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Development of ST-246® for Treatment of Poxvirus Infections

Author(s): Robert Jordan | Janet M. Leeds | Shanthakumar Tyavanagimatt | Dennis E. Hruby
Vaccinia virus p37 interacts with host proteins associated with LE-derived transport vesicle biogenesis

Author(s): Chen Yali | Honeychurch Kady | Yang Guang | Byrd Chelsea | Harver Chris | Hruby Dennis | Jordan Robert
Pox proteomics: mass spectrometry analysis and identification of Vaccinia virion proteins

Author(s): Yoder Jennifer | Chen Tsefang | Gagnier Cliff | Vemulapalli Srilakshmi | Maier Claudia | Hruby Dennis
Mutational analysis of the potential catalytic residues of the VV G1L metalloproteinase

Author(s): Honeychurch Kady | Byrd Chelsea | Hruby Dennis
Importance of disulphide bonds for vaccinia virus L1R protein function

Author(s): Blouch Robert | Byrd Chelsea | Hruby Dennis
Chlamydial development is blocked in host cells transfected with Chlamydophila caviae incA

Author(s): Alzhanov Damir | Barnes Jennifer | Hruby Dennis | Rockey Daniel
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