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A Non-Invasive Genetic Survey of Otters (Lutra lutra) in an Urban Environment: A Pilot Study with Citizen Scientists

Author(s): Shane White | David O’Neill | Denise B. O’Meara | Carolyn Shores | Catherine O’Reilly | Andrew P. Harrington | Gill Weyman | D. P. Sleeman
Identification of Disease Markers in Human Cerebrospinal Fluid Using Lipidomic and Proteomic Methods

Author(s): Alfred N. Fonteh | Robert J. Harrington | Andreas F. Huhmer | Roger G. Biringer | James N. Riggins | Michael G. Harrington
Prostaglandin D Synthase Isoforms from Cerebrospinal Fluid Vary with Brain Pathology

Author(s): Michael G. Harrington | Alfred N. Fonteh | Roger G. Biringer | Andreas F. R. Hühmer | Robert P. Cowan
Disease Markers of the Nervous System

Author(s): Michael G. Harrington | Alfred N. Fonteh | Roger G. Biringer | Andreas F. R. Hühmer
Protein Analysis in Human Cerebrospinal Fluid: Physiological Aspects, Current Progress and Future Challenges

Author(s): Andreas F. Hühmer | Roger G. Biringer | Heidi Amato | Alfred N. Fonteh | Michael G. Harrington

Annona squamosa, a new host of Ceratocystis fimbriata Annona squamosa, nova hospedeira de Ceratocystis fimbriata

Author(s): Silvaldo F. Silveira | Thomas C. Harrington | Vicente Mussi-Dias | Christine J. B. Engelbrecht | Acelino C. Alfenas | Carolina R. Silva
ASKED – the Anglo-Saxon Kent Electronic Database

Author(s): Sue Harrington | Stuart Brookes
Statelessness: what it is and why it matters

Author(s): Indira Goris | Julia Harrington | Sebastian Köhn
Using tablet computers compared to interactive voice response to improve subject recruitment in osteoporosis pragmatic clinical trials: feasibility, satisfaction, and sample size

Author(s): Mudano AS | Gary LC | Oliveira AL | Melton M | Wright NC | Curtis JR | Delzell E | Harrington TM | Kilgore ML | Lewis CE,Singh JA | Warriner AH | Pace WD | Saag KG
Documenting the dead: creating an online census of Anglo-Saxon burials from Kent

Author(s): Stuart Brookes | Sue Harrington | Martin Welch
Continual assessment of student nurses

Author(s): D.C. Harrington
Die verpleegster se terapeutiese funksie

Author(s): D.C. Harrington | M.E.C. Potgieter
Diarrhetic Shellfish Toxins and Other Lipophilic Toxins of Human Health Concern in Washington State

Author(s): Vera L. Trainer | Leslie Moore | Brian D. Bill | Nicolaus G. Adams | Neil Harrington | Jerry Borchert | Denis A. M. da Silva | Bich-Thuy L. Eberhart
The relationship between second trimester alpha fetoprotein levels and adverse pregnancy outcome

Author(s): Rebecca Allen | Shemoon Marleen | Luxmi Velauthar | Kevin Harrington | Joseph Aquilina
Complexities in the Provision of Respite Care to Family Carers of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities

Author(s): Hasheem Mannan | Patricia O'Brien | Ray McConkey | Frieda Finlay | Anne Lawlor | Gerry Harrington
Prevalence and risk factors for VRE colonisation in a tertiary hospital in Melbourne, Australia: a cross sectional study

Author(s): Karki Surendra | Houston Leanne | Land Gillian | Bass Pauline | Kehoe Rosaleen | Borrell Sue | Watson Kerrie | Spelman Denis | Kennon Jacqueline | Harrington Glenys | Cheng Allen C
Leucine-rich alpha-2-glycoprotein-1 is upregulated in sera and tumors of ovarian cancer patients

Author(s): Andersen John D | Boylan Kristin LM | Jemmerson Ronald | Geller Melissa A | Misemer Benjamin | Harrington Katherine M | Weivoda Starchild | Witthuhn Bruce A | Argenta Peter | Vogel Rachel | Skubitz Amy PN
Key factors influencing canine heartworm, Dirofilaria immitis, in the United States

