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Anthocyanins from Vitis coignetiae Pulliat Inhibit Cancer Invasion and Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition, but These Effects Can Be Attenuated by Tumor Necrosis Factor in Human Uterine Cervical Cancer HeLa Cells

Author(s): Jing Nan Lu | Won Sup Lee | Jeong Won Yun | Min Jeong Kim | Hye Jung Kim | Dong Chul Kim | Jae-Hoon Jeong | Yung Hyun Choi | Gon-Sup Kim | Chung Ho Ryu | Sung Chul Shin
Water Extract of Deer Bones Activates Macrophages and Alleviates Neutropenia

Author(s): Han-Seok Choi | Soon Re Kim | Se Hyang Hong | Jin Mo Ku | Min Kyoung Kim | Hye Sook Seo | Sung-Gook Cho | Sangtae Shin | Yong Cheol Shin | Seong-Gyu Ko
Systematic Approach for Scheduling of Tasks and Messages under Noise Environment

Author(s): Hyoung Yuk Kim | Hye Min Shin | Hong Seong Park
In Vitro and in Vivo Metabolism of Verproside in Rats

Author(s): Min Gi Kim | Deok-Kyu Hwang | Hyeon-Uk Jeong | Hye Young Ji | Sei-Ryang Oh | Yongnam Lee | Ji Seok Yoo | Dae Hee Shin | Hye Suk Lee
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