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Another look at type 2 diabetes patient: “DIALOGUE” study results

Author(s): I.E. Sapozhnikova | E.I. Tarlovskaya | E.N. Anufrieva | A.A. Sobolev | E.V. Rodygina
Comparative efficacy and safety of hypolipidemic therapy with generic and original medicinal products of simvastatin

Author(s): E.I. Tarlovskaya | Yu.A. Balandina | I.E. Sapozhnikova | N.S. Maksimchuk
Economic benefits of left ventricular hypertrophy regression in patients with arterial hypertension

Author(s): E.I. Tarlovskaya | N.S. Maksimchuk | S.V. Malchicova | M.V. Avksentieva | I.E. Sapozhnikova | Y.A. Balandina
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