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Citrange Fruit Extracts Alleviate Obesity-Associated Metabolic Disorder in High-Fat Diet-Induced Obese C57BL/6 Mouse

Author(s): Yan Lu | Wanpeng Xi | Xiaobo Ding | Shengjie Fan | Yu Zhang | Dong Jiang | Yiming Li | Cheng Huang | Zhiqin Zhou
Molecular Characterization of Major Structural Protein Genes of Avian Coronavirus Infectious Bronchitis Virus Isolates in Southern China

Author(s): Mei-Lan Mo | Meng Li | Bai-Cheng Huang | Wen-Sheng Fan | Ping Wei | Tian-Chao Wei | Qiu-Ying Cheng | Zheng-Ji Wei | Ya-Hui Lang
Application progress of temozolomide in clinical tumor chemotherapy

Author(s): ZHONG Cheng | WANG Bin | LV Sheng-qing
Total excision of intramedullary epidermoid cyst in one case

Author(s): PU Ke | ZHOU Yu | CHENG Qian-sheng | LI Qing-guo | YAN Xue-jiang
Co-Production of Liquid and Gaseous Fuels from Polyethylene and Polystyrene in a Continuous Sequential Pyrolysis and Catalytic Reforming System

Author(s): Mochamad Syamsiro | Wu Hu | Shuta Komoto | Shuo Cheng | Putri Noviasri | Pandji Prawisudha | Kunio Yoshikawa
Polyhydroxylated Steroids from the South China Sea Soft Coral Sarcophyton sp. and Their Cytotoxic and Antiviral Activities

Author(s): Kai-Kai Gong | Xu-Li Tang | Gang Zhang | Can-Ling Cheng | Xing-Wang Zhang | Ping-Lin Li | Guo-Qiang Li
The circumferential mechanical properties of bamboo with uniaxial and biaxial compression tests

Author(s): Zehui Jiang | Fuming Chen | Ge Wang | Xing’e Liu | Sheldon Q. Shi | Hai-tao Cheng
Minimum time trajectory for helicopter UAVs: computation and flight test

Author(s): Michael Zhu | Shupeng Lai | Randy Boucher | Ben Chen | Xiang Cheng | Wei Kang
A Simple Spatial Working Memory and Attention Test on Paired Symbols Shows Developmental Deficits in Schizophrenia Patients

Author(s): Wei Song | Kai Zhang | Jinhua Sun | Lina Ma | Forrest Fabian Jesse | Xiaochun Teng | Ying Zhou | Hechen Bao | Shiqing Chen | Shuai Wang | Beimeng Yang | Xixia Chu | Wenhua Ding | Yasong Du | Zaohuo Cheng | Bin Wu | Shanguang Chen | Guang He | Lin He | Xiaoping Chen | Weidong Li
A Static Control Algorithm for Adaptive Beam String Structures Based on Minimal Displacement

Author(s): Yanbin Shen | Huaqiang Cheng | Pengcheng Yang | Yaozhi Luo
Impacts of Light Rail Transit Tram on the Voltage and Unbalance of the Distribution System

Author(s): Cheng-Ting Hsu | Hung-Ming Huang | Tsun-Jen Cheng | Lian-Jou Tsai
Strategy of Starting Sensorless BLDCM with Inductance Method and EMF Integration

Author(s): Wang Dafang | Qi Ji | Zhu Cheng | Liao Jiangmin | Yuan Yechen
A Car-Following Model Based on Quantified Homeostatic Risk Perception

Author(s): Guangquan Lu | Bo Cheng | Yunpeng Wang | Qingfeng Lin
Improved Electric Strength and Space Charge Characterization in LDPE Composites with Montmorillonite Fillers

Author(s): Ruijin Liao | Ge Bai | Lijun Yang | Huanchao Cheng | Yuan Yuan | Jianxin Guan
The Liquid Sensor Using Thin Film Bulk Acoustic Resonator with C-Axis Tilted AlN Films

Author(s): Ying-Chung Chen | Wei-Tsai Chang | Kuo-Sheng Kao | Chun-Hung Yang | Chien-Chuan Cheng
Prooxidant Mechanisms in Iron Overload Cardiomyopathy

