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Os sentidos e desafios da participação

Author(s): Lu00EDgia Helena Hahn Lu00FCchmann
Die Zukunft der ärztlichen Weiterbildung in Deutschland – Positionspapier des Ausschusses Weiterbildung der Gesellschaft für Medizinische Ausbildung (GMA) [The future of graduate medical education in Germany – Position paper of the committee on graduate medical education of the Society for Medical Education (GMA)]

Author(s): David, Dagmar M. | Euteneier, Alexander | Fischer, Martin R. | Hahn, Eckhart G. | Johannink, Jonas | Kulike, Katharina | Lauch, Robert | Lindhorst, Elmar | Noll-Hussong, Michael | Pinilla, Severin | Weih, Markus | Wennekes, Vanessa
Modification of a Rodent Hindlimb Model of Secondary Lymphedema: Surgical Radicality versus Radiotherapeutic Ablation

Author(s): Hyung Sub Park | In Mok Jung | Geum Hee Choi | Soli Hahn | Young Sun Yoo | Taeseung Lee
The Bright New Financial System

Author(s): Associate Professor Adela Coman | Senior Lecturer Florina Hahn
On the absolute calibration of a DT fusion neutron yield diagnostic

Author(s): Ruiz C.L. | Leeper R.J. | Cooper G.W. | Chandler G.A. | Cox C.M. | Doyle B.L. | Fehl D.L. | Hahn K.D. | McWatters B.R. | Nelson A.J. | Smelser R.M. | Snow C.S. | Torres J.A. | Bleuel D.L. | Kilkenney J.D.
The activation of CD99 inhibits cell-extracellular matrix adhesion by suppressing β1 integrin affinity

Author(s): Kyoung-Jin Lee | Sun-Hee Lee | Birendra Kumar Yadav | Hyun-Mi Ju | Min-Seo Kim | Jeong Hyun Park | Dooil Jeoung | Hansoo Lee | Jang-Hee Hahn
Study of the Effects of Changing Physiological Conditions on Dielectric Properties of Breast Tissues

Author(s): Abas Sabouni | Camerin Hahn | Sima Noghanian | Edward Sauter | Tim Weiland
Contrast-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Pediatric Patients: Review and Recommendations for Current Practice

Author(s): Ravi Bhargava | Gabriele Hahn | Wolfgang Hirsch | Myung-Joon Kim | Hans-Joachim Mentzel | Øystein E. Olsen | Eira Stokland | Fabio Triulzi | Elida Vazquez
NABIC marker database: A molecular markers information network of agricultural crops

Author(s): Chang-Kug Kim | Young-Joo Seol | Dong-Jun Lee | In-Seon Jeong | Ung-Han Yoon | Gang-Seob Lee | Jang-Ho Hahn | Dong-Suk Park
Model-Based Quantification of Load Shift Potentials and Optimized Charging of Electric Vehicles

Author(s): Tobias Hahn | Martin Schönfelder | Patrick Jochem | Vincent Heuveline | Wolf Fichtner
Alterations on piscivorous diet following change in abundance of prey after impoundment in a Neotropical river

Author(s): Geuza Cantanhêde | Norma Segatti Hahn | Rosemara Fugi | Éder André Gubiani
Diet seasonality and food overlap of the fish assemblage in a pantanal pond

Author(s): Gisele Caroline Novakowski | Norma Segatti Hahn | Rosemara Fugi
Feeding aspects of Leporinus amblyrhynchus (Characiformes: Anostomidae) in the first stages of formation of a Neotropical reservoir, Brazil

Author(s): Fernando Pereira de Mendonça | Norma Segatti Hahn | Valdirene Esgarbosa Loureiro-Crippa
Diet and trophic ecomorphology of the silverside, Odontesthes bonariensis, of the Salto Caxias reservoir, rio Iguaçu, Paraná, Brazil

Author(s): Fernanda Aparecida da Silva Cassemiro | Norma Segatti Hahn | Thiago Fernando Lopes Valle de Britto Rangel
Photoluminescence properties of thermally stable highly crystalline CdS nanoparticles

Author(s): Sanjay R. Dhage | Henry A. Colorado | Hong Thomas Hahn
Do beavers improve the habitat quality for Magellanic Woodpeckers? ¿Los castores mejoran la calidad del hábitat para el pájaro carpintero magallánico?

