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Personal Factors that Affect the Satisfaction of Female Patients Undergoing Esthetic Suture after Typical Thyroidectomy

Author(s): Hyo Young Kim | Jung Won Kim | Jin Hyung Park | Jung Hun Kim | Yea Sik Han
Inhibitory Evaluation of Sulfonamide Chalcones on β-Secretase and Acylcholinesterase

Author(s): Jae Eun Kang | Jung Keun Cho | Marcus J. Curtis-Long | Hyung Won Ryu | Jin Hyo Kim | Hye Jin Kim | Heung Joo Yuk | Dae Wook Kim | Ki Hun Park
Pattern Recognition for Selective Odor Detection with Gas Sensor Arrays

Author(s): Eungyeong Kim | Seok Lee | Jae Hun Kim | Chulki Kim | Young Tae Byun | Hyung Seok Kim | Taikjin Lee
Effects of vagus nerve preservation and vagotomy on peptide YY and body weight after subtotal gastrectomy

Author(s): Hyung Hun Kim | Moo In Park | Sang Ho Lee | Hyun Yong Hwang | Sung Eun Kim | Seun Ja Park | Won Moon
Leptin and peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor γ expression in colorectal adenoma

Author(s): Hyung Hun Kim | You Sun Kim | Yun Kyung Kang | Jeong Seop Moon
Stone extraction balloon-guided repeat self-expanding metal stent placement

Author(s): Hyung Hun Kim, Jeong Seop Moon, Soo Hyung Ryu, Jung Hwan Lee, You Sun Kim
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