Visual Analogue Scale Method

Author(s): H Bakhshandeh | K Holakouie Naeini | H Zeraati | MH Forouzanfar | F Noohi | A Sadeghpour | A Alizadeh Diz | HR Sanati | F Abolhassani Shahreza

Author(s): Zeraati H. | Mahmoudi M. | Mohammad M. | Kazemnejad A. | Mohagheghi M.A. | Mir M.R.
Prevalence of Yersinia spp. in red meat and chicken marketed in southern Tehran

Author(s): Soltan Dallal M.M. | Izadpour F. | Khalifeh Gholi M. | Zeraati H. | Bakhtiari R
A survey on the status of environmental health management in Qom province hospitals

Author(s): M Salimi | M Arab | F Akbari | H Zeraati | F Farzianpoor
Postoperative survival after relapsing in gastric cancer patiens and factors related to it

Author(s): M Behzadpoor | H Zeraati | M Mahmoudi | A Rahimi
Factors affecting organizational centralization in hospitals affiliated with Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Author(s): M Arab | R Khabiri | A Pourreza | J Saeedpour | H Zeraati | A Mohammadnegad
Comparison of Survival analysis of Gastrointestinal Cancer patients using parametric and Cox models

Author(s): M R Ghadimi | M Mahmoodi | K Mohammad | H Zeraati | M Hosseini | M Sheikh Fathollahi
Disease-Free Survival of Postoperative Gastric Cancer Patients:

Author(s): H Kashani | M Mahmoodi | H Zeraati | A Rahimi | A Jalali
Laparoscopic Ovarian Drilling in Metformin and Clomiphene Resistant Women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Author(s): Soheila Arefi | Mohammad Mehdi Akhondi | Riehaneh Tokhmechi | Ali Sadeghpour Tabaei | Sepideh Pojhan | Hojjat Zeraati
Assessment of correlation between peritoneal permeability by 99mTc-DTPA excretion with standard peritoneal equilibration test

Author(s): Abbas Ali Zeraati | Seyed Rasoul Zakavi | Massih Naghibi | Farzaneh Sharifipour | Fatemeh Nazemian | Seddigheh Heyhat | Mehdi Momennezhad | Hosein Bakhtiari | Ahmad Yousefi | Mojdeh Malekzadeh
E-Selectin S128R Polymorphism Leads to Severe Asthma

Author(s): Ebrahim Nadi | Mehrdad Hajilooi | Fatemeh Zeraati | Mostafa Ansari | Sasan Tavana | Sayed Hamid Hashemi | Alireza Rafiei
Primary Immunization with a Triple Diphtheria-Tetanus-Whole Cell Pertussis Vaccine in Iranian Infants: An Analysis of Antibody Response

Author(s): Saeed Zarei | Mahmood Jeddi-Tehrani | Mohammad Mehdi Akhondi | Hojjat Zeraati | Foroughalsadat Pourheidari | Mahyar Ostadkarampour | Banafsheh Tavangar | Fazel Shokri
Inhibitory effect of farnesol on biofilm formation by Candida tropicalis

Author(s): E Zibafar | SJ Hashemi | F Zaini | H Zeraati | S Rezaie | P Kordbacheh

Author(s): N. Sheikh | M.R. Safari | Kh. Mani Kashani | M. Araghchian F. Zeraati

Author(s): E.Nadi | F. Zeraati | M. Ansari | S. Tavana | H. Hashemi M. Fallah

Author(s): M Mehrabani | m Djalali | M R Sadeghi | B Hajibeigi | H Zeraati | F Fatehi | M Chamari
Colonization Rate of Group B Streptococcus (GBS) in Pregnant Women Using GBS Agar Medium

Author(s): Fatemi F | Chamani L | Pakzad P | Zeraati H | Rabbani H | Asgari S
Predictive Factors of Survival Time after Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant in Acute Myeloid Leukemia Patients who Received Allogeneic BMT from Matched Sibling Donors Using Generalized Gamma Models

Author(s): Kourosh Sayemiri | MR Eshraghian | Kazem Mohammad | Kamran Alimoghaddam | A Rahimi Foroushani | H Zeraati | Ahmad Reza Shamshiri | K Djafarian | Ardeshir Ghavamzadeh
Patients' Length of Stay in Women Hospital and Its Associated Clinical and Non-Clinical Factors, Tehran, Iran

