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Implementierung eines studentischen Tutorsystems im Skills Lab für Innere Medizin [Implementation of a student peer-teaching system in the skills lab of internal medicine]

Author(s): Weyrich, Peter | Schrauth, Markus | Nikendei, Christoph | Kraus, Bernd | Häring, Hans-Ulrich | Riessen, Reimer
Environmental monitoring and management proposals for the Fildes Region, King George Island, Antarctica

Author(s): Christina Braun | Osama Mustafa | Anja Nordt | Simone Pfeiffer | Hans-Ulrich Peter
Promoter methylation of CDKN2A and lack of p16 expression characterize patients with hepatocellular carcinoma

Author(s): Csepregi Antal | Ebert Matthias | Röcken Christoph | Schneider-Stock Regine | Hoffmann Juliane | Schulz Hans-Ulrich | Roessner Albert | Malfertheiner Peter
Common polymorphisms within the NR4A3 locus, encoding the orphan nuclear receptor Nor-1, are associated with enhanced β-cell function in non-diabetic subjects

Author(s): Weyrich Peter | Staiger Harald | Stančáková Alena | Schäfer Silke | Kirchhoff Kerstin | Ullrich Susanne | Ranta Felicia | Gallwitz Baptist | Stefan Norbert | Machicao Fausto | Kuusisto Johanna | Laakso Markku | Fritsche Andreas | Häring Hans-Ulrich
SIRT1 genetic variants associate with the metabolic response of Caucasians to a controlled lifestyle intervention – the TULIP Study

Author(s): Weyrich Peter | Machicao Fausto | Reinhardt Julia | Machann Jürgen | Schick Fritz | Tschritter Otto | Stefan Norbert | Fritsche Andreas | Häring Hans-Ulrich
Elastofibroma dorsi – differential diagnosis in chest wall tumours

Author(s): Daigeler Adrien | Vogt Peter | Busch Kay | Pennekamp Werner | Weyhe Dirk | Lehnhardt Marcus | Steinstraesser Lars | Steinau Hans-Ulrich | Kuhnen Cornelius
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