Author(s): Ching-Feng Cheng | Wei-Shiung Lian
A TDL Based Non-WSSUS Vehicle-to-Vehicle Channel Model

Author(s): Yan Li | Bo Ai | Xiang Cheng | Siyu Lin | Zhangdui Zhong
Evaluation of Anxiolytic-Like Effect of Aqueous Extract of Asparagus Stem in Mice

Author(s): Long Cheng | Guo-feng Pan | Xiao-bo Sun | Yun-xiang Huang | You-shun Peng | Lin-yan Zhou
Long-Term Use of Probiotic-Containing Yogurts Is a Safe Way to Prevent Helicobacter pylori: Based on a Mongolian Gerbil's Model

Author(s): Chao-Hung Kuo | Sophie S. W. Wang | Chien-Yu Lu | Huang-Ming Hu | Fu-Chen Kuo | Bi-Chuang Weng | Chun-Chieh Wu | Chung-Jung Liu | Pei-Yun Tsai | Tsung-Cheng Lee | Li-Wei Chen | Kuang-Hung Cheng | Lin-Li Chang | Deng-Chyang Wu
Maxwell’s Equations on Cantor Sets: A Local Fractional Approach

Author(s): Yang Zhao | Dumitru Baleanu | Carlo Cattani | De-Fu Cheng | Xiao-Jun Yang
Charge-Trapping Devices Using Multilayered Dielectrics for Nonvolatile Memory Applications

Author(s): Wen-Chieh Shih | Chih-Hao Cheng | Joseph Ya-min Lee | Fu-Chien Chiu
Single-Machine Scheduling with Accelerating Learning Effects

Author(s): T. C. E. Cheng | Shih-Chang Tseng | Peng-Jen Lai | Wen-Chiung Lee
Facile Preparation, Characterization, and Highly Effective Microwave Absorption Performance of CNTs/Fe3O4/PANI Nanocomposites

Author(s): Deqing Zhang | Xiuying Yang | Junye Cheng | Mingming Lu | Bin Zhao | Maosheng Cao
Mesenchymal Stem Cell-Like Cells Derived from Mouse Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Ameliorate Diabetic Polyneuropathy in Mice

Author(s): Tatsuhito Himeno | Hideki Kamiya | Keiko Naruse | Zhao Cheng | Sachiko Ito | Masaki Kondo | Tetsuji Okawa | Atsushi Fujiya | Jiro Kato | Hirohiko Suzuki | Tetsutaro Kito | Yoji Hamada | Yutaka Oiso | Kenichi Isobe | Jiro Nakamura
CYP19 Genetic Polymorphism Haplotype AASA Is Associated with a Poor Prognosis in Premenopausal Women with Lymph Node-Negative, Hormone Receptor-Positive Breast Cancer

Author(s): Sung-Hsin Kuo | Shi-Yi Yang | Huang-Chun Lien | Chiao Lo | Ching-Hung Lin | Yen-Sen Lu | Ann-Lii Cheng | King-Jeng Chang | Chiun-Sheng Huang
The Synergistic Effects of Low Dose Fluorouracil and TRAIL on TRAIL-Resistant Human Gastric Adenocarcinoma AGS Cells

Author(s): Hong Zhu | Min Huang | Daoling Ren | Jianping He | Fen Zhao | Cheng Yi | Ying Huang
Ten Years’ Research on a Cardiovascular Tonic: A Comprehensive Approach—From Quality Control and Mechanisms of Action to Clinical Trial

Author(s): Ping-Chung Leung | Chi-Man Koon | Clara Bik-San Lau | Ping Chook | William King-Fai Cheng | Kwok-Pui Fung | Timothy Chi-Yui Kwok | Kam-Sang Woo
Photoreflectance Spectroscopy Characterization of Ge/Si0.16Ge0.84 Multiple Quantum Wells on Ge Virtual Substrate

Author(s): Hung-Pin Hsu | Pong-Hong Yang | Jeng-Kuang Huang | Po-Hung Wu | Ying-Sheng Huang | Cheng Li | Shi-Hao Huang | Kwong-Kau Tiong
The Insulation Properties of Oil-Impregnated Insulation Paper Reinforced with Nano-TiO2

