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Coronary artery disease in Africa and the Middle East

Author(s): Almahmeed W | Arnaout MS | Chettaoui R | Ibrahim M | Kurdi MI | Taher MA | Mancia G
Consumers Preferences of Oral Solid Dosage Forms

Author(s): Inas Rifat Ibrahim | Mohamed Izham M.I. | Mahmoud Al-Haddad
Consumer Preferences and Perceptions towards the use Colored Oral Solid Dosage Forms in Baghdad

Author(s): Inas Rifaat Ibrahim,*, Mohamed Izham M.I & Mahmoud Al-Haddad
Evaluation of a New Egyptian Probiotic by African Catfish Fingerlings

Author(s): A.M. Abdelhamid | A.I. Mehrim | M.I. El-Barbary | S.M. Ibrahim | A.I. Abd El-Wahab
Diagnosis of Epilepsy By Artificial Neural Network

Author(s): M.I. EL-Gohary | A.S.A. Mohamed | M.M. Dahab | M.A. Ibrahim | A.A. El-Saeid | H.A. Ayoub
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