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Results of Current Density Distribution Mapping in PEM Fuel Cells Dependent on Operation Parameters

Author(s): Maik Heuer | Paul A. Bernstein | Michael Wenske | Zbigniew A. Styczynski
BAY 58–2667, a soluble guanylate cyclase activator, improves cardiopulmonary haemodynamics in acute decompensated heart failure and has a favourable safety profile

Author(s): Lapp Harald | Mitrovic Veselin | Franz Norbert | Heuer Hubertus | Buerke Michael | Wolfertz Judith | Mück Wolfgang | Unger Sigrun | Wensing Georg | Frey Reiner
GECKO: a complete large-scale gene expression analysis platform

Author(s): Theilhaber Joachim | Ulyanov Anatoly | Malanthara Anish | Cole Jack | Xu Dapeng | Nahf Robert | Heuer Michael | Brockel Christoph | Bushnell Steven

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