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Ostracod valves as efficient UV protection

Author(s): Lynn Van Den Broecke | Koen Martens | Valentina Pieri | Isa Schön
Ostracod valves provide efficient UV protection

Author(s): Van den Broecke Lynn | Martens Koen | Pieri Valentina | Schön Isa
Cryptic species: a case study of the Cytherissa flock from Lake Baikal

Author(s): Pieri Valentina | Van Mulken Els | Martens Koen | Schön Isa
Mitochondrial cluster-specific genome size variability among sexual and asexual lineages of the ostracod Eucypris virens species group

Author(s): Adolfsson Sofia | Lamatsch Dunja K. | Paczesniak Dorota | Michalakis Yannis | Martens Koen | Schön Isa | Butlin Roger K. | Jokela Jukka

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