Author(s): R Ravangard | M Arab | H Zeraati | A Rashidian | A Akbarisari | F Mostaan
Comparative Molecular and Microbiologic Diagnosis of Vaginal Colonization by Group B Streptococcus in Pregnant Women during Labor

Author(s): Farnaz Fatemi | Parviz Pakzad | Hojjat Zeraati | Saeed Talebi | Soheila Asgari | Mohammad-Mehdi Akhondi | Leili Chamani-Tabriz
Comparison of Enterocystoplasty and Ureterocystoplasty before Kidney Transplantation

Author(s): R. Mahdavi Zafarghandi | A. Zeraati | F. Kalani Moghaddam | M. Mahdavi Zafarghandi | M. Tavakoli
A Simulation Study on Robust Alternatives of Least Squares Regression

Author(s): M. Mohebbi | K. Nourijelyani | H. Zeraati
Required Hospital Beds Estimation: A Simulation Study

Author(s): Hojjat Zeraati | Farid Zayeri | Gholamreza Babaee | Navid Khanafshar | Fatemeh Ramezanzadeh
Assessment of Gastric Cancer Survival: Using an Artificial Hierarchical Neural Network

Author(s): Zohreh Amiri | Kazem Mohammad | Mahmoud Mahmoudi | Hojjat Zeraati | Akbar Fotouhi
Mental Disorder Assessed by General Health Questionnaire and Back Pain among Postmenopausal Iranian Women

Author(s): Nargess Saiepour | Kazem Mohammad | Roya Abhari | Hojjat Zeraati | Ahmad Ali Noorbala
Chlamydia trachomatis Prevalence in Iranian Women Attending Obstetrics and Gynaecology Clinics

Author(s): Leili Chamani-Tabriz | Mahmood J. Tehrani | Mohammad Mehdi A. Akhondi | Alireza Mosavi-Jarrahi | Hojjat Zeraati | Jamileh Ghasemi | Soheila Asgari | Abasali Kokab | Adrian R. Eley
Thyroid Hormone Changes in Early Kidney Transplantation and Its Correlation with Delayed Graft Function

Author(s): Reza Hekmat | Zahra Javadi | Malihe Layghian Javan | Hooshang Sanadgol | Farhad Gholami | Mahmoud Mohebbi | Abbas Ali Zeraati | Hassan Ahmadnia | Hamid Tabarraiei | Mahsa Baradaran | Mohammad Javad Mojahedi
E-Selectin S128R Polymorphism and Se-Selectin Levels Influence Severity of Asthma

Author(s): Mehrdad Hajilooi | Ebrahim Nadi | Alireza Rafiei | Mostafa Ansari | Sayed Ahmad Hashemi | Sussan Tavana | Fatemeh Zeraati
Prognostic factors of survival time after hematopoietic stem cell transplant in acute lymphoblastic leukemia patients: Cox proportional hazard versus accelerated failure time models

Author(s): Sayehmiri Kourosh | Eshraghian Mohammad | Mohammad Kazem | Alimoghaddam Kamran | Foroushani Abbas | Zeraati Hojjat | Golestan Banafsheh | Ghavamzadeh Ardeshir
The positive association between number of children and obesity in Iranian women and men: Results from the National Health Survey

Author(s): Bakhshi Enayatollah | Eshraghian Mohammad | Mohammad Kazem | Foroushani Abbas | Zeraati Hojat | Fotouhi Akbar | Siassi Fraidon | Seifi Behjat
Geographical spread of gastrointestinal tract cancer incidence in the Caspian Sea region of Iran: Spatial analysis of cancer registry data

Author(s): Mohebbi Mohammadreza | Mahmoodi Mahmood | Wolfe Rory | Nourijelyani Keramat | Mohammad Kazem | Zeraati Hojjat | Fotouhi Akbar
Evaluation of the Efficiency of Clay Pots in Removal of Water Impurities

Author(s): K Naddafi , AH Mahvi, S Nasseri, M Mokhtari, H Zeraati
Study of the distribution of Malassezia species in patients with pityriasis versicolor and healthy individuals in Tehran, Iran

Author(s): Tarazooie Bita | Kordbacheh Parivash | Zaini Farideh | Zomorodian Kamiar | Saadat Farshid | Zeraati Hojjat | Hallaji Zahra | Rezaie Sassan
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