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A Statistical Data Fusion Technique in Virtual Data Integration Environment

Author(s): Mohamed M. Hafez | Ali H. El-Bastawissy | Osman H. Mohamed
Transient Elastography can Predict the Risk of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Egyptian Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C

Author(s): Ayman Yosry | Rabab Fouad | Hanan Abdel Hafez | Gamal Esmat | Mohamed Ezz Al Arab | Mohamed Gohar
A Proposed Model for Assessing Organisational Culture Towards Achieving Business Objectives

Author(s): Hafez Salleh | Nurmadhiyah Abdul Aziz | Nor Azlinda Mohamed Sabli | Rozilah Kasim
Optimum Barrier Height for SiC Schottky Barrier Diode

Author(s): Alaa El-Din Sayed Hafez | Mohamed Abd El-Latif
On Selecting

Author(s): Ezz H. Abdelfattah | Mohamed Hafez | Said F. Tantawy
Evaluation of Surgical Outcome after Resection of Pancreatic Tumors, Our Experience in Mansoura Oncology Center, a Middle-Volume Center in Egypt

Author(s): Nazem Shams | Mahmoud Mosbah | Mohammad Hegazy | Osama Hussein | Omar Farouk | Sameh Roshdy | Mohamed Tarek Hafez | Ashraf Khater | Khaled Abdel Wahab

Author(s): Mohamed Abdel Hafez; Amal Mostafa Abbas; Dina Mohamed Radwan and Zeinab El
Nutritional Status in Children with Chronic Renal Failure on Hemodialysis

Author(s): Moushira Erfan Zaki | Mona Mamdouh Hassan | Hafez Mahmoud Bazaraa | Hany Fathy Ahmed | Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Badr
An efficient cyclocondensation reactions, antimicrobial activity and molecular orbital calculations of α-benzopyrone derivatives

Author(s): Hafez Mohamed El-Shaaer | Salah Sayed Ibrahim | Wafaa Ramzy Abd-Elmonem | Christine Gamal Ibrahim
Infantile Hemangiopericytoma: Two Cases Report and Literature Review

Author(s): Gamal Al-Saied | Amin Abokifa | Mohamed Al-Saeed | Mohamed Abdul Aziz | Medhat Ibrahim | Moemen Hafez | Tharwat Hussain | Mohamed Shahin | Dalal Nemenqani | Naglaa Fawzy
Template Match Object Detection for Inertial Navigation Systems

Author(s): Wiedo Hu | Ahmed Mohamed Gharuib | Alaa El-Din Sayed Hafez
Characterization of chronic HCV infection-induced apoptosis

Author(s): Zekri Abdel-Rahman | Bahnassy Abeer | Hafez Mohamed | Hassan Zeinab | Kamel Mahmoud | Loutfy Samah | Sherif Ghada | El-Zayadi Abdel-Rahman | Daoud Sayed
Synthesis, antifungal activity and semi-empirical AM1-MO calculations of some new 4-oxo-4H-chromene derivatives

Author(s): Hafez Mohamed El-Shaaer | Salah Abdel-Ghaffar Abdel-Aziz | Faten Ismail Hanafy | Tarik El-Sayed Ali | Ali Zaky El-Fauomy
Occult HBV infection among Egyptian hepatocellular carcinoma patients

Author(s): Hassan Zeinab | Hafez Mohamed | Mansor Tarek | Zekri Abdel
Doxorubicin Toxicity can be Ameliorated during Antioxidant L-Carnitine Supplementation

Author(s): Othman A. Alshabanah | Mohamed M. Hafez | Mohamed M. Al-Harbi | Zeinab K. Hassan | Salim S. Al Rejaie | Yosef A. Asiri | Mohamed M. Sayed-Ahmed
Thymoquinone Attenuates Diethylnitrosamine Induction of Hepatic Carcinogenesis Through Antioxidant Signaling

Author(s): Mohamed M. Sayed-Ahmed | Abdulaziz M. Aleisa | Salim S. Al-Rejaie | Abdulaziz A. Al-Yahya | Othman A. Al-Shabanah | Mohamed M. Hafez | Mahmoud N. Nagi
Diagnosis of Ornithobacterium Rhinotracheale

Author(s): Hafez Mohamed Hafez
Studies on the Rosaceae I- Seed and/or Achene Macro and Micromorphology

Author(s): Amin E. Dowidar | Mohamed H.A. Loutfy | Ehab A. Kamel | Abdel-Halem M. Ahamed | Hanan H.L. Hafez
Genetic profile of Egyptian hepatocellular-carcinoma associated with hepatitis C virus Genotype 4 by 15 K cDNA microarray: Preliminary study

Author(s): Zekri Abdel-Rahman | Hafez Mohamed | Bahnassy Abeer | Hassan Zeinab | Mansour Tarek | Kamal Mahmoud | Khaled Hussein
Prevalence of transfusion transmitted virus (TTV) genotypes among HCC patients in Qaluobia governorate

Author(s): Hafez Mohamed | Shaarawy Sabry | Hassan Amr | Salim Rabab | Abd El Salam Fatma | Ali Amal
Hepatitis B virus (HBV) genotypes in Egyptian pediatric cancer patients with acute and chronic active HBV infection

Author(s): Zekri Abdel-Rahman | Hafez Mohamed | Mohamed Nahed | Hassan Zeinab | El-Sayed Manal | Khaled Mohsen | Mansour Tarek
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