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Long-Term Changes in Physical Activity Following a One-Year Home-Based Physical Activity Counseling Program in Older Adults with Multiple Morbidities

Author(s): Katherine S. Hall | Richard Sloane | Carl F. Pieper | Matthew J. Peterson | Gail M. Crowley | Patricia A. Cowper | Eleanor S. McConnell | Hayden B. Bosworth | Carola C. Ekelund | Miriam C. Morey
Study protocol: The Adherence and Intensification of Medications (AIM) study - a cluster randomized controlled effectiveness study

Author(s): Heisler Michele | Hofer Timothy | Klamerus Mandi | Schmittdiel Julie | Selby Joe | Hogan Mary | Bosworth Hayden | Tremblay Adam | Kerr Eve
The implementation of a translational study involving a primary care based behavioral program to improve blood pressure control: The HTN-IMPROVE study protocol (01295)

Author(s): Bosworth Hayden | Almirall Daniel | Weiner Bryan | Maciejewski Mathew | Kaufman Miriam | Powers Benjamin | Oddone Eugene | Lee Shoou-Yih | Damush Teresa | Smith Valerie | Olsen Maren | Anderson Daren | Roumie Christianne | Rakley Susan | Del Monte Pamela | Bowen Michael | Kravetz Jeffrey | Jackson George
Study protocol: Couples Partnering for Lipid Enhancing Strategies (CouPLES) – a randomized, controlled trial

Author(s): Voils Corrine | Yancy William | Kovac Stacey | Coffman Cynthia | Weinberger Morris | Oddone Eugene | Jeffreys Amy | Datta Santanu | Bosworth Hayden
Literacy and blood pressure – do healthcare systems influence this relationship? A cross-sectional study

Author(s): Powers Benjamin | Olsen Maren | Oddone Eugene | Thorpe Carolyn | Bosworth Hayden
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