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Bioactive properties and clinical safety of a novel milk protein peptide

Author(s): Kreider Richard | Iosia Mike | Cooke Matt | Hudson Geoffrey | Rasmussen Chris | Chen Helen | Mollstedt Olof | Tsai Men-Hwei
Multilevel Space-Time Aggregation for Bright Field Cell Microscopy Segmentation and Tracking

Author(s): Tiffany Inglis | Hans De Sterck | Geoffrey Sanders | Haig Djambazian | Robert Sladek | Saravanan Sundararajan | Thomas J. Hudson
The acute effects of the thermogenic supplement Meltdown on energy expenditure, fat oxidation, and hemodynamic responses in young, healthy males

Author(s): Jitomir Jean | Nassar Erika | Culbertson Julie | Moreillon Jen | Buford Thomas | Hudson Geoffrey | Cooke Matt | Kreider Richard | Willoughby Darryn
The effects of prophylactic protease supplementation on markers of muscle damage prior to and following intense eccentric exercise: preliminary findings

Author(s): Buford Thomas | Cooke Matthew | Hudson Geoffrey | Shelmadine Brian | Redd Liz | Curts Cecelia | Walker Breanne | Vela Faryn | Willoughby Darryn
VPX Meltdown® significantly increases energy expenditure and fat oxidation without affecting hemodynamic variables in a randomized, double-blind, cross-over clinical research trial

Author(s): Jitomir Jean | Nassar Erika | Culbertson Julie | Moreillon Jen | Cooke Matt | Buford Thomas | Hudson Geoffrey | Willoughby Darryn
Effects of acute and 14-day coenzyme Q10 supplementation on exercise performance in both trained and untrained individuals

Author(s): Cooke Matthew | Iosia Mike | Buford Thomas | Shelmadine Brian | Hudson Geoffrey | Kerksick Chad | Rasmussen Christopher | Greenwood Mike | Leutholtz Brian | Willoughby Darryn | Kreider Richard
Patterns of upper gastrointestinal diseases based on endoscopy in the period 1998-2001

Author(s): Hudson Lodenyo | Fasana Rana | Geoffrey Z. Mutuma | John M Kabanga | Julius K Kuria | Fredrick A. Okoth
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