Author(s): Ruijin Liao | Cheng Lv | Lijun Yang | Yiyi Zhang | Weiqiang Wu | Chao Tang
17β-Estradiol Attenuates Poststroke Depression and Increases Neurogenesis in Female Ovariectomized Rats

Author(s): Yifan Cheng | Qiaoer Su | Bei Shao | Jianhua Cheng | Hong Wang | Liuqing Wang | Zhenzhen Lin | Linhui Ruan | Qichuan ZhuGe | Kunlin Jin
Icariin Augments Bone Formation and Reverses the Phenotypes of Osteoprotegerin-Deficient Mice through the Activation of Wnt/β-Catenin-BMP Signaling

Author(s): Xiao-Feng Li | Hao Xu | Yong-Jian Zhao | De-Zhi Tang | Guo-Hua Xu | Jonathan Holz | Jing Wang | Shao-Dan Cheng | Qi Shi | Yong-Jun Wang
Effects of Endothelial Progenitor Cell-Derived Microvesicles on Hypoxia/Reoxygenation-Induced Endothelial Dysfunction and Apoptosis

Author(s): Jinju Wang | Shuzhen Chen | Xiaotang Ma | Chuanfang Cheng | Xiang Xiao | Ji Chen | Shiming Liu | Bin Zhao | Yanfang Chen
Metformin Inhibits Expression and Secretion of PEDF in Adipocyte and Hepatocyte via Promoting AMPK Phosphorylation

Author(s): Shumin Yang | Qiong Lv | Ting Luo | Lulu Liu | Rufei Gao | Shumei Chen | Peng Ye | Qingfeng Cheng | Qifu Li
An Efficient Schema for Cloud Systems Based on SSD Cache Technology

Author(s): Jinjiang Liu | Yihua Lan | Jingjing Liang | Quanzhou Cheng | Chih-Cheng Hung | Chao Yin | Jiadong Sun
Delay-Probability-Distribution-Dependent FIR Filtering Design with Envelope Constraints

Author(s): Cheng Peng | Zhandong Yu | Hamid Reza Karimi | Weizhi Wang | Nan Wang
Analysis of Risk Factors for First Seizure after Stroke in Chinese Patients

Author(s): Guoqing Wang | Haiyan Jia | Chunfu Chen | Senyang Lang | Xinfeng Liu | Cheng Xia | Yan Sun | Jun Zhang
Uniplanar Millimeter-Wave Log-Periodic Dipole Array Antenna Fed by Coplanar Waveguide

Author(s): Guohua Zhai | Yong Cheng | Qiuyan Yin | Shouzheng Zhu | Jianjun Gao
Protective Effects of HBSP on Ischemia Reperfusion and Cyclosporine A Induced Renal Injury

Author(s): Yuanyuan Wu | Junlin Zhang | Feng Liu | Cheng Yang | Yufang Zhang | Aifen Liu | Lan Shi | Yajun Wu | Tongyu Zhu | Michael L. Nicholson | Yaping Fan | Bin Yang
Complications of Bezoar in Children: What Is New?

Author(s): Kam Lun Ellis Hon | Jean Cheng | Chung Mo Chow | Hon Ming Cheung | Kam Lau Cheung | Yuk Him Tam | Alexander K. C. Leung
Mappings for Special Functions on Cantor Sets and Special Integral Transforms via Local Fractional Operators

Author(s): Yang Zhao | Dumitru Baleanu | Mihaela Cristina Baleanu | De-Fu Cheng | Xiao-Jun Yang
An Extract of Rhodobacter sphaeroides Reduces Cisplatin-Induced Nephrotoxicity in Mice

Author(s): Wen-Wei Chang | Jau-Jin Liu | Chi-Fan Liu | Wen-Sheng Liu | Yun-Ping Lim | Yu-Jung Cheng | Che-Hsin Lee
Can lignocellulosic hydrocarbon liquids rival lignocellulose-derived ethanol as a future transport fuel?

