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Mxi1 influences cyst formation in three-dimensional cell culture

Author(s): Yeon Joo Yook | Kyung Hyun Yoo | Seon Ah Song | Min Ji Seo | Je Yeong Ko | Bo Hye Kim | Eun Ji Lee | EunSun Chang | Yu Mi Woo | Jong Hoon Park
Ultra-fast Generic LC-MS/MS Method for High-Throughput Quantification in Drug Discovery

Author(s): So-Hee Kim | Hye Hyun Yoo | Eun-Ju Cha | Eun Sook Jeong | Ho Jun Kim | Dong Hyun Kim | Jaeick Lee
Validation and Applications of Gas Chromatography-Combustion/isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometric Method to Control Misuse of Androgens in Human

Author(s): Kang Mi Lee | Ho Jun Kim | Eun Sook Je | Hye Hyun Yoo | Oh Seung Kwon | Changbae Jin | Dong Hyun Kim | Jaeick Lee
Lymphopenia is an important prognostic factor in peripheral T-cell lymphoma (NOS) treated with anthracycline-containing chemotherapy

Author(s): Kim Yu Ri | Kim Jin Seok | Kim Soo Jeong | Jung Hyun Ae | Kim Seok Jin | Kim Won Seog | Lee Hye Won | Eom Hyeon Seok | Jeong Seong Hyun | Park Joon Seong | Cheong June-Won | Min Yoo Hong
The assessment of efficacy of porcine reproductive respiratory syndrome virus inactivated vaccine based on the viral quantity and inactivation methods

Author(s): Kim Hyunil | Kim Hye | Jung Jung | Choi Yoo | Kim Jiho | Um Chang | Hyun Su | Shin Sungho | Lee Byeongchun | Jang Goo | Kang Bo | Moon Hyoung | Song Dae
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