Author(s): Brown Heidi E | Harrington Laura C | Kaufman Phillip E | McKay Tanja | Bowman Dwight D | Nelson C | Wang Dongmei | Lund Robert
The use of incentives in vulnerable populations for a telephone survey: a randomized controlled trial

Author(s): Knoll Megan | Soller Lianne | Ben-Shoshan Moshe | Harrington Daniel | Fragapane Joey | Joseph Lawrence | La Vieille Sebastien | St-Pierre Yvan | Wilson Kathi | Elliott Susan | Clarke Ann
Promoting hand hygiene in the Asia Pacific region

Author(s): Ling ML | Seto WH | Ching TY | Harrington G | Grayson ML | Pittet D
Planetary nebulae results from the infrared space observatory

Author(s): R. H. Rubin | R. J. Dufour | S. W. J. Colgan | A. Liao | J. P. Harrington

Author(s): Esperanza A. Varela | Gustavo A. Daneri | M. Natalia Paso Viola | M. Fernanda Negri | Cecilia C. Di Martino | Ana Harrington | Ricardo A. Montiel | Mercedes M. Zambrana | Raimundo L. Bustos | Olga B. Vaccaro
Low-Loss Hollow Waveguide Fibers for Mid-Infrared Quantum Cascade Laser Sensing Applications

Author(s): Pietro Patimisco | Vincenzo Spagnolo | Miriam S. Vitiello | Gaetano Scamarcio | Carlos M. Bledt | James A. Harrington
Age-Related Grade Inflation Expectancies in a University Environment

Author(s): Donald A. Loffredo | Rick Harrington
The role of podcasting in effective curriculum renewal

Author(s): Ming Nie | Alejandro Armellini | Sue Harrington | Kelly Barklamb | Ray Randall
Development and Initial Validation of a Client-Rated MET-CBT Adherence Measure

Author(s): Wendy R. Ulaszek | Hsiu-Ju Lin | Linda K. Frisman | Susan Sampl | Susan Harrington Godley | Karen L. Steinberg-Gallucci | Jody L. Kamon | Margaret O’Hagan-Lynch
Fertility Intentions and Interest in Integrated Family Planning Services among Women Living with HIV in Nyanza Province, Kenya: A Qualitative Study

Author(s): Elizabeth K. Harrington | Sara J. Newmann | Maricianah Onono | Katie D. Schwartz | Elizabeth A. Bukusi | Craig R. Cohen | Daniel Grossman
The role of podcasting in effective curriculum renewal

Author(s): Ming Nie | Alejandro Armellini | Sue Harrington | Kelly Barklamb | Ray Randall
Delivering the Goods: Scaling out Results of Natural Resource Management Research

Author(s): Larry Harrington | Jeffrey White | Peter Grace | David Hodson | Agnes Dewi Hartkamp | Christopher Vaughan | Craig Meisner
The role of paliperidone extended release for the treatment of bipolar disorder

Author(s): Marino J | English C | Caballero J | Harrington C
Epigenetic Tailoring for the Production of Anti-Infective Cytosporones from the Marine Fungus Leucostoma persoonii

Author(s): Jeremy Beau | Nida Mahid | Whittney N. Burda | Lacey Harrington | Lindsey N. Shaw | Tina Mutka | Dennis E. Kyle | Betty Barisic | Alberto van Olphen | Bill J. Baker
Lewy Body Variant of Alzheimer's Disease: Selective Neocortical Loss of t-SNARE Proteins and Loss of MAP2 and α-Synuclein in Medial Temporal Lobe

Author(s): Elizabeta B. Mukaetova-Ladinska | John H. Xuereb | Francisco Garcia-Sierra | Jenny Hurt | Herman-J. Gertz | Richard Hills | Carol Brayne | Felicia A. Huppert | Eugene S. Paykel | Magnus A. McGee | Ross Jakes | William G. Honer | Charles R. Harrington | Claude M. Wischik | CC75C Collaboration Group
Analysis of Mitochondrial Function in Antigen Specific na ve, Effector and MEmory CD8 + T Cells

Author(s): Jason M. Grayson | J. Gibson Lanier | Laurie E. Harrington | John D. Altman | Rafi Ahmed
The Effect of PPARα, PPARδ, PPARγ, and PPARpan Agonists on Body Weight,Body Mass, and Serum Lipid Profiles in Diet-Induced Obese AKR/J Mice