Author(s): Gerardo E Soto | Pablo M Vergara | Marlene E Lizama | Cristian Celis | Ricardo Rozzi | Quiterie Duron | Ingo J Hahn | Jaime E Jiménez
Correlates of menstrual cycle characteristics among nulliparous Danish women

Author(s): Hahn KA | Wise LA | Riis AH | Mikkelsen EM | Rothman KJ | Banholzer K | Hatch EE

Author(s): Anghel Cristian | Vele Cristian | Toader Rita | HAHN Rada-Florina

Author(s): Anghel Cristian | Vele Cristian | Toader Rita | Hahn Rada-Florina
An online database for genome information of agricultural plants

Author(s): ChangKug Kim | DongSuk Park | YoungJoo Seol | UngHan Yoon | GangSeob Lee | JangHo Hahn
Mobility in Strasbourg form 1870 to 1940

Author(s): Franz Joseph Hahn | Jean-Luc Pinol
Das PCOS – aktuelle endokrine und klinische Aspekte

Author(s): Schorsch M | Heidner C | Gomez R | Skala C | Hahn T | Seufert R
Annealing Effect of ZnO Seed Layer on Enhancing Photocatalytic Activity of ZnO/TiO2 Nanostructure

Author(s): Woo-Young Kim | Soon-Wook Kim | Dae-Hwang Yoo | Eui Jung Kim | Sung Hong Hahn
Developing a Secure Web Service Architecture for SVG Image Delivery

Author(s): Sabah Mohammed | Jinan Fiaidhi | Hamada Ghenniwa | Marshall Hahn
A UDDI Search Engine for SVG Federated Medical Imaging Web Services

Author(s): Sabah Mohammed | Jinan Fiaidhi | Marshal Hahn
Carbonylative Coupling of 4,4’-Diiodobiphenyl Catalyzed by Pd(NHC) Complex

Author(s): Do-Hun Lee | Jung-Tai Hahn | Dai-Il Jung
Beyond componentry: How principles of motor learning can enhance locomotor rehabilitation of individuals with lower limb loss—A review

Author(s): Andrew Sawers, CPO, PhD | Michael E. Hahn, PhD | Valerie E. Kelly, PT, PhD | Joseph M. Czerniecki, MD | Deborah Kartin, PT, PhD
Enhancement of the critical current density in FeO-coated MgB2 thin films at high magnetic fields

Author(s): Andrei E. Surdu | Hassan H. Hamdeh | I. A. Al-Omari | David J. Sellmyer | Alexei V. Socrovisciuc | Andrei A. Prepelita | Ezgi T. Koparan | Ekrem Yanmaz | Valery V. Ryazanov | Horst Hahn | Anatolie S. Sidorenko
Peptoids and polyamines going sweet: Modular synthesis of glycosylated peptoids and polyamines using click chemistry

Author(s): Daniel Fürniss | Timo Mack | Frank Hahn | Sidonie B. L. Vollrath | Katarzyna Koroniak | Ute Schepers | Stefan Bräse
Plant Core Environmental Stress Response Genes Are Systemically Coordinated during Abiotic Stresses

Author(s): Achim Hahn | Joachim Kilian | Anne Mohrholz | Friederike Ladwig | Florian Peschke | Rebecca Dautel | Klaus Harter | Kenneth W. Berendzen | Dierk Wanke
Conventional endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreaticography vs the Olympus V-scope system

Author(s): Martin Raithel | Andreas Nägel | Jürgen Maiss | Dane Wildner | Alexander Fritzkarl Hagel | Sandra Braun | Hiwot Diebel | Eckhart Georg Hahn
Alveolar cells participate in CD8+ T cell recruitment

Author(s): Lewinsohn David | Zhao MQ | Stoler MH | Liu AN | Wei B | Soguero C | Hahn YS | Enelow RI
The patient cohort of the German competence network for HIV/AIDS (KompNet):a profile

Author(s): Jansen K | Michalik C | Hahn M | Dupke S | Esser S | Jaeger H | Köppe S | Moll A | Plettenberg A | Schmidt RE | Skaletz-Rorowski A | Brockmeyer NH
Epidemiological composition, clinical and treatment characteristics of the patient cohort of the german competence network for HIV/AIDS

