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Personalized Cancer Care Conference

Author(s): Kurt S. Zänker | Enrico Mihich | Hans-Peter Huber | Anne-Lise Borresen-Dale
Sensing surface PEGylation with microcantilevers

Author(s): Natalija Backmann | Natascha Kappeler | Thomas Braun | François Huber | Hans-Peter Lang | Christoph Gerber | Roderick Y. H. Lim
Oligonucleotide and Parylene Surface Coating of Polystyrene and ePTFE for Improved Endothelial Cell Attachment and Hemocompatibility

Author(s): Martina Schleicher | Jan Hansmann | Bentsian Elkin | Petra J. Kluger | Simone Liebscher | Agnes J. T. Huber | Olaf Fritze | Christine Schille | Michaela Müller | Katja Schenke-Layland | Martina Seifert | Heike Walles | Hans-Peter Wendel | Ulrich A. Stock
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