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Transitional cell carcinoma in orthotopic ileal neobladder 12 years after radical cystectomy

Author(s): Hadži-Đokić Jovan | Pejčić Tomislav | Andrejević Vladan | Đurašić Ljubomir
The dissolution of multiple renal uric acid stones via percutaneous nephrostomy in the patient with a solitary kidney

Author(s): Pejčić Tomislav | Marković Biljana | Đurašić Ljubomir | Maksimović Helena | Topuzović Čedomir | Džamić Zoran | Hadži-Đokić Jovan
A 10-cm big stone formed in ileal conduit six years after cystectomy

Author(s): Topuzović Čedomir | Pejčić Tomislav | Đurašić Ljubomir | Hadži-Đokić Jovan
Gigantic transitional cell carcinoma of the renal pelvis in the region of endemic nephropathy

Author(s): Petrović Milan | Andrejević Vladan | Aćimović Miodrag | Đurašić Ljubomir | Pejčić Tomislav | Džamić Zoran | Hadži-Đokić Jovan
Simultaneous ipsilateral testicular seminoma with pelvic ectopy and hematovesicula seminalis

Author(s): Hadži-Đokić Jovan | Andrejević Vladan | Đurasić Ljubomir | Aćimović Miodrag | Petrović Milan | Pejčić Tomislav | Džamić Zoran
Congenital arteriovenous fistula of the horseshoe kidney with multiple hemangiomas

Author(s): Lazić Miodrag | Hadži-Đokić Jovan | Bašić Dragoslav | Aćimović Miodrag
Radical retropubic prostatectomy: Experience of two urological departments

Author(s): Petrović Milan | Stamenković Vladimir | Đurašić Ljubomir | Andrejević Vladan | Bašić Dragoslav | Hadži-Đokić Jovan
Urinary PSA in monitoring of patients with prostate cancer

Author(s): Pejčić Tomislav | Dimitrijević V. | Hadži-Đokić Jovan
Tumors of the horseshoe kidney: Characteristics and literature review

Author(s): Petrović Milan | Andrejević Vladan | Đurašić Ljubomir | Stamenković Vladimir | Aćimović Miodrag | Pejčić Tomislav | Bašić Dragoslav | Hadži-Đokić Jovan
Malignant disease in renal transplant recipients: Our experience

Author(s): Blagojević-Lazić Radmila | Radivojević Dragana | Andrejević Vladan | Džamić Zoran | Aćimović Miodrag | Milutinović Drago | Đurašić Ljubomir | Hadži-Đokić Jovan
Radical cystectomy and orthotopic ileal bladder substitution with serous lined extramural ureteral reimplantation: Report of 8 cases

Author(s): Hadži-Đokić Jovan | Bašić Dragoslav | Petrović Milan | Stamenković Vladimir | Đurašić Ljubomir M. | Pejčić Tomislav
Is routine cystoscopy justified in female stress urinary incontinence?

Author(s): Topuzović Čedomir | Pejčić Tomislav | Bašić Dragoslav | Đurašić Ljubomir | Hadži-Đokić Jovan
Ureteral fistulae after kidney transplantation: Experience with 224 cases

Author(s): Bašić Dragan | Hadži-Đokić Jovan | Milutinović Drago | Džamić Zoran | Topuzović Čedomir | Pejčić Tomislav
The analysis of some factors that influence on serum PSA level in localized prostate cancer patients: Mathematical model

Author(s): Pejčić Tomislav | Hadži-Đokić Jovan | Topuzović Čedomir | Bašić Dragan | Marjanović Aleksandar | Đurašić Ljubomir
The case of cavernous testicular hemangioma

Author(s): Hadži-Đokić J. | Pejčić T. | Aćimović M. | Andrejević V. | Radosavljević R.
Penile metastasis from invasive bladder cancer

Author(s): Hadži-Đokić J. | Pejčić T. | Aćimović M. | Andrejević V. | Radosavljević R.
Renal cell carcinoma in a horseshoe kidney

Author(s): Hadži-Đokić J. | Čolović V. | Pejčić T. | Dragićević D.
Multiple cutaneous metastases of advanced prostate cancer: Case report and a review of the literature

Author(s): Čolović V. | Bašić D.T. | Oprić D. | Hadži-Đokić J.
Clam ileoplasty bladder augmentation and renal transplantation

Author(s): Milutinović D. | Topuzović C. | Hadži-Đokić J.
Morphologic characteristics of the urothelial bladder tumors

Author(s): Radosavljević R. | Hadži-Đokić J. | Aćimović M. | Pejčić T. | Tulić C. | Džamić Z.
Modified Mainz pouch II urinary diversion and quality of life

Author(s): Džamić Z. | Hadži-Đokić J. | Aćimović M. | Jovanović M. | Filimonović J. | Tulić C. | Lađević N. | Milković B. | Pejčić T. | Radosavljević R.
Five-years experience with urinary derivation by sygma-rectum pouch at the Department for urology in Smederevo

Author(s): Obradović G. | Stanojević D. | Jakovljević V. | Hadži-Đokić J. | Aćimović M.
Elevated plasma D-dimer as a predictor of postoperative complications after radical cystectomy

Author(s): Đukić-Filimonović J. | Tulić C. | Džamić Z. | Krivić B. | Milković B. | Marković B.B. | Hadži-Đokić J.
Stage T2 prostate cancer presented with high serum prostate specific antigen and nonspecific bone lesions

Author(s): Pejčić T. | Hadži-Đokić J. | Marković B.B. | Maksimović H.M. | Aćimović M. | Miljković S.
Border line cases and diagnostic doubts in definition kidney parenchimal and collecting tract neoplasia

Author(s): Marković B.B. | Maksimović H.M. | Marković Ž. | Pejčić T. | Hadži-Đokić J. | Filimonović J.
Perkutano-retrogradna rekanalizacija uretralnih striktura prekrivenim metalnim stentovima

Author(s): Stojanović V. | Marković Ž. | Marković B.B. | Hadži-Đokić J. | Tulić C.
Evaluation and management of traumatic rupture of the corpus cavrnosum

Author(s): Milutinović D. | Džamić Z. | Aćimović M. | Hadži-Đokić J.
Radical retropubic prostatectomy: Report on 41 cases

Author(s): Čolović V. | Hadži-Đokić J. | Filipović Z. | Popović D. | Sola N. | Paunković P. | Masulović D.
New generation urethral stents in treatment bladder outlet obstruction caused by prostate cancer

Author(s): Marković B. | Marković Z. | Filimonović J. | Hadži-Đokić J.
Adhesion molecules in Wilms tumor (part II) : beta-catenin expression and significance

Author(s): Basta-Jovanović Gordana M. | Radojević Sanja M. | Đuričić Slaviša M. | Savin Marina | Škodrić Stevo | Bunjevački Gordana | Hadži-Đokić Jovan B. | Nešić Vidosava B.
Renal posttransplant's vascular complications

Author(s): Bašić Dragoslav | Hadži-Đokić Jovan B. | Milutinović Drago D. | Đokić Milan R.

Author(s): Dragoslav Bašić | Jovan Hadži-Đokić | Drago Milutinović | Milan Đokić
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