Author(s): Jansen K | Brockmeyer NH | Hahn M | Kaul I | Fenske S | Rausch M | Kuhlmann B | Ulmer A | Lauenroth-Mai E | Harrer T | Hower M | Skaletz-Rorowski A | Michalik C
Assessment of NER solutions against the first and second CALBC Silver Standard Corpus

Author(s): Rebholz-Schuhmann Dietrich | Yepes Antonio | Li Chen | Kafkas Senay | Lewin Ian | Kang Ning | Corbett Peter | Milward David | Buyko Ekaterina | Beisswanger Elena | Hornbostel Kerstin | Kouznetsov Alexandre | Witte René | Laurila Jonas B | Baker Christopher JO | Kuo Cheng-Ju | Clematide Simone | Rinaldi Fabio | Farkas Richárd | Móra György | Hara Kazuo | Furlong Laura I | Rautschka Michael | Neves Mariana | Pascual-Montano Alberto | Wei Qi | Collier Nigel | Chowdhury Md | Lavelli Alberto | Berlanga Rafael | Morante Roser | Van Asch Vincent | Daelemans Walter | Marina José | van Mulligen Erik | Kors Jan | Hahn Udo
Towards mature use of semantic resources for biomedical analyses

Author(s): Rebholz-Schuhmann D | Rinaldi F | Pyysalo S | Collier N | Hahn U
The NOD2 3020insC Mutation and The Risk of Familial Pancreatic Cancer?

Author(s): Nej Katarzyna | Bartsch Detlef K | Sina-Frey Mercedes | Rieder Harald | Hahn Stephan A | Lubiński Jan
Familial platelet disorders with a predisposition to acute myelogenous leukaemia: a RUNX1 update

Author(s): Rossini J | Mercorella B | Townshend S | Vakulin C | Rawlings L | Li X | Hahn C | Scott H
Fragment-based identification of multi-target ligands by self-organizing map alignment

Author(s): Achenbach Janosch | Klingler Franca-Maria | Hahn Steffen | Steinbrink Svenja | Schroeder Mirjam | Loehr Frank | Doetsch Volker | Steinhilber Dieter | Proschak Ewgenij
Design of dual ligands using excessive pharmacophore query alignment

Author(s): Moser Daniel | Wisniewska Joanna | Hahn Steffen | la Buscató Estel | Klingler Franca-Maria | Achenbach Janosch | Hofmann Bettina | Steinhilber Dieter | Proschak Ewgenij
Potential for false positive HIV test results with the serial rapid HIV testing algorithm

Author(s): Baveewo Steven | Kamya Moses R | Mayanja-Kizza Harriet | Fatch Robin | Bangsberg David R | Coates Thomas | Hahn Judith A | Wanyenze Rhoda K
Biological conversion assay using Clostridium phytofermentans to estimate plant feedstock quality

Author(s): Lee Scott J | Warnick Thomas A | Pattathil Sivakumar | Alvelo-Maurosa Jesús G | Serapiglia Michelle J | McCormick Heather | Brown Virginia | Young Naomi F | Schnell Danny J | Smart Lawrence B | Hahn Michael G | Pedersen Jeffrey F | Leschine Susan B | Hazen Samuel P
Massively parallel sequencing of formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues

Author(s): Erlich Rachel L | Palescandolo Emanuele | Jones Robert T | Sunkavalli Ashwini | Raza Alina | Ducar Matthew | Hatton Charles | Go Christina | Roden Christine | Hanna Megan | Mills Adri | Adusumilli Ravali | Kumar Prateek | Brastianos Priscilla K | Meyerson Matthew L | Hahn William C | MacConaill Laura E | Van Hummelen Paul
BreedVision — A Multi-Sensor Platform for Non-Destructive Field-Based Phenotyping in Plant Breeding

Author(s): Lucas Busemeyer | Daniel Mentrup | Kim Möller | Erik Wunder | Katharina Alheit | Volker Hahn | Hans Peter Maurer | Jochen C. Reif | Tobias Würschum | Joachim Müller | Florian Rahe | Arno Ruckelshausen

Author(s): HAHN Rada-Florina | SABOU Simona | TOADER Rita-Monica | RADULESCU Corina Michaela
Prediction of dissolved reactive phosphorus losses from small agricultural catchments: calibration and validation of a parsimonious model

Author(s): C. Hahn | V. Prasuhn | C. Stamm | P. Lazzarotto | M. W. H. Evangelou | R. Schulin
Relationship between diversion colitis and quality of life in rectal cancer