Author(s): Yao Ding | Shengdong Zhu | Pei Yu | Shuiming Cheng | Yuanxin Wu
Multi-Wave and Hybrid Imaging Techniques: A New Direction for Nondestructive Testing and Structural Health Monitoring

Author(s): Yuhua Cheng | Yiming Deng | Jing Cao | Xin Xiong | Libing Bai | Zhaojun Li
Study on the preparation of two kinds of chlorpyrifos imprinted polymers and its recognition properties

Author(s): ZHANG Lu | QIU Jin | CHENG Yan | ZHAO Li-Min | WU Zhong-Bo | LI Meng-Qi | LIU Xiao-Yu
Application of paraffin embedding slice fluorescent staining method in the experimental xenogenic corneal transplantation immune diagnosis

Author(s): Xian-Ning Liu | Peng-An Wu | Jie Wu | Yan Cheng | Shi-Yin Pan | Xiang-Hua Xiao | Ting-Ting Ai | Na An | Wei Wang | Xiu-Ping Zhu
Let-7 in Cardiovascular Diseases, Heart Development and Cardiovascular Differentiation from Stem Cells

Author(s): Mei-Hua Bao | Xing Feng | Yi-Wen Zhang | Xiao-Ya Lou | Yu Cheng | Hong-Hao Zhou
Generalized Radio Resource Management for Overlapping MBS Zones

Author(s): Fang Luo | Yu-Feng Chou | Ray-Guang Cheng | Marek Kalina | Radek Holy | Jana Kalinova
A Monoclonal Antibody Based Capture ELISA for Botulinum Neurotoxin Serotype B: Toxin Detection in Food

Author(s): Larry H. Stanker | Miles C. Scotcher | Luisa Cheng | Kathryn Ching | Jeffery McGarvey | David Hodge | Robert Hnasko
The Multi-task Scheduling and Controlling Simulation Method of the AGVS

Author(s): ZHAO Wenjing | CHENG Guoquan | LIU Yinhong | LI Juan
Development of our laser fusion integration simulation

Author(s): Li Jinghong | Zhai Chuanlei | Li Shuanggui | Li Xin | Zheng Wudi | Yong Heng | Zeng Qinghong | Hang Xudeng | Qi Jin | Yang Rong | Cheng Juan | Song Peng | Gu Peijun | Zhang Aiqing | An Hengbin | Xu Xiaowen | Guo Hong | Cao Xiaolin | Mo Zeyao | Pei Wenbing | Jiang Song | Zhu Shao-ping
A comparative study of the chondrogenic potential between synthetic and natural scaffolds in an in vivo bioreactor

Author(s): Jung-Ju Huang, Shu-Rui Yang, I-Ming Chu, Eric M Brey, Hui-Yi Hsiao and Ming-Huei Cheng
The Expression and Significance of Stem Cell Transcription Factor Sox2
in Lung Carcinoma

Author(s): Wei XU | Yunyan WEI | Yaoxi TAN | Wei XU | Steven Yan CHENG | Jianqing WU
The accuracy of warfarin dosage based on VKORC1 and CYP2C9 phenotypes in a Chinese population

Author(s): Agustinus Wijaya | Jiang T. Bo | He Jun | Jiang W. Ping | Jiang Bin | Chen H. Jie | Yang B. Wen | Xu M. Zhu | Qiu Q. Cheng
A Comparative Study of Ferulic Acid on Different Monosaccharide-Mediated Protein Glycation and Oxidative Damage in Bovine Serum Albumin

Author(s): Weerachat Sompong | Aramsri Meeprom | Henrique Cheng | Sirichai Adisakwattana
The effects of postintubation hypertension in severe traumatic brain injury

Noncoding RNAs in cancer and cancer stem cells

Author(s): Tianzhi Huang | Angel Alvarez | Bo Hu | Shi-Yuan Cheng
Research on the Design of an Optical Information Storage Sensing System Using a Diffractive Optical Element

Author(s): Xuemin Cheng | Qun Hao | Jianbo Hou | Xiangping Li | Jianshe Ma | Min Gu
Parsimonious Determinants of Pre-Incubated Academic Spin-Offs Initial Performance: a Configurational Perspective

Author(s): Jonathan Simões Freitas | Carlos Alberto Gonçalves | Lin Chih Cheng | Reynaldo Maia Muniz
Melittopalynology and Trophic niche analysis of Apis cerana and Apis mellifera in Yunnan Province of Southwest China

Author(s): Yu-Jia Liu | Tian-Rui Zhao | Xue-Wen Zhang | Cheng Liang | Feng-Yun Zhao
Short Chain N-Acylhomoserine Lactone Production by Clinical Multidrug Resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae Strain CSG20

