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Method for Assigning Priority Levels in Acute Care (MAPLe-AC) predicts outcomes of acute hospital care of older persons - a cross-national validation

Author(s): Noro Anja | Poss Jeffrey | Hirdes John | Finne-Soveri Harriet | Ljunggren Gunnar | Björnsson Jan | Schroll Marianne | Jonsson Palmi
Reliability of standardized assessment for adults who are deafblind

Author(s): Dawn M. Guthrie, PhD | Robyn Pitman, MA | Paul Stolee, PhD | Graham Strong, OD, MSc | Jeff Poss, PhD | Erin Y. Tjam, PhD | Lindsay Bowman, MPH | Melody Ashworth, MSc | John P. Hirdes, PhD
Development of the interRAI Pressure Ulcer Risk Scale (PURS) for use in long-term care and home care settings

Author(s): Poss Jeff | Murphy Katharine | Woodbury M | Orsted Heather | Stevenson Kimberly | Williams Gail | MacAlpine Shirley | Curtin-Telegdi Nancy | Hirdes John
Recent Visual Decline—A Health Hazard with Consequences for Social Life: A Study of Home Care Clients in 12 Countries

Author(s): Else Vengnes Grue | Harriet Finne-Soveri | Paul Stolee | Jeff Poss | Liv Wergeland Sörbye | Anja Noro | John P. Hirdes | Anette Hylen Ranhoff
Adjustment of nursing home quality indicators

Author(s): Jones Richard | Hirdes John | Poss Jeffrey | Kelly Maureen | Berg Katharine | Fries Brant | Morris John
Sharing clinical information across care settings: the birth of an integrated assessment system

Author(s): Gray Leonard | Berg Katherine | Fries Brant | Henrard Jean-Claude | Hirdes John | Steel Knight | Morris John
Relationship between interRAI HC and the ICF: opportunity for operationalizing the ICF

Author(s): Berg Katherine | Finne-Soveri Harriet | Gray Len | Henrard Jean | Hirdes John | Ikegami Naoki | Ljunggren Gunnar | Morris John | Paquay Louis | Resnik Linda | Teare Gary
Reliability of the interRAI suite of assessment instruments: a 12-country study of an integrated health information system

Author(s): Hirdes John | Ljunggren Gunnar | Morris John | Frijters Dinnus | Finne Soveri Harriet | Gray Len | Björkgren Magnus | Gilgen Reudi
Using machine learning algorithms to guide rehabilitation planning for home care clients

Author(s): Zhu Mu | Zhang Zhanyang | Hirdes John | Stolee Paul
Measuring depression in nursing home residents with the MDS and GDS: an observational psychometric study

Author(s): Koehler Melissa | Rabinowitz Terry | Hirdes John | Stones Michael | Carpenter G Iain | Fries Brant | Morris John | Jones Richard
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