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Common Altered Epigenomic Domains in Cancer Cells: Characterization and Subtle Variations

Author(s): Yi-Chien Tsai | Chun-Hui Chiao | Ian Yi-Feng Chang | Dow-Tien Chen | Tze-Tze Liu | Kate Hua | Chuan-Hsiung Chang | Ming-Ta Hsu
Pediatric primary central nervous system germ cell tumors of different prognosis groups show characteristic miRNome traits and chromosome copy number variations

Author(s): Wang Hsei-Wei | Wu Yu-Hsuan | Hsieh Jui-Yu | Liang Muh-Lii | Chao Meng-En | Liu Da-Jung | Hsu Ming-Ta | Wong Tai-Tong
A novel regulatory event-based gene set analysis method for exploring global functional changes in heterogeneous genomic data sets

Author(s): Tung Chien-Yi | Jen Chih-Hung | Hsu Ming-Ta | Wang Hsei-Wei | Lin Chi-Hung
easyExon – A Java-based GUI tool for processing and visualization of Affymetrix exon array data

Author(s): Chang Ting-Yu | Li Yin-Yi | Jen Chih-Hung | Yang Tsun-Po | Lin Chi-Hung | Hsu Ming-Ta | Wang Hsei-Wei
Signature Evaluation Tool (SET): a Java-based tool to evaluate and visualize the sample discrimination abilities of gene expression signatures

Author(s): Jen Chih-Hung | Yang Tsun-Po | Tung Chien-Yi | Su Shu-Han | Lin Chi-Hung | Hsu Ming-Ta | Wang Hsei-Wei

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