Author(s): Yun Fong Ngeow | Huey Jia Cheng | Jian Woon Chen | Wai-Fong Yin | Kok-Gan Chan
Isolation, Expression, and Characterization of a Hydroperoxide Lyase Gene from Cucumber

Author(s): Xu-Hua Wan | Shu-Xia Chen | Cong-Ying Wang | Ran-Ran Zhang | Si-Qiong Cheng | Huan-Wen Meng | Xiao-Qing Shen
The impact of PEGylation patterns on the in vivo biodistribution of mixed shell micelles

Author(s): Gao H | Liu J | Yang C | Cheng T | Chu L | Xu H | Meng A | Fan S | Shi L | Liu J
Comparison of Nonshivering Thermogenesis Induced by Norepinephrine Stress in Tree Shrews

Author(s): Wan-long Zhu | Di Zhang | Jia Zheng | Lin ZHang | Jin-hu Liu | Jin Cheng | Zheng-kun Wang
Teachers’ Adoption of Teaching Blog: Analysis of Elementary Schools in Central Taiwan

Author(s): Yi-Shan Ho | Ching-Ching Cheng | Kuo Hung Huang
The accuracy of warfarin dosage based on VKORC1 and CYP2C9 phenotypes in a Chinese population

Author(s): Agustinus Wijaya | Jiang T. Bo | He Jun | Jiang W. Ping | Jiang Bin | Chen H. Jie | Yang B. Wen | Xu M. Zhu | Qiu Q. Cheng
Aptamers: A Promosing Tool for Ochratoxin A Detection in Food Analysis

Author(s): Amina Rhouati | Cheng Yang | Akhtar Hayat | Jean-Louis Marty
A1180V of Cardiac Sodium Channel Gene (SCN5A): Is It a Risk Factor for Dilated Cardiomyopathy or Just a Common Variant in Han Chinese?

Author(s): Cheng Shen | Lei Xu | Zhiyin Yang | Yunzeng Zou | Kai Hu | Zheng Fan | Junbo Ge | Aijun Sun
An Analysis Methodology for Stochastic Characteristic of Volumetric Error in Multiaxis CNC Machine Tool

Author(s): Qiang Cheng | Can Wu | Peihua Gu | Wenfen Chang | Dongsheng Xuan
A Novel Synthesis Method of Porous Calcium Silicate Hydrate Based on the Calcium Oxide/Polyethylene Glycol Composites

Author(s): Wei Guan | Fangying Ji | Yong Cheng | Zhuoyao Fang | Dexin Fang | Peng Yan | Qingkong Chen
Dietary Hibiscus Taiwanensis Exerts Hypoglycemic in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats

Author(s): Chia-Hsin Huang | Shu-Mei Tsai | Yi-Ru Chen | Ming-Ying Wu | Juei-Tang Cheng
Room-temperature ferromagnetism in nanocrystalline Cu/Cu2O core-shell structures prepared by magnetron sputtering

Author(s): Hao-Bo Li | Xinjian Xie | Weichao Wang | Yahui Cheng | Wei-Hua Wang | Luyan Li | Hui Liu | Gehui Wen | Rongkun Zheng
A New Tetrahydrofuran Lignan Diglycoside from Viola tianshanica Maxim

Author(s): Yan Qin | Chengle Yin | Zhihong Cheng

Author(s): Hua Cheng
Methanobactin-Mediated One-Step Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles

Author(s): Jia-ying Xin | Dan-dan Cheng | Lan-xuan Zhang | Kai Lin | Hong-chen Fan | Yan Wang | Chun-gu Xia
Direct and Mediating Effects of Auditor Quality on Auditor Size and Performance

Author(s): Yu-Shu Cheng | Yahn-Shir Chen | Yu-Cheng Chen
Protective Roles of Gadd45 and MDM2 in Blueberry Anthocyanins Mediated DNA Repair of Fragmented and Non-Fragmented DNA Damage in UV-Irradiated HepG2 Cells

Author(s): Wei Liu | Xiangyi Lu | Guangyang He | Xiang Gao | Maonian Xu | Jingkai Zhang | Meiling Li | Lifeng Wang | Zhenjing Li | Likui Wang | Cheng Luo
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