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Prenatal versus postnatal sex steroid hormone effects on autistic traits in children at 18 to 24 months of age

Author(s): Auyeung Bonnie | Ahluwalia Jag | Thomson Lynn | Taylor Kevin | Hackett Gerald | O’Donnell Kieran J | Baron-Cohen Simon
Foetal testosterone and autistic traits in 18 to 24-month-old children

Author(s): Auyeung Bonnie | Taylor Kevin | Hackett Gerald | Baron-Cohen Simon
Sexual Transmission of XMRV: A Potential Infection Route

Author(s): Prachi Sharma | Kenneth A. Rogers | Suganthi Suppiah | Ross J. Molinaro | Nattawat Onlamoon | John Hackett | Gerald Schochetman | Eric A. Klein | Robert H. Silverman | François Villinger
XMRV replicates preferentially in mucosal sites in vivo: Relevance to XMRV transmission?

Author(s): Villinger Francois | Das Gupta Jaydip | Onlamoon Nattawat | Molinaro Ross | Suppiah Suganthi | Sharma Prachi | Rogers Kenneth | Gaughan Christina | Klein Eric | Qiu Xiaoxing | Schochetman Gerald | Hackett John | Silverman Robert
Prevalence of XMRV in blood donors, HTLV and HIV cohorts

Author(s): Qiu Xiaoxing | Swanson Priscilla | Tang Ning | Leckie Gregor | Devare Sushil | Schochetman Gerald | Hackett John
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