Author(s): W. Wallace Harrington | Christy S. Britt | Joan G. Wilson | Naphtali O. Milliken | Jane G. Binz | David C. Lobe | William R. Oliver | Michael C. Lewis | Diane M. Ignar
PPARS and Obesity

Author(s): Francine M. Gregoire | Sander Kersten | Wallace Harrington
Demographic Predictors of Peanut, Tree Nut, Fish, Shellfish, and Sesame Allergy in Canada

Author(s): M. Ben-Shoshan | D. W. Harrington | L. Soller | J. Fragapane | L. Joseph | Y. St. Pierre | S. B. Godefroy | S. J. Elliott | A. E. Clarke
Ileus and Small Bowel Obstruction in an Emergency Department Observation Unit: Are there Outcome Predictors?

Author(s): Steven T. Dorsey | Eric T. Harrington | W. F. Peacock | Charles L. Emerman
The clustering of health behaviours in Ireland and their relationship with mental health, self-rated health and quality of life

Author(s): Conry Mary | Morgan Karen | Curry Philip | McGee Hannah | Harrington Janas | Ward Mark | Shelley Emer
The TPR-containing domain within Est1 homologs exhibits species-specific roles in telomerase interaction and telomere length homeostasis

Author(s): Sealey David | Kostic Aleksandar | LeBel Catherine | Pryde Fiona | Harrington Lea
Cross-Sectional analysis of levels and patterns of objectively measured sedentary time in adolescent females

Author(s): Harrington Deirdre | Dowd Kieran | Bourke Alan | Donnelly Alan

Author(s): Mohammad Khaledi | Reza Kia | William Clegg | Ross W. Harrington

Author(s): Mohammad Khaledi | Reza Kia | William Clegg | Ross W. Harrington
Pseudoseptic Arthritis: A Case Series and Review of the Literature

Author(s): Brian P. Oppermann | Jonida K. Cote | Stephanie J. Morris | Thomas Harrington
Recommendations for Haemodynamic and Neurological Monitoring in Repair of Acute Type A Aortic Dissection

Author(s): Deborah K. Harrington | Aaron M. Ranasinghe | Anwar Shah | Tessa Oelofse | Robert S. Bonser
Targeting HTLV-I latency in Adult T-cell Leukemia/Lymphoma

Author(s): Ramos Juan | Toomey Ngoc | Diaz Luis | Ruiz Phillip | Barber Glen | Harrington William
Synergistic effects of oncolytic reovirus and docetaxel chemotherapy in prostate cancer

Author(s): Heinemann Lucy | Simpson Guy | Boxall Angela | Kottke Timothy | Relph Kate | Vile Richard | Melcher Alan | Prestwich Robin | Harrington Kevin | Morgan Richard | Pandha Hardev
Intercomparison of cloud model simulations of Arctic mixed-phase boundary layer clouds observed during SHEBA/FIRE-ACE

Author(s): Hugh Morrison | Paquita Zuidema | Andrew S. Ackerman | Alexander Avramov | Gijs de Boer | Jiwen Fan | Ann M. Fridlind | Tempei Hashino | Jerry Y. Harrington | Yali Luo | Mikhail Ovchinnikov | Ben Shipway
The Value of Patient Care in the New Economy

Author(s): Darlene R. Desir | Nile M. Khanfar | Catherine Harrington | David Loudon
Pro-inflammatory cytokine/chemokine production by reovirus treated melanoma cells is PKR/NF-κB mediated and supports innate and adaptive anti-tumour immune priming

Author(s): Steele Lynette | Errington Fiona | Prestwich Robin | Ilett Elizabeth | Harrington Kevin | Pandha Hardev | Coffey Matt | Selby Peter | Vile Richard | Melcher Alan
(Z)-3-Chloromethylidene-5,6-dimethoxy-2-methyl-2,3-dihydro-1,2-benzothiazole 1,1-dioxide

Author(s): Jatinder P. Bassin | Virender P. Shah | Lee Martin | William Clegg | Ross W. Harrington
"We can move forward": challenging historical inequity in public health research in Solomon Islands

Author(s): Redman-MacLaren Michelle | MacLaren David | Asugeni Rowena | Fa'anuabae Chillion | Harrington Humpress | Muse Alwin | Speare Richard | Clough Alan
Research workshop to research work: initial steps in establishing health research systems on Malaita, Solomon Islands

