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Nucleic Acid Quadratic Indices of the “Macromolecular Graph’s Nucleotides Adjacency Matrix”. Modeling of Footprints after the Interaction of Paromomycin with the HIV-1 Ψ-RNA Packaging Region

Author(s): Yovani Marrero Ponce | Delvin Nodarse | Humberto González Díaz | Ronal Ramos de Armas | Vicente Romero Zaldivar | Francisco Torrens | Eduardo A. Castro
Protein Quadratic Indices of the “Macromolecular Pseudograph’s α-Carbon Atom Adjacency Matrix”. 1. Prediction of Arc Repressor Alanine-mutant’s Stability

Author(s): Yovani Marrero Ponce | Ricardo Medina Marrero | Eduardo A. Castro | Ronal Ramos de Armas | Humberto González Díaz | Vicente Romero Zaldivar | Francisco Torrens
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