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A protocol for an individualised, facilitated and sustainable approach to implementing current evidence in preventing falls in residential aged care facilities

Author(s): Haralambous Betty | Haines Terry | Hill Keith | Moore Kirsten | Nitz Jennifer | Robinson Andrew
Telephone reliability of the Frenchay Activity Index and EQ-5D amongst older adults

Author(s): McPhail Steven | Lane Paul | Russell Trevor | Brauer Sandra | Urry Steven | Jasiewicz Jan | Condie Peter | Haines Terry
Evaluation of the effect of patient education on rates of falls in older hospital patients: Description of a randomised controlled trial

Author(s): Hill Anne-Marie | Hill Keith | Brauer Sandra | Oliver David | Hoffmann Tammy | Beer Christopher | McPhail Steven | Haines Terry
Documentation of in-hospital falls on incident reports: Qualitative investigation of an imperfect process

Author(s): Haines Terry | Cornwell Petrea | Fleming Jennifer | Varghese Paul | Gray Len
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