Author(s): Redman-MacLaren Michelle | MacLaren David | Solomon Janella | Muse Alwin | Asugeni Rowena | Harrington Humpress | Kekuabata Esau | Speare Richard | Clough Alan
Effects of inbreeding and genetic modification on Aedes aegypti larval competition and adult energy reserves

Author(s): Koenraadt Constantianus | Kormaksson Matthias | Harrington Laura
Temporal trends in misclassification patterns of measured and self-report based body mass index categories - findings from three population surveys in Ireland

Author(s): Shiely Frances | Perry Ivan | Lutomski Jennifer | Harrington Janas | Kelleher C | McGee Hannah | Hayes Kevin
Triapine in Clinical Practice

Author(s): Aisha B Miah | Kevin J Harrington | Chris M Nutting
Identifying the Ion Channels Responsible for Signaling Gastro-Intestinal Based Pain

Author(s): Stuart M. Brierley | Patrick A. Hughes | Andrea M. Harrington | Grigori Y. Rychkov | L. Ashley Blackshaw
Troglitazone suppresses telomerase activity independently of PPARγ in estrogen-receptor negative breast cancer cells

Author(s): Rashid-Kolvear Fariborz | Taboski Michael | Nguyen Johnny | Wang Dong-Yu | Harrington Lea | Done Susan
Challenges in integrating 18FDG PET-CT into radiotherapy planning of head and neck cancer

Author(s): Dandekar P | Partridge M | Kazi R | Nutting C | Harrington K | Newbold K
The role of intensity-modulated radiotherapy in head and neck cancer

Author(s): Bhide S | Kazi R | Newbold K | Harrington K | Nutting C
A Climate Based Mosquito Population Model

Author(s): Hongfei Gong | Arthur DeGaetano | Laura C. Harrington
Targeting HOX and PBX transcription factors in ovarian cancer

Author(s): Morgan Richard | Plowright Lynn | Harrington Kevin | Michael Agnieszka | Pandha Hardev
Blood feeding patterns of mosquitoes: random or structured?

Author(s): Chaves Luis | Harrington Laura | Keogh Carolyn | Nguyen Andy | Kitron Uriel
Cerebrospinal fluid sodium rhythms

Author(s): Harrington Michael | Salomon Ronald | Pogoda Janice | Oborina Elena | Okey Neil | Johnson Benjamin | Schmidt Dennis | Fonteh Alfred | Dalleska Nathan
Flexible working in an Irish public sector organisation: Still a gender issue

Author(s): Deborah Harrington | Margaret Linehan | Christine Cross
Brief Alcohol Intervention Among At-Risk Drinkers with Diabetes

Author(s): Susan E. Ramsey | Patricia A. Engler | Magdalena Harrington | Robert J. Smith | Mark J. Fagan | Michael D. Stein | Peter Friedmann
Significance and prognostic impact of co-morbidity in head and neck cancer

Author(s): Kazi Rehan | Nutting Chris | Rhys-Evans Peter | Harrington Kevin
HTLV-1 infection of Humanized SCID mice recapitulates Adult T-cell Leukemia/Lymphoma (ATLL) development

Author(s): Banerjee Prabal | Lairmore Michael | Sieburg Michelle | Crawford Lindsey | Tripp Adam | Harrington William | Beilke Mark | Feuer Gerold
A cross-sectional study of the self-report of stress among emergency department patients

Author(s): Nirenberg Ted | Baird Janette | Harrington Magdalena | Mello Michael | Woolard Robert | Longabaugh Richard
The morphology and biochemistry of nanostructures provide evidence for synthesis and signaling functions in human cerebrospinal fluid

Author(s): Harrington Michael | Fonteh Alfred | Oborina Elena | Liao Patricia | Cowan Robert | McComb Gordon | Chavez Jesus | Rush John | Biringer Roger | Hühmer Andreas
High throughput sequencing in mice: a platform comparison identifies a preponderance of cryptic SNPs

Author(s): Walter Nicole | Bottomly Daniel | Laderas Ted | Mooney Michael | Darakjian Priscila | Searles Robert | Harrington Christina | McWeeney Shannon | Hitzemann Robert | Buck Kari
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