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Sensitivity of genomic selection to using different prior distributions

Author(s): Verbyla Klara L | Bowman Philip J | Hayes Ben J | Goddard Michael E
Molecular characterization of a long range haplotype affecting protein yield and mastitis susceptibility in Norwegian Red cattle

Author(s): Sodeland Marte | Grove Harald | Kent Matthew | Taylor Simon | Svendsen Morten | Hayes Ben | Lien Sigbjørn
Application of site and haplotype-frequency based approaches for detecting selection signatures in cattle

Author(s): Qanbari Saber | Gianola Daniel | Hayes Ben | Schenkel Flavio | Miller Steve | Moore Stephen | Thaller Georg | Simianer Henner
Accuracy of direct genomic values in Holstein bulls and cows using subsets of SNP markers

Author(s): Moser Gerhard | Khatkar Mehar | Hayes Ben | Raadsma Herman
Using LASSO to estimate marker effects for Genomic Selection

Author(s): Mario Graziano Usai | Mike E. Goddard | Ben J. Hayes
Accuracy of genomic breeding values in multi-breed dairy cattle populations

Author(s): Hayes Ben | Bowman Phillip | Chamberlain Amanda | Verbyla Klara | Goddard Mike
Casein haplotypes and their association with milk production traits in Norwegian Red cattle

Author(s): Nilsen Heidi | Olsen Hanne | Hayes Ben | Sehested Erling | Svendsen Morten | Nome Torfinn | Meuwissen Theo | Lien Sigbjørn
A linkage map of the Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) based on EST-derived SNP markers

Author(s): Moen Thomas | Hayes Ben | Baranski Matthew | Berg Paul | Kjøglum Sissel | Koop Ben | Davidson Willie | Omholt Stig | Lien Sigbjørn
Identification and characterisation of novel SNP markers in Atlantic cod: Evidence for directional selection

Author(s): Moen Thomas | Hayes Ben | Nilsen Frank | Delghandi Madjid | Fjalestad Kjersti | Fevolden Svein-Erik | Berg Paul | Lien Sigbjørn
Nonlinear regulation enhances the phenotypic expression of trans-acting genetic polymorphisms

Author(s): Gjuvsland Arne | Hayes Ben | Meuwissen Theo | Plahte Erik | Omholt Stig
Genetic support for a quantitative trait nucleotide in the ABCG2 gene affecting milk composition of dairy cattle

Author(s): Olsen Hanne | Nilsen Heidi | Hayes Ben | Berg Paul | Svendsen Morten | Lien Sigbjørn | Meuwissen Theo
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