Author(s): Dong Nyoung Son | Dong Jin Choi | Si Uk Woo | Jin Kim | Bo Ra Keom | Chul Hwan Kim | Se Jin Baek | Seon Hahn Kim
Language Asymmetry and Hormonal Fluctuations During The Menstrual Cycle

Author(s): Handan CAN | Constanze HAHN | Sebastian OCKLENBURG | Anna BALL | Onur GÜNTÜRKÜN
Morphological characteristics of the developing proximal femur: A biomechanical perspective

Author(s): Đurić Marija | Milovanović Petar | Đonić Danijela | Minić Arsa | Hahn Michael
31P and 1H Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of Blood Plasma in Female Patients with Preeclampsia

Author(s): Susanne Schott | Josef Hahn | Christian Kurbacher | Detlef Moka
Automated Indirect Immunofluorescence Evaluation of Antinuclear Autoantibodies on HEp-2 Cells

Author(s): Jörn Voigt | Christopher Krause | Edda Rohwäder | Sandra Saschenbrecker | Melanie Hahn | Maick Danckwardt | Christian Feirer | Konstantin Ens | Kai Fechner | Erhardt Barth | Thomas Martinetz | Winfried Stöcker
Changes to the cell, tissue and architecture levels in cranial suture synostosis reveal a problem of timing in bone development

Author(s): J Regelsberger | P Milovanovic | T Schmidt | M Hahn | EA Zimmermann | M Tsokos | J Zustin | RO Ritchie | M Amling | B Busse
Characterization of Intra-myocellular Lipids using 2D Localized Correlated Spectroscopy and Abdominal Fat using MRI in Type 2 Diabetes

Author(s): Preethi Srikanthan | Aparna Singhal | Cathy C. Lee, | Rajakumar Nagarajan | Neil Wilson | Christian K. Roberts | Theodore J. Hahn | M. Albert Thomas
Rapid Detection and Identification of Yersinia pestis from Food Using Immunomagnetic Separation and Pyrosequencing

Author(s): Kingsley K. Amoako | Michael J. Shields | Noriko Goji | Chantal Paquet | Matthew C. Thomas | Timothy W. Janzen | Cesar I. Bin Kingombe | Arnold J. Kell | Kristen R. Hahn
Contraceptive Use and Associated Factors among Women Enrolling into HIV Care in Southwestern Uganda

Author(s): Winnie Muyindike | Robin Fatch | Rachel Steinfield | Lynn T. Matthews | Nicholas Musinguzi | Nneka I. Emenyonu | Jeffrey N. Martin | Judith A. Hahn
Patched Knockout Mouse Models of Basal Cell Carcinoma

Author(s): Frauke Nitzki | Marco Becker | Anke Frommhold | Walter Schulz-Schaeffer | Heidi Hahn
Ferroelectric vs. structural properties of large-distance sputtered epitaxial LSMO/PZT heterostructures

Author(s): Philipp M. Leufke | Robert Kruk | Di Wang | Christian Kübel | Horst Hahn
Modular Mobile Application Design

Author(s): Jim Hahn | Nathaniel Ryckman
GMA 800 plus [GMA 800 plus]

Author(s): Hahn, Eckhart G.
Medical education in Europe []

Author(s): Borleffs, Jan C. C. | Hahn, Eckhart G.
Preisträger des "GMA-Preis für junge Lehrende 2009" ausgezeichnet []

Author(s): Huwendiek, Sören | Hahn, Eckhart G.
GMA-Preis für Studierende []

Author(s): Kampmeyer, Daniela | Huwendiek, Sören | Hahn, Eckhart G.
GMA-Preis für junge Lehrende 2010 []

Author(s): Huwendiek, Sören | Hahn, Eckhart G.
GMA-Preis für junge Lehrende 2009 []

Author(s): Huwendiek, Sören | Hahn, Eckhart G.
Preisträger des "GMA-Preis für Junge Lehrende 2008" ausgezeichnet []

Author(s): Huwendiek, Sören | Hahn, Eckhart G.
GMA-Preis für junge Lehrende 2008 []

Author(s): Huwendiek, Sören | Hahn, Eckhart G.
Preisträger des "GMA-Preis für Junge Lehrende 2007" ausgezeichnet []

Author(s): Huwendiek, Sören | Hahn, Eckhart G.
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